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  1. Thank you! Thank you! I really like the Mr color's lacquer lineups. Thanks Mike! It was a great kit to build with good details overall. Thank you! I just started Hasegawa Miura! The prep work between layers makes it easy to get a decent surface to work from! Thank you! Appreciate it! I love the darker colors on these cars. Thank you! Thanks! The body needed a decent amount of sanding/evening out in the beginning as the surface has some uneven parts especially around panel lines (which can become a PITA during polishing), and the chrome trims were pretty bad, and it would really distract the final result from looking realistic, so I had to de-chrome the chrome trims across the wheelhouse and rocker panel. In retrospect, I should've de-chromed the rear window trim and glue it before painting to get smooth surface, and mask paint it. Also for some reason the cartograf decal did not stick at all, so I used some white glue and mark fit solution to get them stuck. The last part that was a bit odd was, the wheels fit too tight with no wiggle room, and some wheels ended up being slightly crooked. Thank you! They sure don't make them like they used to! Thank you very much! Appreciate it! Thank you! I wanted to get close to the build done by Desk-top Garage (http://www.hobidas.com/blog/j-tipo/desktop/archives/2010/03/9lindberg_125_1.html) but looks like I still have a long way to go! Thank you! It was difficult to capture the color with my camera - somehow iPhone(progress shots) just captures the color much better. Thank you! This is the only Lindberg kit that I built and I've heard some Lindberg horror stories! Thank you! Green is my favorite color! Thank you! I can't wait to snow to all melt away though! Thank you very much!
  2. Hi all, My latest build is one of Lindberg’s recent re-release 67’ Olds 442. Overall It’s a great kit with a few relatively small issues - and I had a lot of fun building it! For this build, I wanted to replicate one of 67’ colors - Tahoe Turquoise with turquoise interior. To do that, I mixed Mr. Color C-77 Metallic Green with little bit of Mr Color black and Tamiya LP-6 Pure blue for the exterior, and Metallic green + Silver + Pure blue mixture to get a lighter turquoise for the interior. Here are my rest of build details; De-chromed and repainted the wheelhouse trims because the chrome plating was pretty bad (I could’ve achieved better result if I glued the trims pre-painting and fill the uneven gaps with putty and mask paint them later, but the effort wasn’t just worth it for me) Airbrushed mixture of gold and clear red to simulate copper color for the engine block and added ignition wires Painted the underbody with semi gloss black then masked the fuel tank with aluminum silver Masked the dashboard to simulate two-tone with aluminum insert For body, I used: Tamiya grey surfacer > 2000 grit > base coat > second base coat > 2000 grit >first clear coat (airbrushed Mr Color Super Clear with Mr Color leveling thinner) > 3000 grit > second clear coat ( Left pic below shows right after I laid down the second clear)> 3000 grit > Tamiya three stage compounds Masked the body and airbrushed inner fender wall with flat black(W30 package came with red fenders but when I searched, a lot of cars had black engine bay - so I finished with flat black) and painted window trims with Mr. Color aluminum. Painted the red stripes on tires with Tamiya red acrylic Cartograf decals were in surprisingly poor condition so I had to skip the pinstripes. And here are the full set of pictures!
  3. Thank you! Appreciate it! Thank you as always! It's an Aoshima aftermarket wheel set - didn't like the tires so ended up using the kit tires!
  4. Thank you! Appreciate it! Thanks! Thanks Jonathan! Appreciate it as always! Thanks! Slightly cloudy weather really helped. Thank you! I had to put another coat of clear because matte paint tends to absorb the clear. Thank you! 3000 grit sponge really is a gamechanger! Thanks a lot! My next build is domestic and I'm hoping to share more progress on WIP board. Thank you!
  5. Impressive build! That dashboard looks like a lot of masking work, or great brushwork!
  6. Hi all, This time I built the popular Tamiya FD RX-7. It’s a JDM Enfini version which lacks the engine parts. With this kit I wanted to make it with aftermarket color and wheels (Aoshima Volks TE37) - kind of replicating a mild track build you’d see at time attack events for production class with stock aero and fenders. The details are: Tamiya grey primer > 2000 grit 2 layers of TS-4 German Grey 3 layers of TS-13 Clear (reducing orange peel with 2000 grit in between every coat) Polished with 3000 grit > Tamiya coarse > fine > finish compounds Mixed gold and black to make bronze TE37 Hope you guys enjoy!
  7. e30lover

