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  1. Good afternoon friends. A new box on the desktop and a new build. I looked at this box for a long time, and now it is at work. The most beautiful car with chic shapes and huge rear fins. Legendary three hundredth. Here's a box. Made in 1999. The first in the box is a huge body. Really a barge. So far, my largest model, the dimensions are truly impressive. Very good embossing, it will be easy to paint in three colors, as on a real prototype. I was pleasantly surprised by the ceiling inside the interior. A small imitation of wiring under the hood. Glass sprue. It is immediately evident that additional headlights are given for the custom. Bottom. Huge. The carpets on the floor are also very very pleased. Next sprue The detail is amazing. The letters, however, some indistinct ones, upset me a little. The door cards are gorgeous. So is the back seats. Move on. Huge frame. Exhaust, suspension parts. I liked the battery very much. The springs are also good. More details. The steering wheel is good! The last sprue. Here it is unusual for AMT, instrument panel up just under the decal. Whitewalls are given with white plastic, but, most likely, I will be painted. B. F. Goodrich tires. For the first time! For the first time in my modeling practice, a seamless protector. Well, they can! Why then is there always a disgusting seam or displacement? Unclear. Taillights too - stock and custom. Chrome sprue. The turn signal should be made of transparent glass, but they give it to us in chrome, a mess, of course. I bought the set from hands, but the decals saw a lot of some BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH, apparently. But, uncritically, the damage on the paper itself, the decals are good. Well, a huge nice manual. Tomorrow I will start building, start, as always, with the engine.
  2. Well, friends. That's all. The last update.๐Ÿ™‚ Fixed the shifter. Well, I put everything together. Thanks for attention.
  3. Friends, hello everyone! Details in the white primer from Tamia, I was once again convinced that it was necessary to switch to Gunze, but itโ€™s a pity to throw it away, so Iโ€™ll waste it and suffer. Finished the undercarriage and installed engine and all attachments. Unfortunately, the oil filter, which I was so proud of, had to be removed due to the design of the kit, it simply does not fit. Finished the interior, velvet paper on the floor. Wheels ready for installation + spare wheel in the trunk. Glasses in future floor polish. Well, the body is in 2k clear from zero paints. I will polish in a week. That's all for now. Thanks for attention.๐Ÿค 
  4. Good evening, colleagues! The engine is done.๐Ÿ˜Ž
  5. Good afternoon friends. Last pre-paint update.: D Headlights with a bumper, it was decided to choose stock. But leave it like that, the stump is clear, I don't plan, it's a quiet horror - chrome optics. I removed the chrome completely, tk. The quality of the bumper was terrible with a flash and other joys. Well, for the first time in modeling practice, I sculpted reflectors from 2k putty. Back lights. With some kind of fright, we are given one through back light. We take a transparent sprue and adjust it. Before-after. Made a kind of firewall that they gave us. I didn't cut holes in it, it is not necessary, there is not much to look at.))) Well, a general view of my future custom. All the parts are washed and ready at the ground, in the next runs I will be primed and put the main first color. Thank you for attention.
  6. There will be no problems, because I will be painting this transparent shroud.
  7. Good afternoon, friends, the build does not stand still, the first update is ready. I chose these wheels and stock tires, tk. the second set with wide tires seemed completely irrelevant to me, after all, this is not an SUV. One problem immediately appeared. There are 2 types of tires in the set, but the rear disc mounts are only suitable for wide tire. I decided to get out of the situation in the following way. I cut off around the perimeter what treacherously sticks out. From the back inside it is still not visible. He removed the chrome from the wheels, will be painted in body color. Processed and prepared all engine parts. With the water pump, I cut off all the unnecessary, cast is not clear how and for what. I apologize for the quality of the photo, I did not take a picture after removing the chrome. Here we have an indistinct distributor for wiring with mold displacements on the right. The oil filter is a gnome on the left, although on a real car it is on the front mount between the pulleys belts. Well, from above, something incomprehensible. The oil filter with mount is made from scratch. As well as the distributor for wiring. I made the terminals for the battery. I processed and prepared the details of the interior, it will be stock for me. Made the door armrests. And prepared the rear suspension parts. For today, there is nothing more to show, everything else is still in work. Thank you for attention.
  8. The builds cannot stand still and I took out a new box, which I had wanted to build for a long time. A car that I really, really like - the Chevrolet Corvair. In the middle of its life it was positioned as a compact sports car, an analogue of "imported" (European) sports cars and a less expensive alternative to the Chevrolet Corvette. One of the main characters in Ralph Nader's book Dangerous at Any Speed. Little known due to the almost complete absence of advertising in production. Unique in that it is rear-engined. And all this he is the most beautiful Corvair. Re-issue 2004. We open the sprues. We are given the opportunity to make 2 landing options, it's interesting. Interior. Quite good indeed. The detailing, apart from the floor, is excellent, it is a pity that the rug was damaged by the pusher. Dashboard, stock steering wheel and rear folding roof. The funny thing is that the instructions do not say a word about what you can do with a convertible. The detailing of the dashboard is excellent. Engine. Gadgets for customizing. Custom hood. Front seats and stock hood. Why AMT ERTL they give plastic 2-piece tires, I have no idea. Further details for the wild custom version. The body is carefully reinforced with thick hard cardboard, this moment could be taken by all manufacturers, so that the modelers later would not be upset about the broken roof pillars. The body itself is very well made, all the nameplates and emblems are very clear, there will be no problems to highlight. Chrome sprue. 2 sets of tires. Red glasses for customization. And transparent for the body, and, for some reason, the engine cover in transparent. It's weird... Awesome decals. Manual, huge, A2 size! The set is, of course, wood-fired, but so many possibilities! So far I'm torn between stock, racing and wild custom versions, I like all 3 of them. I haven't decided on the painting yet, but I like this color scheme: That's all for now.
  9. Friends, well, meet my 14th assembled model of American autoclassics. Tamiya paints, body and interior - acrylics, lacquer bottom. Varnish 2k from Zero Paints. Thanks for wathing!๐Ÿ˜Ž
  10. Good evening everyone. Last update. Yesterday, with my pants full of joy, I went to the post office to pick up my package from Moebius: But the joy was relative, the decals were of disgusting quality. This is the first time I have met this in 14 assembled models. ๐Ÿ˜ Almost all decals, except for 2, began to tear, and the fact that I centered them with a soft brush was very accurate. Moreover, they were torn into segments, as if they were cut into strips. Maybe Moebius put me a deck, which is many years old, or a poor-quality print. Well, God is with them, almost nowhere to be seen, killed 2 hours to unite them and it would be unnoticeable. Well, I finished today.๐Ÿค  My wife said that she liked the result very much, me too. A couple of photos for a start and wait in the finished ones. On Saturday I plan to take pictures in the air.
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