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  1. Well it might just be another barris junker, sure cant be built stock .... hpiguy’s latest video
  2. The kit was opened , but things were in plastic . There was two sets of decals , one obviously newer , both I could find no date . Not on the box and not on the instructions ( the paper smells old , looks old ) .
  3. I picked this one up this past weekend , it’s old but I can’t see a date anywhere
  4. I built this one a couple years ago
  5. I’ve been able to pick up the last three issues at ... Wings&Wheels , Danforth ave in Toronto ... the last two issues have been great ! the kit review of the JamesBond 007 Mustang .... the author stated not knowing of a 429 SCJ . The Revell Torino GT and Torino Cobra has a very nice 429 SCJ ( the kit is a very nice kit , beats the heck outta any AMT kit ! I’ve built a few , I even made a convert outta one and working on a Ranchero
  6. How can I remove these annoying google adds ... they are like popping up like mad !
  7. That Infinity T was last released in 2009 , I’ve got one and looked at the date , it looks exactly ... even the decals and box art are exactly the same . What gives ?
  8. One I’ve converted into a ‘70 Mustang
  9. I’ve built two converts , very nice kits
  10. Good enough for Playboy Bunny of the year , 1969
  11. As a Ford guy I had to have it , the box art on Palmer kits is fantastic , the plastic inside not so much
  12. 1970/71 Mercury Cyclone , 1970 Mercury Cougar XR7 , 1976 Mercury Cougar/Montego ( nascar edition )
  13. I built the convertible from a fastback , and another I added the Mercury Cyclone roof/trunk to create the 70 1/2 Falcon
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