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  1. Not today, but last Saturday I got the chance to pull a 36,000 pound fire truck during a strongman training day. What a blast. Definitely a great time.
  2. Well if that ain't just a kick in the jimmies...
  3. I think you made the right decision. That turned out amazing. Love the color.
  4. That turned out sweet. Great color choice.
  5. There is a bad dust spot in the roof that I will need to sand out. You've got me thinking now about a silver roof. Maybe I will see how the sanding goes and if it needs a repaint, silver might get the nod. That would really tie in with the wheels.
  6. I finally got a little more bench time in between spring chores and work travel. Got the body sprayed, Testor's green metal flake. And wouldn't you know it, a dust spot just about smack dab in the center of the roof. I will try to sand it out, but I'm sure I will have to spray the body again. I am happy with the color, should look good with the big chrome wheels.
  7. This might explain a lot about something very similar: https://www.topspeed.com/cars/car-news/this-v-8-powered-bar-stool-with-600-horses-has-widow-maker-written-all-over-it-ar195355.html
  8. Thanks, some of your work may have inspired me to try something different.
  9. I have the inline 6 built as stock, but got to poking through my stash last night. Found the 37 Chevy salt flats racer has an inline 6 with several performance parts. The overall length is different for sure, would need to fab some sort of driveshaft extension. I am not sure I would want to try to remove the molded in driveshaft from the wagon chassis. Still not sure about the engine. I'll keep poking at the interior and getting the body ready for paint and stew on it a little.
  10. That service truck looks great also. I've got a complete 34 and the parts kit. You've got me thinking one of my other pickups is going to be converted into a wrecker.
  11. Been waiting for an update on this one. The wait was worth it. Looks great. Has the gears in my head turning for sure. I picked up one of those 34 fords at HL as an open box. Its missing the wheels, tires and glass, but a trove of great parts.
  12. Very nice build. My wife would drive a car that color every day, and twice on sundays.
  13. That's the Hemi drag engine from the kit. I am building up the straight 6, but not set on engine choice yet. When I worked at a Cadillac dealer, we worked on a lot of cars that had more show than go, I may opt for that on this build.
  14. Great looking car, love the color.
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