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  1. This is one from last year. Revell (I think) 1/35 scale LWB Land Rover done in RAF Police colours from the 1970s-80s. Figures are white metal and dogs are resin. Base from old oak kitchen work top.
  2. Just finished this latest diorama using the Revell Hemi 'Cuda and Smallescalelights LEDS once again (The street light actually flickers but you can't see it in the pics). This one skips forward to the 1990's from the last one I did. Diorama is scratch built from foam board and plasticard, painted using AK Interactive and Tamiya paints. The green colour for the car was a mix of various artists acrylic green shades. Trash can made from tin foil and a few bots from the spares box scattered about.
  3. Wow thank you so much I am working on a follow up so will hopefully post pics in he next few days or so
  4. MattP99


    nice build, and great to see a young person getting involved in the hobby too
  5. very nice indeed. Love the weathering
  6. I should have put Hoffa's feet sticking out if the trunk 🤔😊
  7. Thanks for all your great kind comments, what a brilliant welcome to this forum too Currently working on a 'similarly themed' diorama with a 1970 Hemi 'Cuda, street light and vehicle lights, so I shall of course put it on here when complete
  8. Sorry entered twice by mistake
  9. Here is a 1/25 scale Revell 1949 mercury that I did recently. Headlights and street light are LED with scratch built background and street lamp. The phone booth is from Doozy. Posters are downloaded from the web and are all from 1972, as is the licence plate. The original plan was to do a replica of the Badlands film car, but it looked to dull in plain black Painted with Mostly MIG & Vallejo acrylics + hairspray/salt and Oil weathering.
  10. This is a series of firsts for me. First post here, first 1/24 scale model, first 'civilian' car and first salt/hairspray weathering attempt. Revell VW Samba bus with Masterbox figure and scratchbuilt diorama background.
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