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  1. Sorry, wasn't clear in my rambling. I meant the orange plastic body color. Didn't see any orange peel on your paint. It looks smooth from the beginning.
  2. So many people with paint on bodies already!! That is always the scariest part for me so I put it off. Started a WIP on my build. So far I have the rear suspension done and most of the interior.
  3. That color looks great!! Everybody always says, "good luck covering the orange", but you didn't seem to have issue. The interior detail looks awesome.
  4. Not much new. 3d printed and painted up some seats. Did some butchery to the rear chassis to fit over my mods.
  5. Thank you. This is definitely the most scratch building I have ever attempted.
  6. Don't count on it. I always start out gangbusters but slow down rapidly
  7. With the tires sized and ride height generally determined, as well as still ignoring the body warp issue... I turned my attention to the rear suspension. Thought about all kinds of ways to modify for an upgraded independent suspension. Then decided to just cut things up and build new. Used styrene to reconstruct the entire rear chassis. Then added the rear end, axle, lower and upper suspension components and fitted the tires with some disc brakes I had. Next I will clean up the connection points and add shocks. Then on to the front end...
  8. Decided to throw my hat in for the Cannonball run group build with the year of birth theme. Having a lot to choose from for 1970 I decided on the AMT Z28 and am going the pro touring route. Steve H. has a really well done and super detailed pro touring version of this model in the WIP section as well so I needed to be sure to steal all his good ideas while making mine different. Here are just some basic pictures of what I have done so far... Noticed the body isn't quite looking all that good.....I think I'll set it aside and work on the chassis Had a decent engine laying around so with the help of the 3D printer I started upgrading it. To address ride height I needed tires and wheels. 3D printer to the rescue again. Designed some wheels on the free tinkercad program and made everything to scale. Also realized that reducing things to the proper scale tends to make parts thin. Still figuring this whole 3d printing thing out.
  9. Haven't started a wip. I will have to do that. Still collecting parts and making plans. Here is a shot of what I am working with.
  10. Thanks Matt, I will try my best to outline my "process". A lot of it is trial and error. Dremel any holes I want before primer. Primer and paint (keeping to only 1 or 2 coats of body color in areas I am going to distress. lightly sand through paint to show primer. Rust colored paint painted on then dabbed or dry brushed around that to fade it out. For highly textured areas, I take some weathering pastels, run them over sandpaper and sprinkle some of that (as close to the color I want) onto the wet paint. It forms a kind of lumpy mush. Once that is dried I will black wash then rust color wash the area. Then using lighter rust toned paint, dry brush a highlighted area and blend. Then if I think it needs a little more or some all over rusty tint, I will dry brush pastels across a bigger area. For non rusty but weathered or oxidized areas, I will dry brush some light grey or white pastels onto the body after I have done a black wash (or light brown or even green) and it has dried. I will also paint chrome parts flat aluminum or simply spray them with a dull flat coat to make them look more tarnished and worn. I hope this helps and sorry I didn't take pictures along the way. I will try to create something more tutorial-ish next time I weather a model. Feel free to reach out directly if you have any questions.
  11. Progress is looking great!! I am just starting my version of this model now. Found the body in mine warped just enough to look wonky so I am trying to sort out a fix for that.
  12. small bits of progress. Retrofitting an engine I had on hand. 3D printed some wheels and tires but scaled them down too much (bad math) so I will most likely redo them.
  13. Didn't put mirror on yet. The kit ones are wrong for my specific replication and haven't sourced new ones yet. Here are a couple comparison pictures from the model to the real thing .
  14. I plumbed and wired everything I cared to under the hood. On the outside I added the auxiliary fuel cap and fuel line cover to the bed interior. I also cut in the bed rail holes which are never present in truck models for some reason. I had to modify a 1968 grill with a wider center piece since I couldn't find a 1969 grill and modified the rear tail lights to fit without the chrome trim. Added front and rear side marker lights and an antenna and used the Olson Brothers rear bumper. I used some black tape to replicate the rear slider window and had to build a whole new windshield because I destroyed the kit one.
  15. I used the B n L Resins Ford 390 engine to replace the kit engine but modified the kit air cleaner and used that. I used the front end from a 1971 kit for the front suspension and drive line and added an auxiliary fuel tank. Put the kit tires on a set of Scenes Unlimited 16" 8 lug wheels and changed from two into one to dual exhaust. Also scratch build a power steering pump and added that to the engine. I had to sand off the molded on trim on the body.
  16. Replicated my 1:1 project truck with the 1/25 scale Moebius 1970 kit. Made some modifications along the way to turn it into my 1969 F250 On the inside I upholstered the seat, added a dash pad, scratch built steering wheel, added column shift (automatic trans) and turn signal lever, added triple gauges, trailer brake box and fuel tank selector switch. I built a floor storage box thing and changed clutch pedal to parking brake pedal. Finally I added seatbelts, a headliner and dome light.
  17. Thanks all! It was fun doing it. Although I have learned that I am not going to get into model railroading in this lifetime. I can't keep the thing on the tracks. And you could go broke just buying track alone.. I am somewhat obsessed now with the whole Plasticville village line. So many more things I never knew existed. I ended up adding a Diner and 5 & 10 cent store. Gonna have to find some 1/48 scale cars to build next...
  18. The interior mod looks great. At first glance I thought you used a truck tailgate. Those seats are going to look good.
  19. I needed a break from a kit that was getting on my nerves and had the idea of doing some figure painting. That is an art unto itself.... Remember these basic steps and you should be good to go. 1. prime 2. base coat 3. wash 4. highlight. The repeat the shadowing and highlight as much as possible. And Youtube is your best friend..although it can also be immensely overwhelming.
  20. Inherited some Plasticville pieces from my Grandfather years ago. They sat for a long time. This year while helping a friend who just lost her dad, clean out his house, I was given three model train sets. Figured this was as good a year as any to fix up the old village pieces and have a while under the tree scene for Christmas. These are some of the before and after photos.
  21. Looking awesome!! This is similar to a project I have planned so definitely following.
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