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  1. Nathan Durboraw......legendary driver from Hagerstown Maryland
  2. No, they are resin pieces i bought over 20 years ago from Steve Hayward. Roncoon.com sells some very similar. He also has other great parts
  3. Sorry for the delay, haven't been on this board in a few weeks. Chassis was built 20 years ago. It's a Revell ASA chassis with some slight modifications. The body is scratchbuilt from evergreen sheet. Wheels and hubs are resin cast items for a guy that did them 20 years ago. Decals are custom printed from a guy I know on a FB modeling site. Pretty much all of this stuff is still readily available. Here is a link to a FB sight where you'll see quite few dirt late models. https://www.facebook.com/groups/WFCMotorsportsLLC. roncoon.com has a ton of resin parts and bodies
  4. Yes, dirt ovals. This body style is from the 80's. Still very poplular to build
  5. First model built in almost 20 years. So many little tips and tricks have been forgotten.
  6. Looking to trade MY steve kinser bass pro shops sprint kit, for YOUR Revell ASA. Box is opened but each parts tree is still individually wrapped. Requesting the same for the ASA kit.
  7. Kit is opened but all the parts are accounted for. Looking to trade this model for any version of Revell’s ASA race cars.
  8. Good looking builds. You should post them to to the facebook page below. Those guys would really appreciate them. https://www.facebook.com/groups/WFCMotorsportsLLC
  9. pretty sweet, just got one for xmas. Getting into it soon. You should post it here as well. These guys would appreciate it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/248069845251307
  10. Very nice. Still one of the badest cars ever.
  11. Built the ASA chassis over 20 years ago, but never put a body with it. Going to turn it into another 80's wedge late model.
  12. Working on final fitment of body parts and upper roll cage.
  13. Scratchbuilt body, modified ASA chassis, aftermarket wheels, hubs and decals.
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