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  1. To knee down! Great vehicle, great model making, excellent painting, fantastic aging, spectacular photography - top notch!!!
  2. The Freightliner COE is a good piece of truck. And the model knows how to please, indeed! Since I am currently looking through many photos to understand the development of the WFT cabin over the years, I have a question. Is the into the casing worked step over the round wheel arch photographically documented? So far I could only identify a variant of two metal brackets or a "ladder" behind the wheel arch without a further step under the door, but I would like to know if there were other shapes.
  3. Against the background of our common home, I'll be brief: Geil! ?
  4. A great construction report! The photos are more valuable to me than gold! There is no better way to understand what is important and what needs to be considered.
  5. Definitely a building report that is worth emulating. I will definitely try it! Of course in 1/72... ?
  6. Your way and your skills to build models is one of the things you would have to invent the word "top class" for if it didn't already exist.
  7. And another nice truck! I gradually work my way through the pages and feel like electrified by the many great models. Very very nice!
  8. "At the car wash, woooh Talking about the car wash, yeah Come on y'all and sing it for me Car wash, woh, car wash yeah" Occurred to me spontaneously - can someone tell me why?
  9. I miss the time that has brought such awesome developments on the road. Not everything was better, but a lot was more beautiful than today. Thank you for bringing my memories back there with this pretty model truck!
  10. A special model of a special vehicle. Lovable!
  11. Yippiejayeah! It's a dream! Awesome, just awesome ...
  12. This is how you bring old times to life. A great model!
  13. A no frills, honest worker! Fabulously built and staged.
  14. I have to admit that until the day before yesterday I didn't know that Hino Trucks even existed. Then I saw a report on youtube and found this truck immediately interesting. That's why I really like your model. Very well done, indeed.
  15. Part of the best I have seen with truck models. I really like it!
  16. An extraordinary piece of truck! In the model as in reality. A very nice model!
  17. A wrecker that is not often seen! And of course a very special model! I love it.
  18. The second photo - I would have sworn that this is a real truck. Terrific!
  19. While introducing I already had described that I had started building BigRigs on a scale of 1/72. In this scale i am dependent on self-made scratch and conversions, because there are not many of model building kits. Now I have secretly fallen in love with 2 Mack cabovers, the G and H series. Unfortunately, I don't find any drawings or dimensions for these series and I don't dare to just build from photos. Maybe there is someone among you who can help me with further material? That would be really a big help. Thank you all!
  20. Impressive! The coloring is a real eye-catcher, and the model making is flawless. Well done!
  21. Hot stuff! A real impressive giant, masterfully implemented.
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