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  1. I should probably post this in the wanted section, but since this topic is relatively current: does anyone have a front and rear windshield set for a glue kit ‘94 Impala SS (or other compatible version) they’d want to trade for? Send me a pm!
  2. Pete, mine took a total of 10 days to arrive from when I placed my order. It sounds like a small mom and pop operation so they may be inundated with orders, especially given the recent promotion. Give it some time, maybe reach out to them in a couple of days. Everyone is struggling with labor and materials shortages these days!
  3. Pete, I don’t have any resin items at all to try stripping. I am curious how that responds as well!
  4. Here’s the second project I stripped using QCS Model Safe. Tamiya Gray primer, three coats of Tamiya TS Light metallic blue, and the black trim is Krylon black primer. The Tamiya blue had room-temp cured for two weeks, and the krylon trim was about three days old. I partially submerged the body to really show the magic. This is after 10 minutes: I dunked it back in. You can see the primer starting to swirl away: 15 minutes later, a total of 25 minutes submerged: I then swished the fluid over the body with a toothbrush, lightly brushed, and we’re at bare white plastic. This stuff really works, really fast! I will not be using anything else to strip paint 😂
  5. I saw the HPIGuys review on YouTube for QCS Model Safe on June 11th and immediately placed an order for two 32oz jugs. (There’s a secret 20% off code within that HPIGuys review btw). It arrived today and I immediately tried it out. This stuff is not cheap at $35 per 32oz jug… but it works FANTASTIC. I have tried all the usual paint strippers, but nothing touches Tamiya spray primers very well and lacquers are difficult to strip even with ELO and 91% Isopropyl. This Supernatural Impala was primed Tamiya gray spray primer, followed by four coats of Tamiya TS gloss black. I left it soaking in isopropyl for three weeks and was left with the primer untouched, and black firmly attached to crevices. I didn’t think to get a before picture. I dropped it into QCS, left it for an hour while I got dinner, and pulled out a near clean body. Just some quick swishing with a toothbrush resulted in this: It has a chalky look to it after rinsing and drying, but I think that’s just from my initial sanding, maybe some of the primer has etched in. Regardless, this body is ready for prep and fresh paint. I did another test on another body and took pictures, I’ll post that separately below. I will mention, I have ZERO affiliation with Stripwell/QCS or HPIGuys. I bought this with my own money and these are my results! This stuff really works!! If you have a product you like, great, keep using it. If you want something that works QUICK and EASY, give this stuff a try!
  6. Whoops didn’t see this topic, I just posted about it under the tips, tricks, and tutorials topic
  7. Here’s my build of Revell’s New Beetle! This kit is from the 2000 “Complete” glue issue that included paint (silver, gray, flat black), a brush and glue. After 20-odd years the glue was no good, but the paint was surprisingly ok. The kit was molded in blue and black, I guess with the idea that you’d leave the body in bare plastic and paint the details. The body had a lot of scratches and mold seams so I definitely couldn’t leave it bare. I painted the body in Krylon “True Blue” with a coat of Pledge floor Gloss, and the gray part of the interior is Tamiya primer. I left the black suspension, interior and trim parts in the bare black plastic. Swiss license plates came from my decal stash, I believe from the Italieri G-Wagen. It’s a simple curbside kit for sure but it builds up to a decently detailed model! The kit fits together perfectly and no warping issues. This is a great slump-busting kit, and would be perfect for a kid’s first glue and paint build.
  8. Thanks! No my can of TS-39 was about 1/2 full. Used before on my ‘83 Mustang convertible, where I used Silver Leaf under the Mica Red instead of pink primer. I’ll have to photograph them in the same light sometime to compare.
  9. @70 Sting Beautiful work! I recently painted my Dodge Omni in the TS version of Mica red, also over pink primer. You’re right about it looking slightly orange under certain light- I could have used another coat or two but I ran out of paint. Mine turned out nowhere near as well as yours! Hard to imagine a world where a Ferrari and a subcompact Dodge would be painted the same color!
  10. Here is my latest build, MPC’s 1980 Dodge Omni 024, from the “Silver Bullet” box art release. I built it box stock, with the lower front grille scribed open. This is a neat little kit that goes together very nicely. My only issue was the final fitment of the hood. I think if you cut down the radiator support and radiator the hood will sit better, but I didn’t want to risk breaking anything so I left it alone. Body is painted Tamiya Mica Red over pink primer, and the interior is Tamiya Dull Red. Dull red looks more brown in person than the dark red it shows in pictures but I’m happy with the look. Thanks for looking!
  11. Excellent work! Do you have a link for the cad file for those mirrors? I need an S-550 for my collection but the lack of mirrors on this kit has been a huge turnoff.
  12. Thanks!! I have tons of build ideas rolling around in my head… and tons more kits to build 😂 As far as customs go, I have a Ford Cruising Van to complete my Big 3 custom vans collection. I also will be doing a ‘90s style street Rod ‘40 Ford Panel, and an MPC Ghost Rider C3 Corvette that will get the wacky box art decals. Not sure when I’ll get to those, I want to knock out a couple quick builds next.
  13. Here’s my finished ‘76 Chevy van custom from Revell! I have a WIP posted under the Workbench if you’re interested. Built box stock with Testors Extreme Lacquer Purple-Licious on the body, with two coats of Wet Look clear and two coats of Pledge Floor Gloss. Interior is the same purple for the upholstery, and Tamiya gray primer and various acrylics for the details. This is a fun kit that goes together well!
