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  1. In the end it is going into a 69 F250 that I'm doing to match my 1:1 project. We'll see which one gets done first...
  2. My version of the 71 Chevelle driven by the Character Bobby Singer from the Supernatural TV show. Modified the front end by cutting apart the grill headlight piece into separate pieces and repositioning the headlight. reworked the entire rear bumper to make a 71 out of 70. added miscellaneous grill damage, dents and dings and weathered to replicate the car from the show. First pictures are from the show.
  3. finished up (or nearly so) the upholstery on my Moebius truck seat.
  4. Was looking for the same thing not that long ago. The pacer seemed to be the only true option other than finding a similar size and looking straight 6.
  5. Don't worry too much. It will wash off with water and is pretty much like working with elmers white glue.
  6. Thank you. I did the Mustang as well a while back. That one came out pretty well also. These snap kits are great for nice fitting quick but detailable projects.
  7. Do the same, except the slime part, just because I never heard that before. Gonna try that tonight. If it works I may just bottle it HA
  8. This wasn't bad overall. We older guys get more blunt, especially where opinions are concerned. Disagreement isnt a bad thing. You had a valid question. You got answers all over the place. Don't worry about the disagreement. Just think what a boring world we would live in if everybody always agreed on everything.
  9. That is actually a pretty cool idea. The fun in that is that songs aren't always the most accurate (as Snake pointed out) and to make the car what the song says can be a challenge.... I mean come on, somebody has got to build the Johhny Cash "One Piece at a Time" car.
  10. Thank you again everybody. I really appreciate all the compliments. I can definitely say that this is one of those builds that was really fun to do. All those usual little moments of frustration never happened with this one. Everything fit and everything worked out.
  11. Very cool! I love these obscure 80s kits. Great job.
  12. Love following this build. I'm in the process of doing a 1964.5 mustang and several times have reviewed your work and then gone back and re-did something or added something. Thanks for the continual inspiration.
  13. Great start. Definitely following this one. Dont' think I've ever seen a body molded in that green. And the box art!! Wonder if the Japanese at the time thought that was a typical day for the San Diego County Sheriffs.
  14. Looks great!! You did a really good job on it. Gotta love a Mustang!
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