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  1. I have a mild custom with the front and rear bumpers built in and the whole roof line including windows and the interior from a Mercedes SL500 grafted in.
  2. I was up at Dayton a couple of months ago at a place called Daddy Katz. It is over by the old GM plant on the east side of town. They had a model contest there and I think they are having another one later this year. Nice place to have a contest. Dave
  3. Plymouth used the "Rapid Transit" in thier adds in the late 60's Dodge called it the "Scat Pack"
  4. I wish it was the 70 Charger but it is the 69 that they have at Meijers.
  5. Yes. We have the #76 Sam Posey Trans am Challenger. It took 9 years to restore it. We also resored the first of the Dan Gurney Trans am Cuda's back in the 80's and sold it a few years ago. The Petty car is the original Chrysler kit car prototype that Petty built. It is a 73-74 style Challenger and is the one Dale Earnhardt tested for Petty. We also have the Jim Cushman Chrysler kit car. It was originally a Duster body but now has an Aspen body on it. We will go back with the Duster body when we restore it. We did restore the #77 Challenger trans am racer for Ken Epsman and he still owns it and lives in Calif. Thanks.
  6. I tried to post this and it didn't work the first time
  7. Here is a close up pic of the A Pillar. This is our car and you can see the mounting holes for the air scoop and how the fender clears the A Pillar. Thanks Dave
  8. Bill, You are correct. He has tried to sign on a bunch of times and for some reason he has problems. I think he needs to start over with a new name and password. Chopper doesn't have any problems with anybody on here and of course none with Gregg either. In fact all of us went out for dinner together last year in Atlanta. As a matter for fact the last time we saw you was when we all went out together for dinner in Toledo. Thanks Dave
  9. For a long time Chopper didn't have a digital camera or a computer. I took the pics and posted them. Now he has both but he was having problems downloading the pics and he also has to share the computer with his family so he doesn't get a lot of time on it. Thanks Dave
  10. hey Dave, how can i tell if the hood's messed up??
  11. Lindburg made the 61 and be sure to get a later one. The first ones had problems with the hood and they had to redo the mold.
  12. Are you going to do the 62 to look like the 61 in the first picture?? I didn't know if you knew they were 2 different years. Thanks Dave
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