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  1. would you be asking about this one? the whole cartoon was nothing but a commercial for Hot Wheels. if Hanna-Barbara had done it, it would have been a whole lot better cartoon; however, the cars would have been lost. ahh, the Jack Rabbit Special, the Demon, the Woodie......
  2. the Lil Coffin/Dexter Demon was one of my favorites as a kid. any one remember the Hot Wheels cartoon from 1968/69. the Hot Wheels vs the Dexter Demons. go to 3:16 for a good look at the Demon. if you can look at the whole episode, notice how detailed the cars are drown.
  3. option #1 is an excellent choice. i was thinking of straight chamois with a two-tone, dark red and tan interior.
  4. wow, just found this thread: what a cool idea, some really nice trucks. here is my contribution: yup, it is a duallie.
  5. wow, super cool truck. you have some great ideas there; very aggressive. about the bumpers, i like the second one best, really enhances the grill.
  6. hey guys, thanks for the cool responses. sorry, i don't have any real big updates: i spent the holidays setting up my new model building room, finally. i bought my house almost two years ago and planned, from the beginning, to use the front bedroom for that purpose. it is really cool having a room dedicated for only model building, yee-haa. i got the ramps made and the storage box built into the trailer. i also got the rest of the sides done. i wanted to have a little bit of that 30s-40s car hauler look. what do you think, looks ok? next is to work out the roof and construct the landing gear. well again, thanks
  7. hello everyone! first i hope everybody here had a very Merry Christmas and received everything they wanted; i did. i got my model building mojo back. it has been over two years since i picked up a model to build, buy or even plan a build. the only thing model related was my ocassional stop into this forum to check up on what was going on in the model building world. thanks to this forum, it kept that little ember of passion glowing. whew, man, it feels good to cut plastic again because i have tons of projects to finish. my last posting here was a 1934 Ford "hot rod" semi tractor that i had just finished and was starting on the trailer: here is that thread. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=26146&hl= the trailer will be a "vintage looking" race car hauler. now on to that--- this is how it looks after two days of work i used HO scale diamond plate instead of the 1/24th because i think it looks better. IMO the 1/24th just looks too large. as you can see, i still have a lot to do, doors, windows, compressor, electrical, roof and and and.... the good thing is, i now have the desire to do it. yee-haa! thanks for looking.
  8. Wow, a thread dedicated to A-bones. Kudos to you guys for some really cool looking Model As. Dave, your track nosed 5 window has a killer attitude. Nice work. Here is my addition to this fine collection. Revell's '31 tudor sedan.
  9. WOW a fellow Fairmont Fanatic.(the original fox body) during the 80s, i was stationed in germany and owned 6 Fairmonts. 5 wagons and my first one, a '78 2 door sedan with the 2.3 four speed and 2800 lbs. paid $300 for it and drove it for a year. fell in love with the Fairmont lines and decided to transform it. bought a totaled '88 Mustang GT and put everything in my Fairmont, even the dash and console. drove it for a year like that (oh it was fun on the autobahns) and decided it needed a bit more flare. chopped the top and install an F-150 bed between the quarter panels. here was the result. painted it VW fleet orange. built the whole thing in my garage in Germany. here is a pic of one of my wagons. '85 HO with 4 speed SROD. great junkyard hauler. painted Ford peppermint green. again built in my garage in Germany. i will have to dig and see if i can find pics of my other ones.
  10. sorry. probably was not clear enough. the handle is used as a backing to maintain a constant, even arc through the bend. without it, the bends will be uneven and no two the same. just put the handle on the mark that you put on the rod, and bend the rod around the handle to the approximate angle that you need. hope that clarified the file handle. you could really use any small round tool. i just use the file handle because it is always on my bench and it is perfect for this purpose. thanks again.
  11. Holy Moly! I really appreciate everyone's words of encouragement. this is a pretty cool club house. Have not made any progress lately; hopefully this weekend. Yes I really like the trophy. i now have two heirloom trophies, the other one is a Boyd Coddington "Best on BF Goodrich" presented to me by the Goodrich regional rep at the Car Craft "Summer Cruise" in Sedalia, MO for my '78 Ford Fairmonchero. Number 32 of 40. as far as the roll cage goes, i use the following precedures. i use mostly .062" Evergreen rod which scales out to 1 1/2". it is close to the NHRA requirement of 1 5/8" .137 DOM. the other is .080" which scales out to 2". i use the handle of the rat tail file as a die to cold bend the rod. ( most pieces of Evergreen rod i can bend to 180 degrees with no problem; however, every once in a while, a piece will have a flaw in the center and snap. just grab another piece.) the lighter is used to relieve the surface tension on the rod. i start with the main hoop. first i cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape of the main hoop as it fits into the car. this will be used as a template to bend up the hoop. (make sure you leave plenty of room for the glass if it lays inside the roof.) lay the rod on the template and mark your first bend. bend the rod over the handle until you achieve roughly the angle required. now here is where you will relieve the surface tension on the rod. over bend the rod and flash it through the very tip of the flame 3 or 4 times. this takes a little practice. you just want the plastic warm to the touch. once done flashing, hold the rod in the over bend position for a few seconds. now you can bend the rod back to where it belongs and it will stay. you can even make fine adjustments. it will now hold that 90 degree angle. as far as the front of the trailer goes, here is an inside shot. hopefully it will help in the explanation. i started by cutting two "D" shaped pieces of .080" Evergreen sheet. ensuring the width and curve was what i wanted. using .250" x .100" rectangle stock, i glued them to seperate the two "D"s to the height i wanted. i then cut out three pieces of .030" sheet and rolled it over the handle of a No 19 X-acto handle. once i had it rolled to the curve i wanted, glued it in place. file to smooth. really quite easy. hope this helps. thanks guys.
  12. ...and it continues. You sir, are much too kind. Thanks for your and everybody elses opinions.
  13. ...the rest of the reply. No problem man. when i get my race team decals done, the Texaco decals will be removed. Sorry. Thanks Romell. You can use any pictures you want of mine. I will be using pics of your Chevelle when it is finished. Pretty cool being on someone's favorite list. here is the underside. You know this is my first weathering (aging) attempt. I have to say, everyone should have a Bragdon Enterprises powder acrylic paint sets. They are awesome and very easy to use. Cool beans.
  14. Thanks guys, for the kind words. i really appreciate that you all take the time to reply. ok, this is what i have done so far. The whole thing is scratch built. let me know what you think. when finished, it will be 35' long and approximately 6' 6" inside the workshop. This is a Jimmy Flintstone original. Pretty cool with the Rat Fink riding the Flying Eyeball. "Big Daddy" Roth and von Dutch. Peace.
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