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  1. Very nice work. I discovered that although the basics aren't that hard the application of getting the suspension on right and then not to break it 10 times during the rest of the assembly, is a challenge. Yours looks great!!
  2. Thank you. It was kind of a Frankenstein deal that included some 3d printed parts, and some various kit parts and a belt from one of my daughter's rubber band hair ties.
  3. Thank you. This was one where I started out super motivated but by the end was settling for good enough. Still happy with the way it came out though.
  4. #11 - 1970 Camaro Z28 Calling this one done. Not my best but definitely the most I have customized any model. Here's a list of the mods: opened up the fender wells Created wide body and front and rear body modifications LSX engine Dual electric fans independent rear suspension Racing drive shaft Custom wheels and tires Disc brakes all around Exhaust re routed through the interior and out through the tail lights. Custom grill Custom rear spoiler and diffuser Carbon fiber hood and mirrors Rear window louvers Interior roll bar Racing seats with 5 point harness Custom steering wheel Extra long stick shift Rear seat removed and auxiliary fuel tank added Paint is candy orange over gold MS license plate Named it the F-Bomb because I dropped so many of them during the build.
  5. Looks good!! I like the wheels and the color scheme is great. Nice clean stripes.
  6. The hood louvers look great!! I have the hardest time maintaining consistency with thing like that. Yours look awesome!!
  7. Thank you. It's missing a belt that I keep forgetting to add.
  8. Finally got the body painted and test fit the engine, which still needs to be completed. I figured that low key and incognito were for the slow...
  9. The grill looks great!! I agree the headlight needs a bezel or something . Maybe bend the mesh back slightly so it is kind of concave around the headlight.
  10. Not much of an update but managed to make some headers that will work and did some more body work. Needs a lot more sanding though Also printed out a grill and updated the radiator.
  11. If your diggin the flares just wait until you see the next pictures. Was doing some sanding last night and thought that I may have gotten a little carried away...nothing too drastic. just kind of what it would look like if a 1970 Camaro entered Lemans..😆 Really looking forward to the Toranado.
  12. That is a whole lotta wheels. I don't think I could ever make a decision with a stock like that.
  13. This looks like it is going to be awesome!! Can't wait to see it.
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