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  1. Just dropped a line to Dave and we will see if he might sell a set of parts complete or not as long as I can get the Custom Grill. I will keep you posted. MJO
  2. So here is another angle, will Dave Natale have a spare Marmon grill he might sell as a separate piece I wonder? I will have to inquire as to that possibility. Then there becomes a few kit bashing possibles to create a suitable Mamon clone. Always kit bashing, another project in the works. MJO
  3. I guess first thank you for that info. Second, let me know when you get the cab kit (pictures etc.) this way I will hav a clue as to buy or not. By the way, I did not see a translate option on the page, is there one I missed? Thanks again. MJO
  4. Good morning! I am tryin to locate a Marmon 110 inch cabover resin body. The site I know of (American Industrial Truck Models) Dave Natale has not been casting much since the Covid-19 crisis so I am wondering if there might be another source. Drop me a line here or a notification either is good. Thanks all. MJO
  5. Well, let me say this about that. As some of you have read my intro, I have been doing this for a very long time (I am 70 and building for 63 0f them) I still enjoy building, but now in a very different way. First of all, when I feel stress or frustration coming on I have learned to just put it down, Come back when I feel better and can see a better way to proceed. Next, I have found that you need to have a clear vision of what you are trying to build, but do not be afraid to change what or how you are going to do it. I call it letting the model tell me what is next not the other way around. I have really great ideas as to how and what I like and want but many times I was wrong and the model was right. So all in all have fun, put it down with no shame and most of all appreciate the work you do, it is your vision after all. MJO
  6. That is good to hear, thank you very much. This build was a lot of fun. Figuring it all out, I do this a little different, there is a plan but nothing cut in stone, I let the model tell me where and what the next step is, this way it really has a flow all its own. MJO
  7. Well, today I have been lucky enough to go through some stuff and I also found a YouTube video.
  8. Just one more little tip bit, Model Rectifier Corporation is a Parent Company. They do not make any models but handle Companies Like Academy and Tamiya in the past. MJO
  9. Model Rectifier was the US importer that handled Tamiya early on and then Tamiya eventually took over all US imports themselves. Much better for Tamiya and probably for the US too.
  10. Item 12019-4000 12019 indicates a re-release. If the # had been 1219 chances are it would have been a Model Rectifier. Reason I ask is there are collectors and dealers who ask the same price for re-releases as the original. I found out several years ago before buying a LolaT-70 that the price that I thought to be excessive turned out to be just about right. This is when I found out about the difference. Hope you did not have to over pay for a super kit from Tamiya. There 1/12 kits are excellent and the quality never varied from original to re-release. Have a blast and keep up the excellent job you are doing. Later, MJO
  11. I have a question for you. What is the release number on the box and is it a Model Rectifirer kit. The number on old original Rectifier kits were 4 digits, re-releases have a extra digit (usually a 0) to indicate a re-release. No big deal, just curious. I have been building 1/12 kits since 1968, and have several of bot the original Rectifiers and some of the re-releases. Excellent work, wish I had the knowledge to build better kits back then when I was a kid. MJO WOW!!!
  12. This will effect the drying process and will be effected by the what is under it. Some paints are not compatible with one another because of the content of the paint. Once upon a time, there was only lacquers out there to use so compatibility was never an issue. Welcome to the 21st century.
  13. Hey you are welcome. You might take a look at my gallery , but I will just put it here. This is my '32 3 window with a 427 CID tucked (hehe) in it. Major firewall and floor tunnel to get it in, fun stuff!!
  14. This is an interesting problem. I use to be in Aerospace (34 years) and one of my many functions was vehicle painting prep, priming and top coats. I see that Methyl Isobutyl Ketone is the same family tree as Methyl Ethyl Ketone, which was banned from use 25 years ago because it was cancer causing and also displayed to wide a variance in results. To flat, bubbling, and crinkling durning dry out processes. I do not know if this is the problem, but it could be. The two examples you show circled blue and red, which one came first, With or without Methyl Isobutyl Ketone. This is a big change in formula.
  15. Pretty Nice build, clean and OMG a Ford engine in a Ford, good man, I am PROUD!!!
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