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  1. Can someone briefly list the BBC cab dimensions for the K100 Cabovers? So far I have determined: 50", 63", 73", 86", 90", 108", 110", 112". Can anybody confirm this? Or supplement? In particular the jump from 90 to 108 seems very big to me, was there another size in between? I thank you for your effort, best regards, Torsten
  2. Hi Guys, I am happy to present you my first photos today. On my 1/72 scale, I am forced to build a lot by myself, as modeling kits are more the exception than the norm. All models are in different stages of construction, because I'm trying to build several at the same time. In this way for example I can get over drying times on one model by continuing to work on another. And here are: 1. Marmon HDT 86 2. Kenworth K 100 3. Mack Superliner 4. Freightliner FLT 5. Freightliner FLC 120 At the moment I am looking for a solution to create different rims and wheels. Difficult... I hope you will recognize the originals in my work. But don't forget, there is still a lot to do! Regards, Torsten
  3. A beautiful everyday rig, well built and really nicely painted. I particularly like how authentically you have reproduced the grease on the 5th wheel
  4. Well that's what I call a hood! And a very, very classy color. Hot vehicle!
  5. Brings back memories of childhood. Nice model of an angular European. I really like it!
  6. Noble, noble! A truck with which you can cut a fine figure in front of every 5 star hotel. And in every model building forum! Top notch!
  7. A model that focuses on the basics of a truck. And a role model that embodies exactly that. One of my favorites here!
  8. You have made a very tasteful choice of colors. Looks great on this great model.
  9. The 80s produced really cool things! And models like this really convincingly capture the general spirit of the time. Fine work!
  10. Everything is just right! Model building to imitate. I'm excited!
  11. If you were to write a list of typically American things, these livestock trailers should definitely appear on it. I will definitely try to build one one day, in my 1/72 scale, and I will use your construction report as a template! Great detailing!
  12. Great art! The model reproduces very well what the original is. And the painting is a feast for the eyes!
  13. Somehow the curves of these early trucks were prettier than the streamlined ones that dominate the trucks today. Much more charm and elegance in my opinion. And this will be a very nice model, an ornament for every showcase!
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