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  1. This is the backdrop that came with the photobox.
  2. Good afternoon friends. So the "baby" Renault is assembled. Because it's -9 outside now and it's snowing, then the final photoset was done in photobox from Aliexpress. Photographed with my phone, so please excuse the quality. What can I say about the set - firewood-firewood, to make a normal model you need to work hard. This is especially true for the final assembly. You can’t really check it dry, and then surprises begin. The underhood was heavily modified, the headlights, the brake master cylinder made from scratch, the exhaust manifold sewing and the ventilation thing, which is in the corner near the brake cylinder. As a result, I am satisfied with the result, but I will definitely not return to Italeri soon.
  3. Good afternoon friends. Small final update. The body is varnished and waiting for polishing. Complete interior. And complete undercarriage. The model is done, wait in the under the glass topic. Thank you for your attention.
  4. Good afternoon, friends, with all the past holidays. Here is my new build - "baby" Renault R5 Alpine. In fact, I started building back in November. But something is all business, business, the build moved very slowly. First, an overview of the contents of the box. Tires come first. Glasses sprue. Blue sprue. As you can see, the sprues have details from the Rally version. White sprue. Big black sprue. Body. The strange decision was to make the headlights absolutely flat dies. Ugly. Therefore, thanks to one of our colleagues, I got such wonderful headlights with mounts, printed on a 3D printer. Decals. Manual. I decided not to cover the processing of parts, because there is nothing interesting, minor improvements were made to the engine compartment, I will show it already assembled and painted. This is what the default headlights looked like. Terrible. Now for a little plastic surgery and voila. Well, all the parts are prepared and washed, tomorrow I will go to priming. That's all for now, thanks for your attention.
  5. Yes, I immediately glued the bumper. I always glue bumpers on models before painting, because painted them normally cannot be glued later, it will always look sloppy, and you can accidentally smear them with glue.
  6. Hi, Mike. I glued on the headlights before painting. And during painting he masked them with tape.
  7. This is a self-adhesive PU leather, bought on Aliexpress.
  8. Good afternoon, friends, I present to you my latest model.
  9. Good afternoon, friends, here is the last update. A few photos for seed and wait in the Under the glass topic, I will take a photo on the street soon. Not everything went good, the first made hood with homemade piano hinges did not come out at all as we would like, but, in general, I am satisfied with this gorgeous car. Especially the roof.
  10. The engine is ready Well, the assembled undercarriage
  11. Good afternoon friends. Big update. A lot has been done. Slightly refined the firewall. Before. After. I decided to cut holes. Wherever possible. But, as it turned out, this is a completely thankless job. I do not know how to be friends with etched files at all. I don't know how everyone uses them, but they are very thin and soft. To bend and break is godless. Dismembered the hood and made the piano hinges. More openings. My kitties-assistants decided to try the body on a tooth and had to restore part of the windshield pillar And then the most interesting part. I had an idea to make a working folding roof. We take the basis. And voila. A mechanism came to the rescue from a broken umbrella and a paper clip. But, to my regret, the idea was not destined to happen. The self-adhesive leather that I ordered on Aliexpress turned out to be thick for this case and not at all plastic. So the roof will only be unfolded. But this is a hundred times better than a plastic from box. That's all for now. Parts washed and ready to paint. Thank you for the attention.
  12. Did I understand you correctly? Do you offer me to send set of your wheels?
  13. I don't like the Star of India color scheme. I chose this reference for the build.🙂
  14. Good afternoon friends. I decided to start my 20th anniversary build of a retro car. My choice fell on another box from Italeri. Namely: The most luxurious car in all aspects. Real luxury, the brand is a legend. The box itself is a 2011 reissue. Well, let's start by reviewing the content. A huge manual in A2 format. Glazing. Here, of course, such a thing. It was in a sealed film. But there are scratches. Will be polished. Rubber...arrrrrr, I hate this plastic one that fits together from 2 halves. Revell, AMT and MPC got me used to normal rubber. The first sprue is black. Detailing is even good. The second sprue is beige. Third sprue - chrome The fourth is orange. And the last one is gray. Details is very, very good. Spokes are great! The impressions from the kit are extremely pleasant. Of the improvements, there will be traditionally an engine compartment: wiring, possibly a couple of hoses, etc. And also - the wife suggested to make a folding roof. In principle, nothing complicated, you will need to find some thin and at the same time flexible and strong wire, as well as the roof material itself. For now, I will collect photo references and start processing the details. I processed all the engine parts, there are not very many of them, but I had to tinker. This is what the default Italeri gives us on the right. A lot of things are missing. I like, at least, to make wires, then we take sprues and leftovers from previous sets and build from scratch. We look at the left. Some hell of a pornography, moving on to plastic surgery. Much better this way. That's all for now, thanks for your attention.
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