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  1. Built this one as a single drive using the extra parts in the kit. Weathered using the salt method, washes, and weathering powder. Added some details to the engine and airlines to the chassis. Also drilled a tiny hole to make the plow easily detachable . Swapped out the little stock wheels and tires with ones from the autocar dumptruck set.
  2. Thanks everyone for the compliments! My first truck was a 60 step side so ive got a soft spot for these trucks
  3. Trucks almost box stock except i swapped out the wheels and tires from the 1950 chevy set, and added a wired distributor, made a fuel line to the carb. The "duct tape" on the seat is thin line tape painted silver and cut down
  4. The gmc 630 is on a gmc general frame, the big tanks and 8v71 from the astro. The little tank, battery box, and sleeper and ac, are from a white westernstar. The cab is a resin one from ebay. I also ordered a donor 55 chevy truck for the windows and interior bits, and visor. Modified some gmc astro mirrors. Moebius wheels. The stacks, bumper, and mudflaps also came from ebay.
  5. The astro i decided to paint up like the old cartoon optimus prime. The Detroit was swapped out for the gas turbine. Other then that its box stock
  6. Sorry for the delay in updates, had to wait for the warmer weather!
  7. These are some of the trucks that inspired this buid
  8. Thanks Brian! The 57 i think i wanna try something different like a modern show truck instead of my usual fleet style trucks. The resin casting is pretty rough so ive been slowly getting into shape when waiting for glue to dry on the astro and the parts for the 630
  9. Since its too cold to work outside on my full size toys ive been building two gmc's to pass the time. First one is the gmc Astro that im doing the turbine swap on. Not decided on color scheme yet. Since its too cold right now to paint, ive decided to take on another truck to fill the time untill it warms up or i haul everything to work. The second truck is my "Johnny Cash" truck. Its a resin '57 gmc 630 i got off of ebay. Keeping it a gm as possible im using gmc general frame, the 8v71 from astro, mercury sleeper from a diamond reo, and a slew of parts from the parts bin
  10. I did all that working a full time job and moving to a bigger house, its easy since its just the wife and i lol
  11. I recently got back into build models last year when everything was shutting down as a way to pass the time. All the trucks, trailers and loads i built between april of 2020 to now
  12. Probably no trailer for this one, im running out of room lol
  13. Thanks driptroit! The black is kryon gloss black amd the yellow is ace hardwares farm implement spray paint over gray primer
  14. Other than ordering hinges for the hood and maybe some light weathering i think this one is done
  15. Modified shifter from parts box and added scale size model box for the drive to build when he gets off his shift!
  16. Got some more work done this week. Got the exhaust and driveline shortened up to fit, engine and trans painted and built, shaped the rear of the frame to match how it originally was. I also decided to experiment with running some airlines for extra detail.
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