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  1. "Motorcycle with 4 wheels" or was it a car. This model is from year 1957. It was quite nice to build this model. Not too many small parts and the fit of the parts was just fine.
  2. Why do scale models very rarely match a full-size car or motorcycle? Each model has deviations from the original. Some cars have different turn signals, engine parts, etc. that were not available that year. There are also faults in motorcycles. There is, for example, a 1972 motorcycle that has a drum brake on the front, but in the model it is replaced with a 1973 disc brake. Or another motorcycle that has fuel tank that was not available in that year. Do model makers think consumers are so stupid that they can’t use a Google search engine and check things out, for example? Or why?
  3. I don't think those turn signals were originally installed at the factory. I've seen the pictures of those different versions. But anyway Revell / Aoshima model does not have those.
  4. Dan, it sure is 1/24. Characteristic dimensions of a real Autin FX 4: outside length: 4580 mm / 180.3 in, width: 1740 mm / 68.5 in, wheelbase: 2810 mm / 110.6 in Model lenght: 190,83 mm and width: 72,5 mm, wheelbase: 117,03 mm Gareth, this model has the diesel engine with two 6 volt batteries.
  5. Thanks Tom. No I didn't make the panels, just painted the inside with same colour as the seats. I also painted the roof with light brown to look like it was upholstered.
  6. It has only 68 pcs, so not much to build. Inside it has dashboard, seats, steering wheel and gear sifhter. No doorpanels at all. Engine is in one piece with batteries etc.
  7. Jürgen, the photo is not from the sales brochure, it is a cover image of the Revell scale model instructions. I have it because I have build 2 and ½ of them and they can be seen here if you have not seen them before. 😉 In Finland those things were called Vinkkarit.
  8. Do you mean this? It is a turn signal from the time before turn signal lamps was invented.
  9. This works for me: https://www.alphamodelkit.com/
  10. Humbrol is Humbrol and Revell is Revell. Not the same thing at all. They're both diffenrent products and have different composition. Humbrol Made in the UK and Revell Made in Germany as can be seen in the picture below. Also the lid and can are different.
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