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  1. Thanks everyone! Hand painting interior, engine and chassis details is probably my favorite part!
  2. I forgot to mention, the metal axles that come with this release are definitely too long, so the wheels don’t tuck under the fenders like they should on a factory 1:1. I will probably cut them down some so the wheels fit better.
  3. Just finished up this little ‘66 Mustang from AMT. As many have said here before, this kit is definitely lacking in detail and accuracy under the hood and on the chassis, but the body and interior detail out nicely. The fit is actually not bad considering the kit’s age but there was a ton of flash in my example. I accidentally glued the radiator support in backwards so the battery is on the wrong side. But again it isn’t accurate under the hood anyway so I let it go. I was shooting for the ‘66 factory Ivy Green body color so I painted it Tamiya’s TS2 Dark Green. It looks closer to Bullitt’s Highland Green to me, which is not a bad thing! I cleared it with three coats of Pledge floor gloss and lightly polished that out with Tamiya finish compound. Trim is silver sharpie that was applied and left to dry for several days before I did the Pledge Gloss. I painted the interior Tamiya XF-17 Sea Blue, with two coats of Pledge Gloss on the seats, dash, console and door cards. Sea blue is an interesting color that looks like a dark charcoal on its own, but looks more blue next to blue objects and more green next to green objects. So I think it looks great next to this dark green body. I’m slowly building one Mustang from every major generation/ redesign/ facelift and am pleased to have this one as my O.G. example!
  4. Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I was just being facetious, I will definitely try BMF again. But maybe on a car that takes less of it 😂
  5. I’m not normally into ‘50s or earlier cars but I figured every modeler needs to do at least one ‘57 Chevy in their lifetime! This is my first attempt at using bare metal foil and may be my last 😅 The trim turned out ok but boy is the process tedious. I painted the interior Krylon Colormaxx flat black with Tamiya XF-16 Aluminum as the accent color. The body is Testors Extreme Lacquer Turquoise and the roof is Tamiya TS-45 Pearl White. This kit has a decent amount of detail to it for such a cheap kit, but the final fit of the hood, bumpers, headlight and taillight trims isn’t great. Overall I’m pleased with the results for my shelf, but I’ll probably stick to my usual 60s-90s cars with less chrome trim!
  6. Here’s my build of the MPC ‘86 El Camino. It’s a box stock build of the recent release with the mini trail bike. Despite being the reason I sought this particular kit, I ended up not building the mini bike because it’s fitment was terrible and I got frustrated with it. I might try it again later but into the parts box it went. The actual car itself builds up decently well for the age of the tooling, and the decals settled down very nicely. I painted the interior Krylon Pimento and the exterior Tamiya XF-56 Metallic Gray with three coats of Pledge floor gloss (one coat under the decals, two over). I gave the bed cover a wash of Tamiya black panel line accent to give it some dimension. The red-orange interior definitely isn’t a factory color but it really sets off the red-orange decal stripe so I’m pleased with the look!
  7. Looks awesome! What paint brand and colors did you use?
  8. I wondered if anyone would catch it! I need to give that show a rewatch. Ashes to Ashes, a BBC cop drama for those wondering. Watch Life on Mars first though, it’s the prequel show.
  9. Thank you! I got the idea from "hpiguys workshop" Youtube channel. He's done a similar process on several of his videos.
  10. That’s the inspiration, our old ‘73!
  11. Here’s my Revell Cadillac lowrider! This kit was a blast to build and went together very well. My only gripe is the fit of the lower body cladding and chrome trim panels. It’s painted Tamiya TS-8 Italian Red for the body, with TS-45 Pearl White for the vinyl top and interior. I did the interior over black primer to give some shadows in the crevices, but after 4 coats it still looks kinda silver or light gray in person. It looks fine to me though. Vinyl top is painted over gray primer and is the color I was going for. Anyway I definitely plan on buying another one of these kits! I do wish they made this kit with a 2 in 1 stock option but I like the lowrider look too. I built this kit for my brother as a tribute to the ‘73 Coupe DeVille he and I both owned. That car was a similar bright red with a white top, white seats and black dash/carpet.
  12. Just finished this one, ‘83 Audi Quattro!
  13. Fire up the Quattro! Here’s my build of the Tamiya Audi Quattro Coupe. It’s painted Tamiya TS-8 Italian Red with two coats of future. This kit builds up very nicely with plenty of detail despite the low parts count. I was pleasantly surprised that the decals worked nicely with no tearing, since most of the decals from older kits I’ve built disintegrated. I built this kit as a gift for my stepdad, as he owned a red ‘89 model during the ‘90s in the UK before he moved to the US. He sold it to his dad, who daily drove it until 2005 when it was unfortunately totaled in a crash. His parents luckily walked away unscathed, which they attributed to the car’s build quality. He always says it was the best car he’s ever owned so I know he’ll love it!
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