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  1. Probably no trailer for this one, im running out of room lol
  2. Thanks driptroit! The black is kryon gloss black amd the yellow is ace hardwares farm implement spray paint over gray primer
  3. And finally the trucks i got the color idea from
  4. Other than ordering hinges for the hood and maybe some light weathering i think this one is done
  5. Modified shifter from parts box and added scale size model box for the drive to build when he gets off his shift!
  6. Got some more work done this week. Got the exhaust and driveline shortened up to fit, engine and trans painted and built, shaped the rear of the frame to match how it originally was. I also decided to experiment with running some airlines for extra detail.
  7. Man you guys werent kidding when you said the hood is short! Got my shipment from aitm sooner then expected so thats an awesome surprise
  8. Thanks brian! I might have to try extending floor boards. I did get the dog house mocked up, its not perfect but this is my first time goong this indepth on a build
  9. Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement! Got the motor sitting at an angle and the floor almost cut away. Man that is a tight fit!
  10. Working on the motor tilt today so i can finish clearancing the cab
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