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  1. sapphiregt added a topic in General   

    Purchasing test shots
    I have a 20 plus year collection of Revell/Monogram test shots I am looking to get rid of....if interested email me at djanssen@wi.rr.com
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  2. sapphiregt added a post in a topic Who Was Gregg Kluck???   

    Gregg is an artist/modeller/slot car racer from Wisconsin (Milwaukee area)
  3. sapphiregt added a post in a topic 59 El Camino   

    VeryKOOL!!!!!!!!! Great job!
  4. sapphiregt added a post in a topic Revell '70 Mustang Mach I   

    I've got the problem solved and am VERY close to having a corrected body ready to be cast. The head light doors, front fenders and and grill assembly have been redone....I've shown it (in primer) To Ed Sexton and he agrees that this has solved the problem(s). I will probably release 3 different versions....1969 Boss 302 both street and Trans Am race version and Mach 1/GT. The trans kit will include...body, seperate front end and grill but I may add more. The Trans Am race version will include many items to make it easier to produce a correct T/A car....look for it on my new web site which will be re-launched this January with the 1969 Mustang released some time this spring.

    Dan Janssen
    Scale Coachworks
  5. sapphiregt added a post in a topic Revell 1969 Nova SS   

    Yes, I've been building the automotive box art and catalog/sell sheet models for Revell/Monogram since Bob Johnson was in charge of New product planning and production....20 years worth of hard work, plenty of deadlines and a huge stash of test shots waiting to be sold for my retirement! This kit will completely BLOW AWAY the old AMT/ERTL nova kit....and rumor has it additional versions will be added in the future!

    Dan Janssen
    Scale Coachworks
  6. sapphiregt added a post in a topic Revell 1969 Nova SS   

    You are correct....I have been doing the majority of the Revell/Monogram automotive catalog/Box art built up for 20 years now. I built 2 Novas for the Hobby show in Chicago this past fall (2007) and the test shots just fell together. In the past an indicator of how good a production kit will be is when the test shot fit the way these did. Again, two versions were built for the box art....Yellow drag car with a cowl induction hood and a blue stock (street) version.

    Dan Janssen
    Scale Coachworks