  14. This bad boy is finally done! More pictures are posted Under Glass. I love how this one turned out. This kit has its quirks, but overall it goes together very well and I had a blast designing and building it!
  15. Interior walls are done! I used the same faux wood treatment as the TV and console. There’s wood grain detail molded into the walls which is a nice touch. If you noticed, I added a scrap tab of sprue at the bottom of the rear doors where they meet the roll pan, way back at the beginning. This is needed to give the bottom middle corners of the doors something to stop against, and to strengthen the rear of the body. I had to trim the corner of the right door card to fit though, no big deal. The chassis still fits into the body nicely so no issues there. Of course I couldn’t resist test fitting the chassis and getting a look at the whole interior. I’m very pleased with the results, I wish I had an exact 1:1 copy! This is such a cool kit! I was concerned about how the floor and interior panels would fit together at final assembly, with the wall panels attached to the body and the floor on the chassis. But it fits together very nicely.
  16. Thanks for the kind words!! The engine cover tray with the cup holders actually comes with this kit! It should be easy to scratch build though if yours doesn’t have one. Definitely give a WIP post a try, I’ll check it out for sure!
  17. Interior is basically complete! I still need to paint the rear upper wall wood paneling inside the body shell, but otherwise it’s done. I used Tamiya flat acrylics for the wood, light brown as a base, with brown and black dry brushed on. I then coated it with two coats of Pledge floor gloss. This was my first time faux painting wood grain, and I tried to match the kit’s wood trim decals for the dash gauge surround and the mini fridge door. It came out ok, but next time I’ll try thinning out the brown as a wash instead of dry brushing it. Chassis is finished, not much to write home about here. All in black primer, with Krylon pimento orange and kit chrome on the engine. The floor plate was pretty warped when I started. I ran hot water over it and was able to bend it mostly straight. I got it the rest of the way when I glued the floor to the frame, using masking tape to hold it together while the glue cured. The body is also decal’d and cleared with Wet Look clear. I decided to keep the body solid purple and use the “Stardust Express” theme. I was going to use the thin belt stripe, but it was kinda bland without the two tone paint, so I rearranged the thick “z” stripes as you see here. They fit pretty good this way, almost like they were supposed to go this way. Next I need to polish out a few dust blemishes from the body and detail the body trim. Then she’ll be ready for final assembly!
  18. I got my base color down and it came out awesome! This is just the purple paint, no clear coat or polish yet. My original plan was to do a silver and purple two tone, but now I’m not so sure… that’s when I’ll ruin it 😂 Thoughts? Keep it solid purple or add the silver?Either way it still will be getting the “Stardust Express” graphics and the thin belt line stripe. The chassis is done, all in black primer with “pimento” Krylon on the engine block. I’m not going to bother detailing the engine since you can’t see anything anyway. I’ve done my wood trim base coat for the interior items in “light brown” Tamiya acrylic, they will get brown and black dry brushing to simulate wood.
  19. A quick update: I got the doghouse, bed and front seats sprayed, so now I can start detail painting and assembling the interior. The carpet will be painted a darker gray, and the console, tv and dash will be painted to look like wood. The body got its first coat of pink primer. Once it cures it will get finish sanding, followed by a second coat and then the body color. It’s no Porsche 917 racer but at this stage, this beast reminds me of the Pink Pig 😂
  20. Should I spray the sanded through areas in gray primer first, or will the pink primer cover it all well enough?
  21. Here’s a taste of how the interior will look. I taped off the gray areas that will remain primer gray, then painted the tufted vinyl panels in pink primer, followed by the Purple-licious. You can’t really tell in the picture but there is some pink reflecting through that looks awesome in person. The carpeted areas will be painted a darker gray later. The tuft buttons and handles and speaker trim are Molotow. The body got another coat of primer, and some more sanding at the mold seams. Next up, pink primer and some light sanding. I sanded the tire seams and treads down. This left the treads looking chalky, so I simply colored them in with a black sharpie. I think they look fine for a shelf model now so I’ll go ahead and use them. I would normally give the chrome wheels a black wash, but since this is a custom I want them to be extra shiny. The flash was really bad on the wheels but they cleaned up ok. The flash seams don’t show once the tires are mounted so they didn’t need any Molotow touch ups.
  22. Thanks for the info, I was afraid it would take some trial and error test fitting. Opening doors is above my skill set right now so I won’t have to worry about that. Your results are certainly inspiring though!
  23. Did you have any issues getting the E type hoods/bonnets to fit the body properly? I have the flat box euro market roadster kit, but the hood was packed stretched over the body shell so it’s wider than it should be. I haven’t started it or messed with trying to reshape it yet.
  24. I got the body puttied and sanded! There were pretty bad seams and mold misalignment down the tops of the fenders and the rear corners. I forgot to take a picture of those areas before I started working though. But I think I got it looking pretty good. I’m hoping to get another coat of gray primer down this weekend. Then, another round of sanding. This was my first time using Tamiya sanding sponges. I wish I had tried them sooner! So much easier to handle, plus they conform to curves nicely.
  25. Thanks for the offer! I’ll see how the kit’s tires look once I work with them, I’ll let you know.
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