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  1. Cars of the 30s were painted in either lacquer buffed to a shine or enamel which was a gloss finish. Unless well cared for, the shine faded after acouple years. Nitrocellulose lacquer won't have a 'plastic' shine like modern clear coat but will still be quite shiny. I've restored/repaired a few dozen cars from the 30s and have seen numerous examples of original paint have a nice sheen.
  2. I sold/sell pretty heavily on ebay for years, including kits. It can be a mixed bag. With postage rates going up, a glutton of inventory on ebay due to lots of people downsizing, and ebay's fumbling with the search algorithm- my sales dropped drastically. I pulled everything I had listed- from old stock Floquil paint to a good selection of kits of all genres. For me it's not worth the aggravation anymore and the fees which keep going up. Don't get me started on the "managed payments" deal they are rolling out.
  3. I always say I'm not buying more until I get some of the stash built. Hasn't worked out like that since I got back into modeling 7 yrs ago. Stacking kits is like a real life game of Tetris!
  4. Thanks for posting this. I was considering the racer, but I like this version better. Will be picking one up!
  5. I got mine off Amazon. Had it here in a week from Germany. All in was $52!
  6. I'll be dipped! Interesting! I will say that lady was scooting on down the sidewalk. I barely had time to grab my camera. I took those pics in Daytona Beach, FL where there are a good number of retirees.
  7. I've pretty much given up on Hobby Town for the reasons you stated. There's only a couple left around me and they charge full retail for what limited plastic kit stock they have. I'll drive the extra 35 miles and visit a real LHS. Better prices, get greeted by name when I walk in the door!
  8. Not sure what this little blue thing is, but found it interesting. Saw this pair of '57 Chevs while out running errands.
  9. I've often wondered if they're not going to end up pricing themselves out of business. I don't mind paying for a kit & have paid $100 or more for aircraft kits- but that's for a new tool high parts count/multiple options kit with quality decals and so forth. Not a reissue of a kit from the 60s with minimal parts count and questionable accuracy.
  10. Stopped in the local Ollie's today to pick up a couple things & noticed the kits were decimated. This is all that's left of probably 500 kits this store had. Plenty of 2009/2010 Corvettes still!
  11. Looks like an old American LaFrance "Pioneer". An interesting collection of equipment in the background!
  12. There's 2 main styles of Model A rear fenders. Coupe, Roadster, Pickup use one style and Sedan fenders which the Woody uses. The sedan fenders have a section cut out as shown compared to the Coupe/Roadster fenders. Wonder if you could use the fenders from the old Monogram '30 Coupe or Cabriolet kits? I think those are 1/24 scale tho.
  13. I just checked the dates on the 2 kits I got and they are the July 2020 run. One thing I failed to add in my prior post was that the kits were randomly placed throughout the store. Some were mixed in with the toys & games at the front of the store, some in the aisle with puzzles and board games, and the rest on an end cap towards the back of the store. I'm sure it was planned this way to have people circulate through the whole store. Tempted to go back Monday & see if the vultures left anything!
  14. The local Ollies had a bunch of newer Vettes, Diamond Reo, plated tanker, 55 Chevy Pickup, Escalade, Gremlin, '62 T-bird and one Cutlass that I grabbed along with a Tbird kit. May check back tomorrow to see if any stragglers were set out.
  15. I checked my local Ollie's a bit ago. The only thing new I saw was a stack of the orange KW's and a couple of the big Lindberg battleship kits. I'll check back later in the week. It makes you wonder how many of these Round 2 kits actually sell through normal channels. I can't imagine Round 2 making a big profit if they're wholesaling kits to the clearance guys like Ollie's.
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