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  1. The Freightliner COE is a good piece of truck. And the model knows how to please, indeed!

    Since I am currently looking through many photos to understand the development of the WFT cabin over the years, I have a question. Is the into the casing worked step over the round wheel arch photographically documented? So far I could only identify a variant of two metal brackets or a "ladder" behind the wheel arch without a further step under the door, but I would like to know if there were other shapes.

  2. While introducing I already had described that I had started building BigRigs on a scale of 1/72. In this scale i am dependent on self-made scratch and conversions, because there are not many of model building kits. Now I have secretly fallen in love with 2 Mack cabovers, the G and H series. Unfortunately, I don't find any drawings or dimensions for these series and I don't dare to just build from photos. Maybe there is someone among you who can help me with further material? That would be really a big help. Thank you all!

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