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  1. My dream pattern maker. See image and link. If any manufacturer is finally going to make a Harley on par with the car kit discussions at MCMF, my tip is to let Peter do the master. Peter whom I never met as far as I know or remember was our hero in the 80's with his then Knuclehead. It's fun that Revell is releasing their LA Street chopper again but unfortunately a lot is wrong if you're going to put the level on this forum's level 🙂 The frame is a converted Dou Glide or Electra Glide frame and the front end is a VL springer. I have never seen an extended one, I doubt they can even be extended. Peter is not only a skilled mechanic and woodcarver, he has an absolute eye for the right parts,pieces and stance. Motorcycle models are difficult, it is about tenths of a millimeter and the the knowledge of the parts and is less mentioned and rewritten are racing cars and the Ford 32 https://auctionet.com/sv/2171603-harley-davidson-knucklehead-chopper-unik/images
  2. Nice One of my favorites. A friend har this one thirty years ago, yes, it has been a wrecker in it’s early days. Next kit from Moebius ??
  3. Brilliant and unexpected, a true legacy marking. Looks great.
  4. Yeah, I'm also tired of Hemis,give me a 318. To quote Tim Boyd, "I was told that 1960's era drag racing kits are among the hottest selling kit topics these days, surpassed only by 1960's/70's pickup kits." I belive that the fact that pickup kits sell so well is enough because many people want to build simple cars that can be varied in a different way than, for example, unique Hemi cars. Another quote from this forum, Four door modeling is the salt and sugar of modeling, I agree.
  5. Model Car Muse, it’s not new episode every week, it’s not long but it’s the highest quality of all. It’ a party every time.
  6. I have always been happy when others built fantastically, I myself have built for my own joy and relaxation. For the past thirty years, I have worked hard with real estate projects and received my dose of demands where model building has been rather unambitious, maybe that will change when I retire. In general, I think that work and family life are more demanding today than 20-30 years ago, there are fewer people who can just let go and go home from work to the plastic workshop.
  7. OMG, some people dream of going to Bonneville, have a hot rod, fine. My dream is to see a free Lynx. Where in the world do you live ?
  8. Thanks ! She is my (Photo)model. Cats get into situations no human neverdo.
  9. Yes, she is lovely, I love her more than everything. She turned eight i august.
  10. Smulan or The Crumb in english.
  11. Everything from a few minutes to hours in pursuit of what I'm really chasing, nirvana, flow when I forget time and space. Sometimes I reach this state and it is always just as wonderful. This summer, my wife saw how I got there when I was sitting in our little former guest cabin at the summer house and she really spoils me for these moments Good strategy and planning for construction evenings when my wife has some commitment makes room for this
  12. Yes, I have preferences. I'm an AMT fanboy and I like metal axles, the kit must be old or rather preferably so old that it is Made in the USA. I studied the year the kit is made lika a wine connoisseur. Actually, it's probably a pressure because I would prefer to build Jo-han, but supply and cost make it impossible. I stick strictly to 1/25 scale, by the way and one of the few issues I've managed to be at least almost consistent throughout my life.. So, AMT made in USA 1/25 with the wheels in the right place kit bash fun parts.
  13. Unbelievable, my nearest styrene dealer(Stockholm) got it a fortnight ago. It must be a historic moment. Usually we read about what you can buy i the shop years before we do.
  14. YES ! Smells are something that can evoke memories more than other sensory impressions.
  15. The name Fabrikör an older Swedish professional title for a person who owns, manages or operates a factory. 😉
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