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  1. Haven't had much chance to paint and make progress on the body, but spent some time fiddling with some other pieces, and started to put together the engine... Thanks Tamiya for molding 14 spark plugs for the 12 cylinder engine, as I realised that I was thinking of what I could possibly use the extras for... And then I sliced one to much when taking it off the sprue... OK will use 1 spare to replace that one, and what to do with other one I wonder.... As I cut the next one right in halfπŸ™„ OK forget that, now all 12 good ones are used! Just consentrate and don't mess and more up!
  2. I would like to fit this shroud piece before painting the main body, and I am concerned about being able to paint in under it nicely. There's a good chance that I am over thinking this... πŸ€”
  3. Busy painting the body section in front of the dash, but behind the shroud... As well as primered a few other bits and bobs. Would like to clear this part of the body tomorrow, and put some colour on the other bits and pieces...
  4. Continuing with some body prep... I want to putty on this top shroud around the driver before painting the body so that they are painted as one. Without this it appears that there will be a couple of gaps between the two parts, and I really don't want that. So doing this, I create some extra challenges when painting... How do I paint that section just behind the shroud in front of the dash (red), and how do I paint the inside of this shroud black especially the front section just above this red part.... Decided to mark of the section on the body, and will be painting this little piece red, clear coating, etc all before gluing on the shroud and before main body painting. Will also mask off the outer sides of the shroud, and will be painting this black... Hoping to lay some paint in the next day or two.
  5. Agree, the restored versions are a great help, but you will not easily know what was updated. BTW, this is a period photo, note the additional vehicles in the background.... Here's another from a different angle, you can see that this is an older style building, with guys and older fashioned clothing πŸ™‚
  6. Yeah, I struggled, but over time built up a nice collection of reference photos, and will happily share them... Not sure what the best way to do that is... From this pic, that part is black...
  7. Thanks, I almost have the oil coolers smooth enough to my liking, will be re-attempting the paint on them in the next few days when I start to primer the body. It's really quite a complex piece of bodywork to paint, as I want to clean up the join between the two body halves, so I need to finish up the bulk of the interior before I can tape it off to fix up the join, and the there is the fitting which goes around the driver section which also fits with some gaps, so I want to fix that up too, which all means paint in sections, then tape up and Putty, paint again, etc.. Maybe I am over complicating it, but it will get there eventually! Post up your restoration project, would be keen to have a look?
  8. Finished up the additional holes on the lower portion of the body, photos are not awesome, but you can see the new holes, which align so much better with the upper portion of the body than the original holes which were drilled in place of the factory dimples.
  9. OK, so I realised that I need to fix up some holes... The bottom half of the body was drilled out according to the dimples molded by Tamiya, and when looking at it now (the filled black marks) it just doesn't look right... If it were a panel, the rivets would continue in the same direction. So I have filled these with sprue goo, sanded, and will be re drilling new holes in the direction following the holes from the main body.
  10. Well I am done drilling the holes for the rivets... Hope all this time and effort is going to pay off! Quite rewarding seeing the light!
  11. This was Tamiya Acrylic.... I think I put it on too thick... Going to rather use the TS or LP paint from Tamiya when I get to this again, hopefully in the next few days.
  12. Been a while since I've done much on this kit, but starting to get the body ready by drilling out all of the rivets as I will be replacing the molded bumps with 3d printed resin rivets. I think I am about 3/4 done...
  13. My 2nd car build, this of the 1970 McLaren M8b driven by Lothar Motschenbacher in the Canam series. This is an Accurate Miniatures kit, and won 1st place at SA Nationals in the Overall OOB Category.
  14. Mostly out of the box build, except for some wiring and seat belts. Some in progress photos included. My first completed Model Car.
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