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  1. C-17's are amazing aircraft. Near my weekend place they do touch & go's at the AFB fairly often. Here's a couple of my photos of C-17s
  2. '41 Packard. The 120 was what was considered a 'junior series" as opposed to the senior cars which were the 160 & 180. The 120s had a 282 CID straight eight, the senior cars had a 356 CID straight eight. Great cars, which don't bring a lot of money compared to earlier Packards. I've worked on a few late 30s/early 40s Packard and they are well built and ride like a dream.
  3. That's a great price! These are listed between $60-70 now. Like Hien said, I'd be hiding the others as they won't last at that price.
  4. Doing some work on a '66 Corvette for a customer. Ordered new rear spindles and this is what I pull out of the box. One is not like the other.
  5. Saw this nice Cougar in traffic on the way home this afternoon......
  6. Looks like everyone's wallet is safe this month- no car or truck kits at all!
  7. One more- Halloween parade 1983. I meet the Burger King. My grandfather's Model A Roadster & my Dad's '55 Sunliner along with a family friend's '55 Thunderbird.
  8. Great thread! Here's a few of mine. One is me & my dad looking at a mid 30s International Pickup at the old Ormond Beach, FL car show in 1984. The shot with several Model A Fords is another Ormond Beach show pic from the mid 1970s, the brown Coupe & Tudor Sedans belonged to my dad & grandfather. I rode in all of these quite a bit as a kid. The Southgate shopping center one is one of my '56 Fords at a local shopping center that kept it's original sign from the 1950s. The yellow & black '55 Ford Sunliner was my dad's car. He traded a '41 Lincoln Continental for it-which I think he got the better end of the deal! The last photo is of a family friend's '31 Ford A400, he saw the one we were restoring and wanted one of his own! I'll post more in the next day or two, I just happened to have these on the computer.
  9. I usually listen to talk radio or various news channel livestreams. It's more for background noise than anything.
  10. Stopped by a couple LHS and found some Model Master Metalizer paint & a few bottles of Floquil(old stock but still usable) in the sale bin, may go back get more of the Metalizer. The Arii Nissan Bluebird kit seemed like an interesting kit & for $10 I figured why not! The Model A Coupe will get a Y-block Ford instead of the Nailhead.
  11. For years I drove nothing but old stuff, from a Model A Ford to a 60s Falcon Wagon as my daily drivers. Anywhere I needed to go I drove one of the 5 cars. I only went modern for the safety factor as I spend a lot of time on Florida interstates. I've already been in one bad wreck in a '55 Ford that I likely would've walked away from had I been in a modern car with airbags and crumple zones etc. Instead I had all sorts of severe injuries, a 2 week hospital stay and still have scars 20+ years later. When I bought my grocery getter VW, the salesman was trying everything in his power to sell me on the digital dash and all that BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. I told him "I like knobs for the a/c and analog gauges. I can't imagine what that gauge display would cost when it craps the bed-out of warranty of course." So far I've got 51K on it and have had absolutely zero issues.
  12. You don't see many of these midsize Mercury Zephyr/Ford Fairmont wagons on the road anymore. This one was real clean. (Let's see where this pic gets reposted! LOL)
  13. I've had no issue with ordering clothes online if I stick with brands I'm familiar with. I wear bibbed overalls on occasion and about the only place you can get good ones is online direct from the manufacturer. Same with shoes. I frequently order my Vans shoes online as the stores only carry certain colors & styles, not to mention they are cheaper ordering from Vans directly. The shoe boxes make great parts storage boxes with the flip top lid!
  14. Yes sir it is! I normally watermark photos that come out of the camera, it's not worth the effort for cell phone pics. It's just the principle. I guess everything I post will be watermarked from here on out. It's free advertising for my little photography biz anyways!
  15. Imagine my surprise to see my photos posted by someone else on another forum I read. I would think common courtesy would be to ask first and give credit. I only posted this here due to the fact that this is the only place I posted the photos to start with. "What did you see on the internet today!" LOL!!! Is Deuces a member here?
  16. I go through Orlando often, but I usually take 417 just to avoid the downtown I4 cluster. May just have to make a detour, lol. Have you been to the Hobbytown in Sanford? Supposedly they have a pretty good selection too.
  17. Nice camera collections! I swore I wasn't going to collect anything else other than what I collect now, but I wouldn't mind having a few old cameras to display. I did pick up an Argus Model A for $2 at a thrift store the other day.
  18. Looks like Colonial! I haven't been there in a while, need to hit them up soon. Be a good excuse to go look at camera gear too.
  19. I have one of the '56 Buicks on pre-order from Cult TV Man, his site shows this kit as "On hold at this time". No other info posted. It also seems to have disappeared from the pre-order page on Atlantis' website.
  20. With most AMT car/light truck kits now priced in the $35-40 range, I wonder how that is going to effect sales in the long run. It's hard to justify paying that kind of money for an old tool kit that in most cases can be found at swaps & internet for half that price or less, but you don't get the retro box art!
  21. Nice! If I ever get a place with some acreage, an AA would be the "farm truck". I've got a soft spot for stock Model A's, between my dad & my grandfather we had a bunch of them.
  22. Spotted this clean, clean '64 Country Squire Wagone. Had to go back and check it out. Nice resto, even the Di-Noc vinyl was replaced. The fiberglass trim around the woodgrain was nice too. As someone who has owned a few 50s & 60s Ford Wagons, it's nice to see one nicely done.
  23. Nice to see old Fords still earning their keep! Is that a load of AA chassis parts on the trailer?
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