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  1. Very cool old commercial. I would think the exhaust through the quarters would rust them out terribly.
  2. Here's our two "kids". BuckShot is a full blood mountain cur. Great for squirrel and raccoon chasing. He's ten now and finally starting to slow down a little bit. Dixie is our little girl. We got her at 7 months old. She turned 16 recently and honestly, she probably won't make it til summer. She's almost completely blind, totally deaf, and her kidneys are failing. The wife recently got one of those dog DNA tests to see what Dixie was, turns out 25% collie and a mess of other dogs.
  3. I got the chrome stripped off the wheels for the 65 Chevy truck and primed. Got the engine painted up and ready for installation into the chassis. I also resprayed my Buick GSX that had a few craze lines in the right fender. Hopefully that build will progress again.
  4. Thanks guys. I had a few cases left from when I quit building. I will look into the bigger display cases and start saving my pennies.
  5. I have a few models to put in plastic cases. How many of you guys use the little twist tie things to secure the model to the base?
  6. ksnow

    NASCAR Decals

    I have two sets of Slixx NASCAR decals that I would like to find a new home for. One set is #18 Interstate Batteries, Bobby Labonte Pontiac. The other set is #20 Home Depot, Tony Stewart Pontiac. Both sets were purchased in 1999, so they are definitely older decals. Not sure what to ask for trade, as I have no real idea if these are worth much more than shipping. I can get pictures of them if necessary. Thanks.
  7. 3 at the top of my list Conan the Barbarian, the original Last of the Dog men Hell or High Water
  8. I have tried several times to learn guitar. For some reason my brain and fingers just can't seem to line up. I played clarinet in middle school and sang in choir in high school. I can read music, just can't seem to get things lined up playing guitar.
  9. First concert was Whitecross, Christian Heavy Metal, when I was in Confirmation class about 1991 or 1992. Pretty sure my pastor had NO idea what he was taking us to. Best was Ratt, Slaughter, Cinderella and Quiet Riot in 2005 at the State Fair.
  10. It was pretty low in front, slight rake on the rear. Exhaust note definitely matched the stance.
  11. Those tubs look really, really nice. Great work so far.
  12. Thanks guys. Looks like it gets the steel colored pan I am familiar with. Just wanted to make sure the stage 1s didn't come with something fancy. Quiet Eric, thanks for that link, I'll be using a lot of those images in this build.
  13. Not sure of the year, best guess is mid 60s, Pontiac Safari wagon. Looked nice.
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