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  1. I guess I'm lucky, but I haven't had any issues with either USPS or FedEx in quite a while. I regularly order expensive camera equipment from NY and it's here in 2 days without fail.
  2. Ain't that the truth! I enjoy an aircraft kit every now & then, but reading the forums you feel like a second class citizen because you didn't send Eduard a weeks wages and using whatever brand of paint is the flavor of the month all for nothing that will be seen once the fuselage is closed up.
  3. C1 & C2 Corvettes, '55-56 Fords(still need a Revell '55 Sunliner!), Model A Fords, some Volkswagen stuff are my primary interests. In fact I've been going through the stash and getting rid of kits so I can concentrate on these.
  4. I was watching the old Bewitched tv show a while back. They played one of the Christmas episodes & if you looked close you could see an AMT Deora kit sticking out of Santa's bag. Seems like I saw an episode of Perry Mason where he is in a drug store and you could see some Revell kits stacked up on a shelf in the background.
  5. Really surprised Kraftwerk's Autobahn album hasn't been posted yet!
  6. Not a Bruce Springsteen fan at all, but At least he has a C1 Vette on an album cover....
  7. That '58 Buick Wagon is great! You sure don't see those around much......
  8. Sumter County, FL. It's a monthly car show/swap meet. It's official name is Sumter Swap Meet.
  9. Picked these up at the swap meet earlier today. Was surprised that there were quite a few kits at reasonable prices amongst various vendors.
  10. This is a monthly car show/swap meet held in central FL. Like most swap meets, it is in decline, but still makes for a good way to kill a few hours on a Sunday morning. The B model Mack I spotted on the way home.
  11. Nice shots! You don't see many of those X-100's out on the road anymore.
  12. I fail to see how filing down the lip on the window openings is going to solve anything. The 1:1 car has the same lip but not as square as the kit version. Seems like this is trading one set of problems for another and throws the geometry off even more!
  13. The old Motors & Chilton books are great. I still refer to mine somewhat often when working on a customer car.
  14. Very good advice! Two of my somewhat nearby LHS have also marked up all kits even ones that haven't moved in a year or more. One of the shops told me he is having problems getting more inventory and expects that to continue for some time. I hit up the Daytona Beach HL and it too was pretty empty. Maybe 30 car/truck kits total in stock. This is probably going to be the new normal for a while!
  15. Some on the road shots. Rough '57 Chevy HT and a '56 Chev and '68 or 69 El Camino on a transporter. I'd be pissed if my El Camino was hauled like that!
  16. Shouldn't these be in the car show photo section? Just curious.
  17. Wonderful set of photos! In the late 90s I was in the heavy truck export business and spent A LOT of time in Miami. Your photos are exactly how I remember it. Now it's so overbuilt, it doesn't look like the same place! Thanks for posting these!
  18. Like you, I like the Corvair over the Nomad. I didn't know Johhny Lightning did the Motorama cars in 1/64. I need to hunt those down!
  19. I think the docent was misinformed. If these in fact are truly original it would be headline news. I've been messing with C1 Corvettes for 25+ years and have never seen any proof the original cars survive. I'm familiar with Joe Bortz and his collection of show cars. Met him at Amelia Island one year. Nice guy! You can build your own Corvair starting with a body. https://backtothefutureproductsllc.com/53-55.shtml
  20. I'd like to see what documentation the museum has that says both of these cars are original. It's pretty well known in C1 Corvette circles that both of these cars were destroyed after the Motorama days. There have been several replicas of each car built over the years. This replica Corvair was for sale a couple years ago for $250K.
  21. I try not to complain much, but that unveiling video was actually painful to watch. Low resolution, poor lighting, it reminded me of a Dr. Steve Brule episode. Aside from the garbage truck, everything else was pretty much public knowledge. A disappointment.
  22. I'm down for one and hopefully they make a Scenicruiser to go with it!
  23. I'd love to see a reissue of the '62 Ford Galaxie convertible as it's one of my holy grail kits. Not sure what the status of the molds are, maybe I wasn't looking in the right place when I did a search. Add the 1960 Ford Pickup to that list too. And pretty much any Ford product of the 50s & 60s that hasn't been reissued in ages.
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