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  1. The '55 Nomad, '66 T-bird are on my list for sure. While out of my wheelhouse normally, the Aqua Rod kit looks interesting and may snag one of those too....
  2. Snagged this pic of FB, has anyone else seen these at HL?
  3. I gave up on Ollie's for kits. The ones in my part of FL never got any of the last batch at all. I shop Ollie's for household goods & books but won't go out of my way to see if they have kits!
  4. This may come in handy for reference & research. GM has posted online 900 vehicle information kits that you can download in PDF form. Right now it's just Chevrolet products, Cadillac & Olds with the majority being Chevrolet kits. I've attached a sample image. These kits list all colors, options, specs, dimensions of all types. The quality of some is better than others, but the price is right! https://www.gm.com/heritage/archive/vehicle-information-kits
  5. Went to a local model show yesterday and picked up a few things. Corvette promos for $5/ea, the '53 was a pleasant find for the same price. Had been looking for one of the Revell 1/16 spilt window Beetle and scored a great deal on this one. Not pictured- box of old 50s & 60s annual wheels & tires for $3, '61 Galaxie convertible annual interior tub for $1 and a couple bagged kits.
  6. Interesting to see the Eckler's Corvette kit. I remember seeing the 1:1 conversions at Corvette shows in the 80s & 90s. Eckler's doesn't even sell any of those conversion kits anymore. But then again they are a shadow of their former self. I may have to get one of those just for the nostalgia factor!
  7. I will be grabbing a couple of these for sure. One can never have enough wagon kits! Hopefully the '62 Buick wagon makes a return at some point....
  8. I made the mistake of popping into a HL on a Friday evening after work. Exact same scenario as yours. Just absolute pandemonium!
  9. Saw the Cobra kit car this morning on my way to a local model show. The VW Minibus at a local restaurant this evening. Not pictured, '57 T-bird, stock Model A Coupe(nice to see), clean as a pin 80s LSD Ford Wagon.
  10. There was a series of articles in Air Classics magazine years ago that covered the very thing you describe. Acres & acres of aircraft. The articles were well illustrated with photos from the Bill Larkins collection who spent many days in the Kingman disposal depot taking photographs. Fascinating reading.
  11. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out in regards to future airshow performances. With ever rising insurance costs, fuel, parts availability I think it's going to see a number of warbirds parked. My hometown has a rather large airshow every year and I've noticed the diminishing number of WW2 era warbirds the past several years. You can only look at so many T-6's & T-28's! I've been fortunate to get photos and walk/climb thru several B-17s at this show including 909, Texas Raiders, EAA's Aluminum Overcast, Tallichet's Movie Memphis Belle. Kermit Weeks' place is just down the road but most of his collection is not up for public viewing.
  12. I like Scale Hobbyist and have purchased from them many times. Comparing Scalehobbyist to Hobby Lobby is no comparison.
  13. Thanks for the correction! I didn't know they had another P-63. I don't keep up with CAF stuff like I used to.
  14. Wow. That's 2 B-17s lost in the past few years. Best I remember the P-63 was an early test aircraft and restored to a high standard. I don't have a photo of the B-17 Texas Raiders on my computer, but I saw it and the P-63 at the Sun N Fun Airshow a couple years ago. Here's the P-63
  15. Hit the HL by the house. I think they had the Porsche mis-priced....... I may go back in the morning and grab another one. I agree about the prices going up, but not much we can do about it except for not buying kits!
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