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  1. Went to a local show this morning and picked up a few things. Nothing earth shattering, just a few good deals. Will post event photos in the show coverage section later today
  2. Saw this '66 Ford Convert in traffic with some sort of huge box in the trunk.
  3. The last ICM Model T I built I used bare metal foil on the radiator, Model Master Aluminum metalizer on the lights & firewall band. I then went over all these with a mix of Tamiya 80% Clear Yellow & 20% Clear orange. Not perfect but looks pretty close to me.
  4. If you have a NAPA Auto Parts near by- I've had good luck with their spray can primers. Huge 15oz can for $10-12. Sands nicely. I've sprayed 15-20 1/25 car bodies with the can I have and still have enough left for another 5-10. I've found this primer at Ollie's for $2.99 a can as well. I've also used Dupli-Color spray can primer with success.
  5. I agree with the above posts. The AS-21 is probably the closest match-the one between white & brown. It's interesting to note that original Ford Engine Green varied from batch to batch. I've restored many pre 1953 Fords & have had NOS Ford Model A & early V-8 parts and no 2 parts matched in color.
  6. I'd love to see the '62 Galaxie come back but sounds like it's gone too I still need a '62 Galaxie convert!
  7. Very nice! Refreshing to see a midyear with wheel covers instead of knock offs! I've always been a C1 guy, but there is something special about a midyear coupe!
  8. Good info! Don't forget about the Monogram/Revell 1953 Corvette. It also has the carb setup, air cleaners & valve cover to build a '54. I'm finishing up one of these right now and prefer it over the old AMT 53-55 kits. The '53-55 AMT reissue promos lend themselves well to detailing. One year at the NCRS Winter Regional Show, the National Corvette Museum had several large boxes full of Corvette promos for $5 ea. I dug around in those boxes and found 4 53-55 promos, including a rare Pennant Blue one. I miss those days, and it wasn't all that long ago!
  9. Nice work! I like seeing unusual kits built and this is certainly one of them. ICM makes nice kits.
  10. I've just poked around on there for a bit and that's a great site! This is another Ford site I use for period images. https://fordimages.archivea.com/perl/home.pl
  11. I was thinking of going with the TS-11 for mine, but am trying to use up cans I have in stock before I go buy anymore! That shade of maroon looks very nice with the wood on yours.
  12. Thanks for the kind words everyone! I normally don't photograph much when I build, but have recently started doing more.
  13. I have a couple of the 1996 reissues of the Honest John missile with transporter which is the old KW. I've never measured it but I think it's closer to 1/40 scale than 1/48. The scale isn't mentioned on the box or the instructions.
  14. Nice score! The Hubley roadster is a good find too. I try to buy up all the Hubleys I can find. But then again I'm partial to Model A Fords anyways!
  15. My rendition of Revell's '49 Merc wagon. Pretty much built OOB with the exception of putting a flathead from my parts bin in place of the Caddy mill. The body color is Tamiya TS-33 dull red with TS-13 clear, then sanded & buffed. The wood is Humbrol 63 enamel. I painted the wood and woodgrain decals with Tamiya clear yellow to give a varnished effect.
  16. The first shot of the beach is great!
  17. This was one of my mother's favorite bands. She had pretty much their complete catalog of albums. I always thought it was cool that one of the guitarists was an old Ford guy. That's a Model A Ford he's leaning against with a AA Ford truck in the background. From the liner of their Diamond Girl album-
  18. These were all taken with a smart phone? Very nice work!
  19. I'm going to look into this. Thanks! What little B&W I've done was converted in the program that came with my Nikon.
  20. Nice shots! I never messed around with block & white too much, but seeing your photos makes me want to!
  21. I normally don't do much wildlife photography, but a recent kayak expedition with a now ex-GF turned up a few good shots..
  22. I too don't understand the whole obit thing!
  23. Don't know if it's company wide, but my local Rural King had Duplicolor paint marked down to $2.99 each. I picked up a few.
  24. A couple of the more interesting things I've seen the past couple days. A VW Westfalia towing an ice cream freezer & this McLaren rode by my side for a good few minutes.
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