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  1. I think this will be a very nice custom build. Which wheelbase did you choose for your model?
  2. Definitely one of the most compelling truck models I've ever seen. It is almost impossible to recognize that it is a model and not a real truck. Very very impressive!
  3. Wow, a lot to read! This is definitely a great tip, thank you for that!
  4. Incredibly detailed! An overall very lovingly designed truck model. Fun to look at.
  5. This is excellent reference material for me and the scratch building of my own superliner in 1/72. Great model building! And very vivid photos!
  6. Is there really no one who can help me? I am also happy about any other help, drawings or blueprints of other trucks or information as to whether different vehicle components from one manufacturer can also be used for other brands, like Mack has done wwith cabs for Brockway par exemple. For me, every hint is helpful, really everyone! So, thank you very much for your support.
  7. Timeless elegance! A beautiful model, very well built!
  8. To knee down! Great vehicle, great model making, excellent painting, fantastic aging, spectacular photography - top notch!!!
  9. The Freightliner COE is a good piece of truck. And the model knows how to please, indeed! Since I am currently looking through many photos to understand the development of the WFT cabin over the years, I have a question. Is the into the casing worked step over the round wheel arch photographically documented? So far I could only identify a variant of two metal brackets or a "ladder" behind the wheel arch without a further step under the door, but I would like to know if there were other shapes.
  10. Against the background of our common home, I'll be brief: Geil! 😉
  11. A great construction report! The photos are more valuable to me than gold! There is no better way to understand what is important and what needs to be considered.
  12. Definitely a building report that is worth emulating. I will definitely try it! Of course in 1/72... 🧐
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