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  1. I tried some future on a hood. The finish crackled on me and now I need to strip and repaint. What would be the best chemical to strip the future? I am not too worried about the paint underneath as I need to repaint anyway. Thanks.
  2. Great looking car. Love those old race cars.
  3. Put me in for the next round with the 77 Camaro. Should be able to finish it up this time.
  4. I'm going to have to roll my camaro over to the next round. Last minute work trip popped up and I'll be out through the end of the month. Hope everyone else gets 'er done.
  5. Not much. We had added an electric fan to the radiator to try to help with a recurring overheating issue, until we replaced the head gasket. We ran a 72 inch mower deck off the back. The tractor was well used before I ever got on it. Missing the fender lights, brakes never worked, etc. Oh, we did have a vertical exhaust pipe with a flapper on it.
  6. Finished up pretty darn nice. Good work with the BMF.
  7. Very cool diorama. Excellent detail and weathering. Mowed a lot of grass sitting on one of those tractors.
  8. Good job on the BMF. I hear you about nerve wracking. Looking forward to seeing the vent windows done.
  9. Got a model roundup delivery today. Decal film, set and solvent. As well as the Revell 56 chevy.
  10. Took a drive out there on Saturday. Nice little shop with a decent, albeit small, selection of kits. Different stuff than HL for sure. Also happened to be a classic car cruise drive in/show/cruise in town, so got to see some really cool cars and trucks.
  11. Got my first try at BMF in 25 years done today. Turned out okay, definitely learned the value of a BRAND new knife blade. I may end up doing the window trim also now. Not happy with how the sharpie looks next to the BMF.
  12. Very nicely done. Paint work is amazing.
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