    69 Z28

    Nice finish! Love the subtle weathering on the underbody too.
  8. Sweet 80s! The shiny tires fit the era where shiny detailer was all the rage!
  9. Nicely done - with a properly staggered wheels and perfect stance! I really like your photos - makes it look very real.
  10. Looks awesome! Love the stance and red steelies.
  11. Thank you! Appreciate it! Shape of the body helped polishing it more thoroughly. Thanks a lot! Appreciate it!
  12. Great color combo!
  13. Beautifully finished - love it!
  14. Beautiful paint and finish. We need more interior shots too.
  15. Thank you! The kit was well worth the effort. I love driving 2002s - as for the paint job, the key is to flatten each layer with 2000/3000 grit sandpapers to eliminate orange peels before another wet coat.
  16. Lovely color and great stance!
  17. e30lover

    Supra Nova

    This is so awesome! Love the stance too.
  18. It's just tamiya ts gloss aluminum! Thank you Phil!
  19. Thank you! It's a wonderful kit to build. I can't wait to build more of these. Thank you! Hasegawa really nailed trim parts - they're delicate but well worth the trouble! Thank you! I think the prepwork between each coats are the key - I also try to keep the pain layer thin so that it looks realistic. Thank you! Using tripod certainly helped me to get better angles. Thank you! I also want to build the turbo with detail sets from USCP in the future. Looking forward to seeing yours! Appreciate it! Thank you! The trims were hard to align but they're also hard to get them right in real 2002s! Thank you Mike! It's not the cleanest build of mine but the kit and color make it look better! Thank you Chris! Appreciate it! Thanks a lot! It was fun! I masked and spray painted the side window chrome, chrome going around the car are all chrome parts, and front & back windows being decal. I had a good success with tamiya curved masking tape which are much less prone to leak than regular masking tape even when applied with spray can. Thank you! I needed to add the negative camber - just like all the other BMWs in that era! Appreciate it! It's a great kit to make it box stock - just gotta be careful with the delicate trim pieces! I ended up breaking the front bumper rubber mold and substituted with electric tape. Thank you! There are so many great wheel choices for 2002.. both in real life and scale model. The camera can't capture the green for some reason! It has lot more green real life. Thank you! I was seriously contemplating between Malaga red, Riviera blue and Agave green.
  20. Hi all, This is my second completed project for 2021 - Hasegawa BMW 2002 tii. 2002 or any BMWs from 70-80s are my favorites and 2002tii is the car that I’d happy trade my e30 for. It’s a Hasegawa’s new curbside kit from 2017, featuring realistic suspension assembly and very detailed grille and trim pieces. For this build, I wanted to simulate my favorite color combo for 2002: Agave Green with Saddle Brown. The build summary: Tamiya grey surfacer 2000 grit sandpaper 2 layers of TS-9 British Green (This is one of last few kits that I painted with spray cans before getting my airbrush setup) 2 layers of TS-13 Clear TS-1 brown for interior 3000 grit sponge Tamiya three stage compound Masked then painted with TS gloss aluminum BBS Motorsport E76 magnesium wheels with period correct pirellis from USCP and painted with aluminum & gold centre Apart from having some difficulties making the chrome molding stick (I used Elmer’s white glue so that I can polish away any smudges if something goes wrong, but I realized it’s not the best tool for this kind of job) and putting on front & rear windshield molding decals, it was an amazing kit to build and I already want to make multiple of these.
  21. Great job completing the best Fujimi enthusiast kit! I loved building mine, and I want to build another one!
  22. Impressive details and that background is really sweet.
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