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  1. Yes certainly they have hoods but I was lazy in the photoing and thought without hood were more interesting Thanks for your kind words above
  2. Built these during beginning of the year for the grandchildren. Now they are small, not in an age to appreciate. Later ? Perhaps ..... IMC Ford Model T Tourer 1911 A nice kit and nice to build such and old car The kit, parts quality and fit was quite ok, despåite many fiddly rods and supports which I actually managed to avoid breaking The only issue, for me at least, was the design and assembly order of radiator-front suspension-engine into the car Uncertainty of proper positioning and location there Was only one way to build Yes there shall be a large brass "tank" on the left foot step, had not got that one in place when I took the photo But now it is there Monogram Ford Model A coupé 1930 AMT Ford Tudor 1934 Previously posted here some months ago These two were very straightforward All three kits had engines which invited to some extra detailing concerning wiring, hoses, rods etc Am not satified with my finish on the two oldest cars , but like to look at them anyway With these done, now a rather diversified work bench of coming/ ongoing builds: Tamiya BMC mini 1964, AMT Prestige POntiac Bonneville .65 and Monogram chapparal Copé -66 Yes that one have/ had sink marks in abundance
  3. A ´63 Pontiac would certainly make my day But, as expressed before, my wish would be a SD Catalina, stock plus parts and decals for proper race cars, both drag and NASCAR With info in the instruction sheet how and where to drill a Swiss cheese (suppose the NASCAR cars were not as much worked on in this aspect for strength reasons ?).
  4. kjohan

    '62 Impala SS

    everything you need for a summer evening cruise beautiful
  5. beautiful, must get one, though, as said above , your bar is now rather high
  6. A couple of Fords in scale 1/24-25: - One of the very early ones , preceeding the model T, like the Model A, B,C from around 1903-1906 There once was one I think model B in 1/32 - A very basic four-seater model T saloon / sedan ( closed / not tourer etc) There are several versions of model T available but really no standard saloon to paint black There were Tudors, Centre doors and Four-doors Revell once had one in 1/32 scale and there is the AMT hot rod coupe in a double -kit But nothing, to my knowledge at least, if you want to build a just plain standard / stock four seater car
  7. Very nice and, for me at least, unusual model
  8. Sooo good And so instructive and useful WIP-thread
  9. Looked at the Greenwood instructions Therein it is said the wheels are Minilites (which is correct acc to what I understand) But there are infos (complaints) saying that the wheels are of a 5-spoke design (Kelsey hayes perhaps?), which is incorrect = confused Are there several versions of the 1971 Greenwood Sebring car , with different wheels ?
  10. JC Thanks for the very ilustrative photos Will be very helpful, once I come to that box in the stash of kits There are a couple ahead in the que, two old Fords and a BMC MiniCooper But there´s no rush......
  11. Yes JC , that is clear I just wasn´t sure how to interpret the photo of the green version in the photo upper right corner From that angle I see it as there is a low, almost flat windscreen over the entire width of the "cock pit" Maybe a slight cut out, with a low flange upwards, in front of the driver ? Correct ? Or should it be understood in another way ?
  12. Re JC photo of Feinstein Cobra provided @ Sept 23: On the photo of the car in the green livery, it seems that the windscreen is a very wide and low screen, almost lying flat to the body (while on the new photos from Rex of the model as well on the actual car, presumably in an earlier execution, has a small/narrow and upright screen) Correct or do i misread the Sept 23 photo ?
  13. A charming build, diorama and kit/ G
  14. My kit of the Paul Goldsmith car arrived today, eagerly checked the content and instructions Paint scheme in instructions confused me in three aspects 1) The engine, a hemi, is said to be Chrysler engine blue Hemis were orange to my knowledge. Can this instruction be a consequence of potential sharing with Pettys car ? (though especially at Daytona-64 the Petty engine probably was not blue to to shortage of time ?) 2) The inside of the floor and the inner side panels is instructed to be white Could probably mean primer light grey but it could also be that the body on PGS car was acually painted white BUT as I wrote above, a film clip on YT from daytone shows PGs sitting in his car, filmed inside the car The visibleEdit Addition part of the driver side door panel is without doubt very red (unless the film has been tampered with) 3) Edit/ Addition: Found that in the instructions also the firewall and the longitudinal sheet metal panels in the engine bay shall be white Seems ok IF the body came primed only or painted white But looking in the engine bay of the Jimmy Pardue red car no 54, that one have these parts in red Pardue´s car a twin to PGs I assume ? So how to build ? - orange or blue engine ? - red , white or primer light grey interior ? - red or white or primer light grey in the engine bay ? Any info/ advice on these topics are most wellcome / Gunnar PS Re question on exterior red: Instruction says Italian red, so that confirms Rusty´s advice
  15. Car and surroundings just lovely/ G
  16. Thanks Robert and Mark for additional photo and info Agree to Mark's comments about the trim seeming to be tape, had the same reaction when i saw it. Found a YT clip from Daytona 500 1964, posted by "crossfire" Ca 2 1/2 min into thi,s they first show Petty in the qualifications, thereafter Goldsmith sitting in his car The left door panel is rather visible And it looks entirely smooth and red, no cranks or handles or armrest or decor/bright trim So it seems like like they had replaced the interior panels with painted metal panels The lower part of the instrumentpanel is painted a rather clear red, the same as on the door. Now is there any info on what exterior colour was used . Photos taken from -64 Daytona start of the PS Plymouth and Bobby Isaac Dodge, indicates they are of the same colour. Which is entirey plausible, both cars being built by Ray Nichels Saw in the 1964 paint chart for Plymouth one rather bright red, assume solid and rather bright. Another color a dark red Signet royal red, metallic What could be the best/ mostr likely choice for the Goldsmith Plymouth ?
