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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I did find with a google search a picture of the actual springs laying on a ruler. Now to try and get something wound that's wider in the middle and tapers at each end.
  2. I need to make new springs but don't have anything to take measurements from. I just bought a used built cycle but it is missing all the springs so I thought I could just take measurements from my so-called new kit. It turns out the new in an open box kit isn't so complete. It was missing the plastic bag that contained all the springs and the rubber lines. So now I need help from other sources. Does anybody have this kit they could measure for me. It was put out by Italeri, Esci, Ertl, Aurora and probably others but they are all basicly the same kit.
  3. Beautiful looking bike. I love the color scheme. Just picked up this kit and after seeing your build I'm inspired to try my hand at a civilian version also.
  4. Does anyone know of a kit that includes a Ford V6 with chrome valve covers that say Ford Motorsport on them?
  5. Here"s a stock and custom ford 4 cylinder from AMT PINTERA Pinto Showcar #T225601
  6. Just found a great product while shopping at the second-hand shop. It's paint on rust! It's applied in two parts, first part has actual iron dust in it and part two causes it to oxidize. I tried a couple of quick samples just to see how it is going to work. When I get the hang of it with a little practice I think this is going to be a pretty cool technique. I don't know it this stuff is currently available but it might be worth checking into.
  7. to show relative size of this engine here's a couple of pictures, one with a forklift and one with a person of about the same scale. 1/24 or 1/25.
  8. Thanks for the identification, that helps a lot. Now I know what to google for the details. It's hard to believe this is 1/25. I thought it had to be at least 1/16. I found one fact: the real engine is about 9 feet long and the transmission is about 3 feet.
  9. I would like to detail this engine for display. I got it with a bunch of car parts a while back and was wondering if anyone could tell me what company manufactured it and what scale it is. All I have are the engine and the rear end so I'm not even sure what vehicle it came out of. It appears to be 1/16 or maybe even 1/12 scale.
  10. Casey, Thanks for the link. I had checked out that site and don't know how I had missed what I was looking for.
  11. I just acquired the MPC Shelby Cobra 427 and it looks to be complete. The only problem, no instructions. Just wondering if anyone here can help me out finding instructions for this kit. I've checked several sites that have instructions on line but no luck. I think this same kit was also released by Airfix.
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