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  1. Some progress today. Chassis finally getting something resembling a suspension under it. Stance and final ride height mocked up as well.
  2. After some builders block, the D100 is back on the bench. Having been a fan of airbagged vehicles forever,I finally have an airbagged truck! 🤣🤣🤣 needs a bit more fitting, but progress.
  3. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Those that have built this one know how it will fight you to get good results. I wanted to stay fairly basic with it.
  4. Createx Plum Pearl with 2K clear
  5. Latest one I finished (which doesn't happen often now). Took some work to get decent results with this kit, but didn't turn out bad.
  6. Not much to update, as work has kept me stupid busy lately. But got some parts from Trailer Trash Kustomz again, gives an idea of where I'm going with this. 3D printed air suspension, and resin 6.1 Hemi instead of the V10.
  7. Made some actual mount points for the bed, cab is next. Found these wheels in my parts stash, I believe from a Jada toys S10 I once had. Narrowed the fronts, and I think I'll stick with these.
  8. Not much progress lately. Work keeping me busy. Got the bed floor permanently in place, need to fill the gaps between wheelers and besides. Also got some bed supports fabbed up.
  9. It's sidetracked a bit. I'll get back to it soon.
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