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  1. I have 10 of the original full kits, each missing a bumper or windshield or hood. It will be nice to have a few of the to build and also a few to harvest parts like the windshields from. A good windshield can go for $25.00, for 5 bucks more I get a whole car minus engine. I'm more than thankful for that. Bring them on.
  2. My God , we may be on the cusp of getting that amt 63 nova wagon back ! I've got 10 of the originals and you know what, I'll buy 10 of the Craftsman versions if they come to market. With all these old molds surfacing , I'm in heaven.
  3. I've been building for almost 50 years, and I for one love this explosion of both new and vintage kits coming to market. I can get almost any auto subject I want now and I don't remember any other time like it.
  4. I have used most of those listed. I'll add a few drops of windshield washer fluid, a few drops of distilled water and a drop of future floor polish. I try to get it as thin as whole milk and spray away. This also includes the metallics
  5. Thanks, Yes I am lol but I'm also a locomotive mechanic as well. So it seems to fit well lol
  6. I'm a new member to this site, tho I have followed it for some time. Been building car and truck models for the past 45 or so years. I'm a locomotive mechanic now but have always been a heavy mechanic. Look forward to conversing with all of you. Thanks, Locomotive breath
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