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  1. Good afternoon friends. Big update. A lot has been done. Slightly refined the firewall. Before. After. I decided to cut holes. Wherever possible. But, as it turned out, this is a completely thankless job. I do not know how to be friends with etched files at all. I don't know how everyone uses them, but they are very thin and soft. To bend and break is godless. Dismembered the hood and made the piano hinges. More openings. My kitties-assistants decided to try the body on a tooth and had to restore part of the windshield pillar And then the most interesting part. I had an idea to make a working folding roof. We take the basis. And voila. A mechanism came to the rescue from a broken umbrella and a paper clip. But, to my regret, the idea was not destined to happen. The self-adhesive leather that I ordered on Aliexpress turned out to be thick for this case and not at all plastic. So the roof will only be unfolded. But this is a hundred times better than a plastic from box. That's all for now. Parts washed and ready to paint. Thank you for the attention.
  2. Did I understand you correctly? Do you offer me to send set of your wheels?
  3. I don't like the Star of India color scheme. I chose this reference for the build.🙂
  4. Good afternoon friends. I decided to start my 20th anniversary build of a retro car. My choice fell on another box from Italeri. Namely: The most luxurious car in all aspects. Real luxury, the brand is a legend. The box itself is a 2011 reissue. Well, let's start by reviewing the content. A huge manual in A2 format. Glazing. Here, of course, such a thing. It was in a sealed film. But there are scratches. Will be polished. Rubber...arrrrrr, I hate this plastic one that fits together from 2 halves. Revell, AMT and MPC got me used to normal rubber. The first sprue is black. Detailing is even good. The second sprue is beige. Third sprue - chrome The fourth is orange. And the last one is gray. Details is very, very good. Spokes are great! The impressions from the kit are extremely pleasant. Of the improvements, there will be traditionally an engine compartment: wiring, possibly a couple of hoses, etc. And also - the wife suggested to make a folding roof. In principle, nothing complicated, you will need to find some thin and at the same time flexible and strong wire, as well as the roof material itself. For now, I will collect photo references and start processing the details. I processed all the engine parts, there are not very many of them, but I had to tinker. This is what the default Italeri gives us on the right. A lot of things are missing. I like, at least, to make wires, then we take sprues and leftovers from previous sets and build from scratch. We look at the left. Some hell of a pornography, moving on to plastic surgery. Much better this way. That's all for now, thanks for your attention.
  5. Good afternoon, friends, I present to you my 19th finished car model. Tamiya paints LP series, 2k zero paints clear, pigments and washes. Everything is traditional.
  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, finally it's calling - done. See the full photoset on the street in the Under The Glass topic.
  7. I'ts not right. Cuba_13 it's important.
  8. Friends, the heat has come. The brain is melting, but the hands are doing. It's time for the interior. Door cards in all their glory, until they are closed by seats. And dashboard. Well, assembled. Yes, I know, the flock is big. Let me down this time with a nail flock with Aliexpress. But now you can clearly see it on a bare bath, and in the assemble it will be practically invisible. That's all for now. 🤠
  9. It's simple, bro. I use Tamiya Lacquer Thinner 250 ml with yellow cap.😉
  10. Good afternoon friends. My long-awaited paints came and I was able to paint everything. The engine is assembled and ready for installation
  11. Well, guys, the plastic work is over. And now about everything in order. I prepared a dashboard and all attachments. Big plastic things, cast with a steering column, sawed down to nowhere, from the found wire he made what looks more like the original. Further, the body, then of course Revell put a pig on it. The front and rear bumpers were wider than the body itself. I had to get out of the situation with improvised means. Processed and assembled the interior, made door lock spindles. Well, everything is assembled. Then I remembered that the salon brake light is painted in the interior color. I processed more details. I made (I do not know how they are called correctly) things that include seat belts. The taillight, where the brake lights were molded in red plastic. At first I decided to make holes using the drilling method, but this method, even with the thinnest drill, does not work here. Unfortunately. There is a little beaten right. It's okay, I'm not building a salon car. Then I remembered how many grilles are made and decided to do the same. We just grind from the back. It turns out great. Well, the feet themselves were made from this wonderful gel, bought in the store for everything for a hobby. It turns out great. By the way, it is much better for this purpose than Microscale Kristal Klear. Microscale Kristal Klear on the left, gel on the right. Unlike Klear, it is much more transparent and stronger, almost like resin. I originally took this gel for casting rectangular headlights for my Shelby Chargers. Further the hood, again Revell is weird.: Facepalm: Well, there is no such hole between the hood and the body. Not. I glued on a strip of plastic. And processed the last details. The rear window will be polished because it had huge scratches on it. Well, I primed everything today. I'm waiting for the ordered paints to come. Primer from Gunze is the best primer I've tried Evar. I plan to purchase the entire line of colors, because working with him is a pleasure. That's all for now.
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