  17. Looks menacing (as it should ?) Mitchy: have you lowered the stance ? (If so how ?) Built one 1/2 year ago, did not sit quite as low as yours seem to do
  18. Thanks Richard for posting the photo That was the one from where i wrote my comments above. Any comments / further info from readers of the thread ?
  19. Thanks Steve and Mark for support Did some further "trawling for photos" In Getty images I found a good one of Goldsmiths car waiting for the start of the Daytona race , no driver in it Shows rather clearly: - Red/ burgundy/ redbrownish drivers seat - The upper surface of the instrument panel in the same colour - On " the far side" = right side one can see the upper part of the inner door panel: Rather prominent radius and "some thickness of material" = most likely not an aluminium sheet but the actual door panel Colour same as above - Black roll cage, both tubes and padding So far nothing on/ in the P Gs engine bay but found one of Jimmy Pardue's red no 54, following Marks advice look at other cars That one had the tube structure, the engine in "hemi-orange", and the engine bay was painted red The questions is obviously : how similar was this to the P Gs car ? Concerning Mark´s comment on the factory cars coming BiW in primer: What was the colour of the primer ? I have seen notes both of light grey/almost white and also red Photo of the Bobby Isaac Dodge at Daytona, no 26, seems to be fairly light, not red in the front wheel house The exterior colour on that Dodge looks very similar to the P Gs car This car also built by Nichels for the same race so presumably th were similar ? More info much appreciated
  20. Thank you for fine links Steve Was through them The outcome so far: The Nichels - Mopar action did not give any clues but had a quite interesting article Have been through the Randy Ayers forum, and so far found nothing about the Goldsmith car The Peterson Archive: various underhood photos from a few different cars show them to have some kind of tubular front structure So I think it is fair to assume that also the Goldsmith/Nichelscar had No photos I found gave any info on the interior of Goldsmith car One of Petty on the banking had a rather sharp reflection of a brightwork on inside of the right door Looking at interior photos shows a chrome trim of that shape and in that place so that could confirm that at least Petty´s car had the inner panels left intact There were a few engine bay photos of Petty`s car, showing that the inside had a much lighter shade than the exterior, yes black/white This I think confirms what has in other threads here been said: they got the car in a very light exterior colour, presumably a light blue, and they did not have time to paint the inside in the Petty blue, only the outside of the exterior. So it remains to find out : what did Goldsmiths car look like interiorwise ? But that is part of the fun Yes I will post here (if the result is at least reasonably ok, that is), but there will be some time before i can start the build of this one, have few others ongoing which shall be finshed first But it is well used time to collect infoon this one up to then
  21. Got a box of the Lindberg/model King kit of the Goldsmith Plymouth 1964 To build in due time but started to look for photos on the net, my only source of info There are not many many to be found, at least what i find So I turn (again) to this forum for help My aim is to build as far as possible how it was at the debut at Daytona -64, but if there is shortage of available info , compromises must be done My main questions are - did this car have the tube front structure with "the hoop" as I think the Petty car had ? - assume no rear seat but what about the interior door and rear side panels ? Stripped/ replaced with flat aluminium panels ? Or the regular vinyl upholsterys ? If so , any info which version / specification (basic or some higher spec ) ? As i understand it, the Petty car had the std panels intact/ in place due to shortage of preparation time, removed at later races Suppose the same problem for Goldsmith/nickels ? Have seen one exterior photo, from left where one perhaps see a "thin strip"of something which could be the upper contour of a stock panel But that certainly is a guesstimate. The interior color seems to some shade of red - anything else significant for this car to take care of/ try to include ? Any knowledge/ info is most appreciated.
  22. My wish list unprioritized: - Ferrari 250 P -63/ -275 P -64 Last factory Ferrari to win LeMans outright, -65 winner NART entry The -63/-64 winner the same car, engine changed to larger 275. * The only Ferrari to win LeMans twice, only one of three cars in all the years of LeMans - Shelby Daytona Coupe - Jaguar D-type Or at least reissue of the Revell XKSS - Pontiac -63 with proper NASCAR & Drag equipment - Petty Plymouth -64 and Dave Pearson / Cotton Owens Dodge -64 with proper NASCAR equipment
  23. Great news Now a very humble question, as Moebius now can release both Dodge and Plymouth kits: - Would it be within the realms of possibility to have proper NASCAR versions of Petty Plymouth -64 and a Dodge-64, i.e. Dave Pearson/ Cotton Owens Dodge ? With the NASCAR tube front structure, barren interior, roll cage, fat wheels etc Yes there are certainly differencies in the NASCAR vs Stock & Drag versions But also commonalities So perhaps ...... ?
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