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  1. Haha yeah that 6x6 would be a cool build! Revell needs to kit up the new generation of the AMG G-Wagen, would definitely be a hot seller.
  2. Here’s my first build of 2022, a Mercedes G-Wagen. This is from the latest 2019 release by Italeri, but it’s the same old ESCI kit from the ‘80s. The box art doesn’t show the rear end of the truck, but this issue has the molded-in rear D pillar strobes from the Fire Brigade version, and barn doors instead of the single hatch. All of the parts are molded in black plastic, except for the body which is molded in white. I painted this kit in all Krylon, with “Brown Boots” satin brown over black primer for the body and cleared, with two coats of Pledge Floor Gloss on top of that. Interior is “Summer Wheat” matte and black primer. Wheels are Tamiya gloss aluminum, lightly sprayed over the bare black plastic. This kit builds up very nicely, similar in fit and construction to Japanese kits of the era. But unlike those Japanese kits, this one has some flash to deal with. Overall not bad, and is a fairly quick build with nice details. The decals are especially nice in this issue. I’m happy with how this one turned out!
  3. Yes all of that has to be done separately. I glued the firewall to the interior tub first (per the instructions) and then tried to align the inner wings with the firewall and frame after paint, but I got the angle of the firewall wrong. Then I had to trim the firewall to fit around the inner wings, and then the radiator support. All of that was slightly off now, which threw off the outer cab alignment with the engine bay. I think the windshield also interferes with the dash a little, making the cab sit high at the rear so the bed doesn’t align right. My advice: ignore the directions, try placing the interior tub on the frame, then align the firewall, inner wings and rad support. I think it’s possible to glue the 4 engine bay panels together as one unit first, paint that as one unit. Then the tub, bay, cab, and front end should fit better. The bed is also tricky to get square. I ended up gluing the bed, tailgate, and camper shell together as one unit and painted that all at once. The cargo area is just overspray, but the tinted windows mostly hide that. You will probably have to add or subtract plastic at the bed to frame body mount points to get the cab and bed to align right. I didn’t do that before paint so I just left it as is because I was getting frustrated with it. Anyway I hope that helps and doesn’t discourage you! It’s a cool little kit and was still fun to do. Once I burn down my kit stash some, I’d definitely like to buy another and try this kit again with the standard bed and a different livery.
  4. That old thread has a picture from a mini trucking magazine, looks like it was an aftermarket custom that may have had a limited production.
  5. Awesome builds! We definitely have a similar taste in cars: Euro sports cars, trucks, 4x4s, American land yachts, and especially mustangs!
  6. The new Mustang Mach-E is a no-brainer kit to create as well. A full detail kit with separate motors and batteries would be awesome. I’d love to kit bash a scale EV drivetrain into a number of vintage cars.
  7. Thanks! Yes it can be built as a regular pickup, comes with two sets of bed sides, stock and custom notched for the topper windows. There’s also a roll cage for the bed area that I didn’t use.
  8. The woody decals came with that kit! Not sure what they were smoking at Round2 but I thought it looked cool 😂
  9. Thanks! Yes it is, made by Academy
  10. I didn’t realize how many I’ve actually completed this year until I went back and counted! There’s a promo repaint, a snap kit, a few curbsides and three polished plastic bodies in there which speeds things up, and they’re all basically box stock but still!
  11. I just finished this one before the end of the year! ‘78 Courier “Minivan” by AMT. I struggled with the body paint finish on this one and ended up stripping it twice. Still some issues but it looks good on camera at least, and I can call it done 😂. There’s some final fitment issues with this kit, but considering the age of the molds and the multi-piece body, engine bay and front end, it comes out ok. If you have the patience I’m sure you can get this thing square. The body is Testors Extreme Lacquer Turquoise, with primer black interior and Tamiya TS-26 Pure White on the seat, wheels and bumpers. This kit comes with tons of custom and stock part options and three sets of stripe decals. I chose the custom camper shell/bed and the front fender flares, but I left off the goofy snow plow-like custom front air-dam so I had to trim the front flares to go with the stock fascia. All of the options make for a fun kit to design however you want! Thanks for looking!
  12. I built an ‘80s era kit Monogram Ferrari 308 last year, molded in likely the same red plastic as your Tbird. I primed the body first with black Krylon rattle can primer, followed by gray Tamiya primer. I then airbrushed it in Tamiya yellow acrylic. The red was completely covered by the primers and there is no bleed through to the yellow coat that I can tell. Give that a try? Or just paint it red 😂
  13. Here’s some shots of my Blazer posed with the other Chevys I’ve built so far! They’re all posted individually on this site if you’re interested.
  14. Here’s the final results of my ‘75 Blazer snap kit rebuild! See my WIP for build details, but in short I built this kit as a teen 15 odd years ago. I hastily built it then so I decided to redo it to my current skill level and standards. I’m very pleased with how this one turned out!
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