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  1. Very Nice Looking!!! Cant wait to see what you use these on!!
  2. So Glad they made it safe to Canada!!! Thanks so much for your order and trust in me!
  3. Hello Fellow Builders, Just wanted to introduce myself and let you know about the parts i produce for 1/24-1/25 scale truck models. I started production early this summer and have had great success in reproducing some of the hard to find detail parts we all wish came in our truck models from the factory. I design and test all parts i make on models that are available at stores and hobby shops everywhere so fitment is always great. I also pride myself on my quality of items and customer service if a problem does arise. Right now i have a eBay store and handle all my orders through PayPal so buyer protections and protocols are in place to make sure you have a pleasant buying experience. Also if you visit my store you will be able to see i have a 100 percent feedback score and have been a member since 1999. If you follow this link your will be able to visit store and see all items available. https://www.ebay.com/str/miniaredeluxe Thank You so much for your time and look forward to helping fit your great model truck project with scale quality unique parts such as Headache Racks, Trailer Detail Sets, Interior Detail Sets, and many more items to come!!
  4. Very Kool Build!! Coloring and Details are Tops!!!
  5. Hello everyone Progress has been a bit slow on the 359 been putting quite a bit of time into learning and setup of a new resin printer and new designs but I was able to take a few new beauty shots and have a lot of the final parts chromed and ready for final assembly. I have been working on a new Special Deluxe version of my opening door head rack and will most likely mount my prototype to this truck to show what final product will look like. I also have a few new special parts in the works to add just a bit more detail to the final build. Keep your eyes peeled this one’s almost ready to hit the open road!
  6. Thanks so much Brian really appreciate your support and can’t wait to see what truck you choose to put it on! I was able to step up to next level and order a resin setup and am very excited to see what I can design and produce. As always I am all ears when it comes to parts and accessories that everyone would like to see made! Thank you again and will watching out for your next build.
  7. In my view this is a very good Thread for so many reasons. When i read all posts i take away that craftmanship has many different layers and definitions to many people. My thoughts are not completely defined to just one and only one way of thinking on this subject but I always take in consideration that there are many different categories of how i will build certain type model kit and will always give each and every model its due attention and detail to the best of my abilities and knowledge. Meaning for instance if i am tackling a more costly kit i would be more likely to dedicate extra time and techniques that i am practiced and perfected at verses a kit that is cost effective and is easily found i will try new techniques and experiment. I think good craftmanship is learned by trial and error and is not just immediate. I had a conversation recently that was close to the mark but had to do with how everyone's eyes see and experience a different reality then the one you see. I have quite a few interactions with random people because one of the cars i have built and drive. It is a nostalgic hotrod with many flaws to my eyes but one interaction had me surprised and baffled. I was gassing the car up one day and a brand new BMW pulls alongside, a lovely dressed to the nines blonde says out the window "it's Beautiful" i was taken back how can this lady think that this car that has 93 years of dents and bruises mismatched and cobble together with old hotrod parts be beautiful? Through her eyes and perspective she see's something i do not see. She is viewing the car i see when it is complete and finished. As any builder, artist or maker of things your project or piece of art will never meet your expectation completely because you and only you will see its flaws but that is what should drive you for a new level of greatness and craftmanship on every piece you create using what success's or failures you had experienced on your past projects.
  8. Excellent Tip! Thanks for sharing. ?
  9. Nice Work!! Its going to be a beauty when finished i can tell! I have thought long and hard about buying this kit but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Still finishing the revell version and its taking a while because other 1:1 projects and printing product for customers is taking precedence. I saw you had mentioned no visor in that kit. Had the same deal in the revell kit as well i was able to rob out of the parts bin and i think mine was from the AMT/Ertl W900a kit. Fit was good. Keep up the good work defiantly watching this build!
  10. Thanks Defiantly Appreciate it. Just want to make sure i am doing things correctly.
  11. Artwork at its finest! Hats off to you sir!
  12. In the 1:1 world I believe the headache rack was designed so if some how a load became unsecured and came forward it would prevent damage to truck and also would not kill driver of truck in worst cases. My Dad was a driver for quite some time and had done a lot of flatbed transport of many different types of freight. He had told me of a instance of a driver working for his company In Chicago Hauling steel beams fell asleep for just a moment but enough time and woke to see traffic completely stopped on the highway in front of him. Of course he jammed on the brakes and load shifted and slid forward with much force. Dad said the headache rack and rear of truck looked like a coke can smashed and crumpled but driver made it out safe and no one else was hurt so I guess it did it’s job.
  13. It is builds like these that push me to be a better modeler. Just amazing details and build quality! Thanks so much for posting definitely following the progress on this beauty!
  14. Today was a great day on the Peterbuilt project! I was able to get a final design done on original style double round headlights and final design on cattle guard/bumper guard. The biggest obstacle I found for bumper guard was on a 1:1 scale this guard would swing down to almost a 90 degree angle to allow the hood to open completely. In scale terms this is very possible to replicate but at a stand point of design ,difficulty for new builders and a reasonable price it is not effective for what I am trying to produce. So I put a few ideas to the test and was able to devise a solution. I used a magnetism and yes it worked perfectly! This way you are able to display your beautiful detailed engine when you want and with hood closed add the bumper guard Easily when you want that look. The headlights were not to difficult just was quite a bit of researching pictures and test prints for size. In my travels across the forum I had found a very interesting idea of using google eye for the lenses and is such a great idea I am going to give it a shot on next set I make. For now I painted and used micro kristal clear and was not quite dry when picture was taking so apologies if they do not look quite right. Getting closer to finishing and am very excited for the next build!
  15. Thank you you to all so much for the positive comments!! WOW Bill those headache racks are beautiful and the level of detail and cleanliness is what i strive for on my own builds! Also thanks so much for your interest in the headache racks i am producing but i need to make sure i am following forum rules before i am able to give a live link or info to these items so you may purchase them. I have started a thread on this etiquette and will hopefully have an answer soon.
  16. Hello to who it may concern: I am new to the forum and have done my search on this topic but have found no definitive info or concrete rules on selling other then "No Selling on Forum". My scenario: I create items and accessories for the model building community to better there creations and have options . I have an ebay with 100 percent feedback and am dedicated to making great products and QC for items i sell. I have started a thread building one of my test bed models for my items that are for sale on a selling site (ebay) i have had some interest in these parts i am producing but want to make sure before i have a live link to my store that this in the rules of the forum. I will not go ahead until this is ok'd by a Mod or someone that runs the show. I have respect for what happens here on this fourum and only want to improve with what i can contribute. Thank you in advance, Miniare Deluxe (Tim)
  17. Alright I definitely am super happy the way this build is going! So I have decided today to tackle one of the not so good parts of this model kit I have discussed earlier. When you are at final stages of marrying the cab/sleeper you will notice two tabs on rear of sleeper area for myself these are ugly and ruin some of the realism of this kit. My solution has drawn me to a approach to cover this area completely with a headache rack. This is a product I have been refining for customers so it is time to put it to the true test and results were dramatic to say the least and hope you can see my vision and hopefully might consider getting one of these for your next project. Next I will be taking on the task of final chrome parts and headlight modification.
  18. Cab and sleeper paint is complete. Still to this day after many clean builds paint is the most nerve racking process for myself. I can say that many a clean build has been ruined by carelessness or trying to rush the process. Words of wisdom take your time let it dry and be clean the end results are worth it.
  19. Here you see a final mock up of interior, chassis and engine before cab and sleeper meet and become one. I almost always find it sad that once this happens some of the details are lost forever.
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