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  1. Went to a local model swap meet yesterday and picked up a few kits. I'd been looking for the Lincoln roadster for a while at a decent price, was thrilled to find one sealed for $10. Also grabbed a big bag of C1 Corvette bodies & parts for $5.
  2. Now that's something you don't see everyday! Used to be a '49 Merc wagon locally that was about rusted into the ground. The wood had long ago rotted away.
  3. It's a really nice kit, the only problem I had is the engine sits up a tad too high which doesn't let the hood close all that way- of course I discovered this too late! This is the kit. Revell reboxed this one later on, mine was the 90s Monogram boxing.
  4. Nice Caddy! I'm down to a couple of Model A's but have had an eclectic group in the past. '32 Plymouth, '27 Whippet, Model T's, etc. I also owned a small resto shop restoring pre 1965 cars. I'm still halfway looking for a 1931-32 Lincoln 7 passenger sedan if one showed up for the right price.
  5. I don't have much time to sit down & work at the bench-usually 5-7 hours a week, so I've worked out an assembly line of sorts. Usually have 3 or 4 builds going-while paint is drying on one, I'll jump on one I painted the night before. Prewar stuff is my favorite and I've worked on 1:1 prewar cars for 40+ years so things go together pretty quick for me on those!
  6. Very nice work! That 356 Porsche is awesome!
  7. That's the old Monogram '37 Ford Street Rod kit. I sprayed it with some Model Master Enamel that I picked up on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I haven't cut & buffed it yet, I usually spray 2-3 bodies and let them cure for a couple weeks before color sanding.
  8. All are nice builds, but that dark green Merc is just perfection......
  9. Very nice build! Seeing yours makes me want to add one of these to the stash!
  10. Thanks! The black Ford is the Moebius '71 Ford Ranger XLT. Those are the wheels that came in the kit, I just painted the spokes dark grey to match the truck better.
  11. Here's some photos of my builds from 2021. Several are restorations of glue bombs, most are box stock. As you can see I don't stick to one genre! Kits from MPC, Revell, Hasegawa, Tamiya, AMT, IMC, Monogram & Moebius are shown. Sorry for the photo quality, my camera battery was dying as I did these.
  12. Had some photography work to do in the next town over. Saw this old Volvo parked on a side street.
  13. I've been fortunate that I have already owned most of the cars I wanted, but one remains elusive and will until I win the lottery- '62 Corvette with big brake/heavy duty suspension & fuel injected 327/360hp, 4spd. Just like this one, it's even the right color.
  14. Still looking for these if anyone has extras!
  15. Congrats! I've never been to the NSRA show in Tampa even though I've lived within 20 miles of it. Now that I know they have a model contest will give me a reason to go! Seems like most of the car shows around here are more like used car lots with all the modern stuff that shows up. Turkey Rod Run has gotten really bad about that. Maybe that's why they changed the name to Turkey Run.
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