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  1. I was an arbitrator at one of the largest wholesale auto auctions in the midwest. I cant even count the number of newer Hyundai's we sent to franchise dealerships to verify issues. 9/10 times their answer was ALWAYS "the car is operating as it should".... Oh, it's supposed to sound like a sewing machine and move like a slug? Copy that.... I hope your friend has luck with customer service but I'm skeptical. I have zero respect for that brand.
  2. Looks great! Also one of my favorite cars, you just cant forget that paint scheme.
  3. Hey small world! I moved here a year ago.
  4. Hello Enrico! Nice rig, and that work space is enviable.
  5. Oh no! I just scrolled down far enough to see the cracked clear. The exact same thing happened to me on a Bronco build. I soaked it in Purple Power and repainted just to have my BMF turn into a headache. Definitely sounds like it wasn't cured quite yet or too humid.
  6. Maybe Micro Sol and a black wash?
  7. Search 100 micron stainless mesh on Amazon, I found it by the sheet.
  8. The kit is a 1980. The decals are an interpretation of stock, but I've not seen these in 1:1 either. I've owned 2x 83's in my lifetime, a red one and a black one. I too wish we could get a full kit with a 22R to build. I posted my build of this kit in red (a close replica of my red 83). I want another to build my black one. This is looking good! Can't wait to see the finished product.
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