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  1. You're welcome, Chief! Hope you get as much enjoyment out of it that i did ?
  2. I propose a Win-Win solution: Ad Nauseum is a browser extension that clicks on every ad that it finds on every website that you visit. But you NEVER see the ads that it clicks on. So in one way, it acts like an adblocker. But it also punishes advertisers by making them pay Google or whoever for pushing their ads. My desktop box is 12 years old, the memory maxxed out at 8GB, not ever upgrading from Win7 Pro. I ran Ad Nauseum for 3 or 4 months and ultimately couldn't handle the way it slowed my old computer down but do remember that in 2 or 3 weeks it had clicked 10,000 ads which i never had to see. That was great fun! If your device can handle the drag on resources it might be worth consideration. https://adnauseam.io/ *IS* available on Chrome. Click on the Chrome logo at the linked page. In the meantime, i'm with Painted Black.
  3. Thanks, Jack! i never would've guessed. May have to just go with the Speedway tires but might try haunting the eBay tire sales for awhile.
  4. This is a 1/25 scale Goodyear Custom Wide Tread Polyglas tire in G70-15. It very closely resembles the MPC 1968 ½-up Goodyear Speedway Wide Tread tires. It even has the little steps in the I.D. just like the Speedway Wide Treads. But the tread on this one is wider. This tire landed here in a box of junk. What kits did it come from, please?
  5. For future reference it might be helpful to remember that ALL 1967-72 SS396 Camaros came with a blacked-out taillight panel which designated them as Big-Block Camaros. COPO orders were obviously excluded. Nice work. Boss!
  6. Had Roberta Flack on the mind but yours will work, too. Stay safe!
  7. That is exceedingly cool! You can see where you restored the wheelhouse moldings - SUPERB! A very cool kit that will never be seen again!
  8. I reckon that you Guardian Angel intervened. You dodged a high-speed projectile. This lathe was a POS. See the video.
  9. Ordered a current-model 1/25 car kit from an eBay Seller with over 50,000 feedbacks and presumably a brick & mortar store. Shipping was Free. It arrived today, not in a shipping box but in a bubble envelope, shipped First Class. The box was slightly crushed but no more than i see others come through after they were packed to withstand an atom bomb test. At least it was replaceable if it had been punted around before it got here. It's probably cheaper for him to replace damaged product than to pay double for Priority Mail with $50 free insurance. Rant over !
  10. It took only a couple minutes to find an unboxing and review of this exact same model on youtube. (60w mini lathe unboxing) It was a little shocking to see that the overall length of the machine was about the same length as the reviewer's hand. It was sitting on one of those green mats with 1" squares. It looked to be 9-10" long. The review speaks for itself. The comments below the video were brutal. In closing, the Chinese distributor for this lathe probably became a millionaire because of this product alone.
  11. A welding supply store will stock uncoated filler rod of varying diameters and materials. All those old AMT and MPC wire axle kits get upgraded with 1/16" stainless steel rod. And homemade headers? Aluminum filler rod bends almost as easy as lead and won't make you sick. Not to mention, it's much lighter, too.
  12. Of course, this sucks. But i know of no 1977-79 Novas with a regular vinyl top. Landau tops, Yes. But regular vinyl tops, 1977-79? No? Just Landau tops. I would know. I still have a few parked here at the farm. It don't matter, it's a model car. Models ARE NOT miniature replicas. Please build as you see fit!
  13. That's no surprise. If you can find a picture of a real 1977-79 Nova with a regular vinyl top and not the Landau top, i would be thrilled to see it.
  14. It looks like the grille opening in the body needs to be moved higher. You may want to check the fit of the hood, first, in case the whole header panel needs to be cut away and moved higher.
  15. Yep, You 're a fan of MPC Gen 3 Corvettes. Great pictures, Boss! The MPC kits from 50 years ago had their faults but IMHO, still better than the AMT or Revell productions. As for me, i prefer to build from junk, because i can. No offense to anyone who sees this. That said, i am humbled by your generous offer to make more seats for me. I needed 8 seats and found 8 usable. Then, after investing a little time in making the 8 right, i found 2 more which will be a cushion of sorts if 8 pieces do not make the finish line. i want to believe that i planned okay but if i run short i will be sure to write you! Thanks again for being so helpful and gracious!
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