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  1. The Red 4X4 version says copyright 1977
  2. I bought both of these kits over 35 years ago . The blue one I built when new , the other just couple years ago . Looks good on my shelf , I don’t turn them over very often .
  3. How about this one is it real ? If yes , then I’m guessing it’s an AMT release of the Jo-Han mold ? And if real how long ago was it released ?
  4. 25$ was a fair price to me , copy right says 1979 . That seems about right to the one in built , I would have been 14(ish) when I built mine .
  5. Wasn’t this supposed to be coming out soon ?
  6. I’d buy that over any coke car that’s been put out . Now if only Round 2 can get Coke and Levi’s together to make the DenimMachine that would be something . I’ve only seen one in person , and even seen two Levi’s Edition AMC Gremlins ( that’s another one to kit ) . Or the Firestone SuperStones Van !
  7. Amazon.ca says out of stock and not sure when or if re-stock
  8. This is terrific news , when Round2 is just re-issuing and re-issuing over and over the same kits , it great to see model companies building new kits . Period . It looks like AMT/MPC ( owned by Round2 ) will never build a new kit ! Now Revell lets see a ‘70 Cougar and ‘70 Cyclone , how about ‘72 Torino/Montego ?
  9. Is that kit the same as the newly re-issued Nicolas Eliminator2 Cyclone ? You know the one that has a body of an altered wheelbase car yet the kit wants you to build it as a funny car . The radiator attaches to the core support and lifts up with the body !
  10. The Revell 1970 Torino is a very nice kit . Here’s two , Sublime Green and Grabber Green I custom mixed the colours myself , I’ve built a few , made one a convertible and one is becoming a ‘70 1/2 Falcon ( grafted the Cyclone roof one )
  11. Revel needs to make a 1971 Mustang or ‘71Cyclone to put the AMT/MPC kits to shame !
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