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  1. Thanks to everyone for your comments. I tried my best to do it, I wasn’t quite successful in all parts, but at least I learned something new that I can take advantage of in future building kits.
  2. This is my first motorcycle built after 1973. It took the most time to do the spokes, the end was easier and faster. Attaching some parts just was tricky when there weren’t really proper attachment points. The side panels and saddle are good examples of this, they just had to be glued in place somehow. Although this first one was a bit awkward, I still plan to continue building motorcycles. I think these are more comfortable to build than cars. Scale is certainly one of the deciding factors.
  3. Hello Hans-Jürgen, Thank you for your comment and yes the stand was mounted wrong. I noticed it after I took the photos. It's now corrected.
  4. I finally got everything done with spokes. Next I need to paint and glue the halves together. After that, the rims are ready. There was a slight delay when the last 0.55 mm drill bit was broken. No one sells drill bits of that size in Finland, they must be ordered from Germany and it takes 10 days to get them here. I also noticed one day that this Revell model also has an error in the tires and rims that cannot be corrected. The size of the front tire should be 3.25 x 19 and the rear tire 4.00 x 18. The tire has markings on the sidewalls. They are correct for the front tire, but the rear tire is marked 4.00 x 19. The rear tire is therefore an inch larger than it really should be. By measuring with a caliper the front tire is 2.90 x 19.4 and the rear tire is 3.60 x 19.4. So the dimensions are pretty much wrong. I have a model from another manufacturer about a similar bike and it has the tire sizes correctly marked and the correct values when measured with a caliper. In terms of dimensions are 3.25 x 19 and 4.00 x 18. Why do others know how to make more accurate models than Revell in Germany when it comes to a German motorcycle after all?
  5. A small update. Half of the front wheel is ready and started with the another half today. I only do 5 spokes a day, so the wheels will be ready by the end of January. The pictures also show the first metallic green layer in the tank and fenders.
  6. This has Mr Color: http://www.mech9.com/p/mr-color-paint-conversion-table.html and this: https://www.modelshade.com/paint-conversion-chart
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