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  1. Was running low on some supplies, so hit up my LHS. They started carrying the Revell line of glues & paints, so picked up a few to try.
  2. Hit up a couple HL's. One had started discounting Model Master paints- both bottle and spray. I bought a bunch at $1.57/can & bottles were 99 cents.
  3. All 3 of the HL's here in my part of FL have that kit on the shelf.
  4. I stopped by the local HL a bit ago to see if anything new had been stocked. There was boxes of merch to be stocked on the shelf sitting in the aisle. No one around so I took a plunder through the boxes, lots of Model Master acrylic paint(their main warehouse must have a pretty good stock of it since it's been discontinued), Testors glue, Vallejo but no Tamiya or Mr. Paint stuff. The usual kits Bought a couple Corvette kits and some paint. Probably the last time I'll be able to use a coupon!
  5. My 2 local HL's seem to be abandoning Tamiya in favor of Mr. Hobby stuff. Had Mr. Hobby Liquid Cement on the shelf with the last 3 bottles of Extra Thin(which I grabbed), Mr. Hobby Surfacer, Mr. Hobby Clear. The other HL had exclusively Mr. Hobby stuff, not even any Tamiya putty! Makes one wonder if they will be carrying the Mr. Paint line once they clear out the Model Master.
  6. I had the same problem with the black sections. First I tried black bare metal foil, but the black rubbed off pretty easy. Then I tried solid black decal sheets, cutting out what I needed for each section. Had good luck with that. I think I got the black decal sheets from Microscale, it's been a few years since I built that Saturn V!
  7. I went to HS in the early 90s, in my part of FL the big thing was a Crown Royal bag hanging from your mirror and one of those gaudy crown air fresheners that sat on your dash. I was driving a '77 Caprice with 80s Cadillac wire wheel covers. Thought I was super cool. Sold the Caprice when I got my '55 Ford Sedan on the road. Drove that to school my senior year.
  8. Try this link.... The archive has past issues as well! https://www.eduard.com/info-eduard-1-9/?cur=2
  9. I too was shocked to read of the Eduard fire, as I primarily build aircraft. Went and ordered more of their kits to hold me over while all this gets sorted out. Their InfoEduard is the best free e--magazine out there!
  10. Nothing like digging up an 11 yr old thread!!!! As for the original topic, my dad had fuzzy dice on his 50's cars in the 80s. Yellow & Black '55 Ford Convertible- yellow & black dice. Black & white '55 Crown Vic- Black dice. Blue '56 Ford Sedan- Yep blue dice. You used to see vendors with big piles of multicolored fuzzy dice at the car shows, don't see that much anymore.
  11. Model A Coupe and VW Westfalia in Cocoa Beach, FL and a '66 Thunderbird sitting in Titusville, FL
  12. The VW camper and Rammstein tour truck have my interest!
  13. I'd be in for several if this ever came to reality. Been wanting to build a model of my old '69 Futura Wagon i used to own.
  14. I'm the same way. I primarily build aircraft and space. Cars are a small portion of the hobby for me!
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