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  1. Here’s my build of AMT’s Snap-it 2016 Camaro! I painted it Tamiya TS39 Mica Red directly over the metallic red plastic the body was molded in (possibly TS19 Metallic Red; I painted the body two months ago and chucked the empty can 😂). Interior is Krylon black primer with XF66 light gray for the seat inserts. I love the pre-painted glass it came with, complete with amber rear window defrost lines. Despite being a snap kit it has a ton of detail and it goes together perfectly!
  2. Oh I knew it was going to be a snap kit, I just assumed they’d throw in better tires at that price. I guess I’m used to Round 2 upgrading tires in their old tools. Oh well, you know what happens when you assume. 😅 I agree. My guess is that they thought it would be too difficult for kids due to the flash (again, not terrible on flash but it would look really bad if you didn’t clean it up), and unappealing to them because of the single molded color. So, it will take an moderately experienced builder to make it look good. Anyways I’m still excited to build it… whenever I get to it.
  3. Just picked one of these up from HL today. Decals look beautiful. The plastic tires… not so much. I’m a little disappointed they didn’t provide rubber tires. Some flash but nothing too bad. No warping. It’s definitely a snap kit but the box doesn’t mention that at all. HL has it listed for $34.99 in my area which is frankly way too much for what you get. Luckily this week is 40% off, so I only paid $21 which is what this kit should start at to begin with… Overall it should make a fun quick build/slump buster.
  4. My replacement hardtop showed up today. Only took 10 days, not bad at all. New one fits perfectly too. Looks like Round 2 is doing a better job at making things right, I’m a happy customer!
  5. I actually just heard back! They said they’re going to “process my parts request” but it will take 2-3 weeks. So it sounds like they will replace it.
  6. Yeah I will try that too, the existing roof is workable however annoying that is.
  7. Just received my Bronco from Hobbylinc. My body shell and glass pieces look fine. I do have some brown-ish streaks molded in the plastic, almost like the plastic dye wasn’t mixed right. Not a big deal, it will be painted anyway. However, my removable hardtop roof piece is pretty warped. I’ve contacted R2 for a replacement, I’ll update if/when I hear back! If I don’t get a replacement, I guess I’ll glue it in place permanently or just leave it off.
  8. I’m finally finished with this Supernatural Impala build! After two botched paint jobs, fighting the ill-fitting body-to-chassis marriage, smudged Molotow at the last second, and never ending static/dust, it’s safe to say this model was equally as cursed as the Winchester boys from the show! It came together in the end, but there’s a fair amount of blemishes that don’t show in the pictures. Built box stock, except for the tires which came from the AMT ‘66 Mustang Coupe. The tires that came in this kit were very rough with flash and fit the rims poorly. The car from the show never actually had white letter tires, but I think they look pretty cool here. I modified the steering rack to make wheels pose-able by cutting the tabs off where the rack glues to the chassis, and simply not gluing the steering knuckles. I left off the A pillar spotlights just to get it finished but I might add them later. Overall my build looks good enough for my shelf so I’m happy with it. I’m glad to have a model of a pretty sweet and unusual (hero cars are RARELY four-doors!) TV car in my collection!
  9. Agreed! I hope they do include the O.G. Class Action decals, I think that was a cool custom look. And maybe an alternate low rider style stripe package.
  10. Not sure if anyone has posted about this yet, but Stevens International has the box art up for the MPC Class Action ‘80 Monte Carlo. New art, not the retro box. Still says TBA availability though.
  11. Beautiful! The E34 is definitely BMW’s best looking car, and you picked their best color. Stunning work.
  12. Here’s my build of AMT’s Indy 500 Dodge Stealth! This kit was molded in a pale metallic yellow to match the custom painted real “official” cars. Whenever I get a molded-in-color kit, I try to use the bare plastic body, polished with a coat or three of Pledge gloss, assuming there aren’t any flow lines in the cured plastic. This rarely happens with metallic plastic (or solid colors for that matter), but this particular kit looked perfect! Kit goes together pretty well, but the under hood hoses are a bit tedious. Despite being a glue kit, there are a lot of vestigial promo/snap kit features in the assembly which was kind of interesting. Overall a nice kit to build of a cool looking car, so I’m surprised they still sell so cheaply on eBay. I actually bought a two pack of this kit for $16!
  13. I should probably post this in the wanted section, but since this topic is relatively current: does anyone have a front and rear windshield set for a glue kit ‘94 Impala SS (or other compatible version) they’d want to trade for? Send me a pm!
  14. Pete, mine took a total of 10 days to arrive from when I placed my order. It sounds like a small mom and pop operation so they may be inundated with orders, especially given the recent promotion. Give it some time, maybe reach out to them in a couple of days. Everyone is struggling with labor and materials shortages these days!
  15. Pete, I don’t have any resin items at all to try stripping. I am curious how that responds as well!
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