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  1. Body - Mr.Metallic Color GX: Metal Purple (GX-206) Vinyl + Interior - Mr.Color: Off White (C-69)
  2. It’s Bare Metall Foil, not paint))).
  3. Good afternoon, friends, I present to you the final photos of my latest model.
  4. It's calling done.✔️ Wait for the final photos on the street in the under glass topic soon.
  5. Engine & undercarriage done.
  6. Good afternoon, friends, so I started a new kit. Gorgeous and graceful Impala. Whats in the box. All details are prepared and washed. Everything is painted. Body in 2k clear. Body polished and BMF is done.
  7. Today I photographed the "baby" on the street in natural light.
  8. Hello,everyone. My latest model.
  9. Good afternoon friends. The choice for the next building fell on just such a box. I really like the Camaro in this body. I have been wanting to add to my collection for a long time. What do we have in the box. Chrome sprue. It’s rich details here, you can build a stock engine, or you can build a supercharger. Rubber. A completely incomprehensible decision for me is to make slicks from 2 parts. White sprues. The salon bath, although without separate door cards, is very good in terms of elaboration. Next are the white sprues. Decals. I have my own modeling system and I always, absolutely always start processing parts strictly according to the instructions. Started with wheels. I will use stock wheels. Made holes where Revell forgot. It was became. Further, the exhaust is combined with the rear axle. Pornography. Cut it off. I glued the door armrests right away, because. it will be unrealistic to do this evenly and accurately on an already painted one. Replaced the gearshift lever with a clip. On the right is what is given by default. Made eyelets for seat belts on the front seats. Well, the longest, most difficult and tedious - the body. By default, we are allowed to make a T-top, which I absolutely do not want to see here, as well as an ugly duck tail on the back. I don’t understand in my heart who even thought that this under-spoiler is cool and beautiful on a car. Also reduced these ugly places. Here's what happened as a result. Well, it's all in color. And clear coated body.
  10. This is the backdrop that came with the photobox.
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