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  1. Hello, friends of model building, here is a work from Germany. Getting this kit was not easy for me. Imported goods. I had to order it from England. American kits are hard to find here in Germany. Something about the model: It was my first two tone painting. Didn't turn out that bad? The pick-up is unfortunately closed all around the windows, so you can't see the genuine leather seats. To bad! The exhaust pipes are made of stainless steel, 3 x 1 mm. The loading area has got real wood. Ship planks from a model builder friend. I hope you like it a little? I would appreciate a little comment. Thanks. Always....... Greetings from Germany.😉 Here are the pictures:
  2. I never expect so many replies! Thanks a lot for it!
  3. And again: Many thanks, folks! That's very nice!
  4. And here as well: Many thanks for your nice comments! That makes me going on building models!
  5. Many thanks for your nice comments! Please excuse me for the late response.
  6. First, many thanks for comments! @DonW: Yes, there's a engine in it. It's a 6 cyl. I got just one picture from the workbench.
  7. Hello friends of beautiful model making, ... may I present you my Jaguar XK-120? There is not much to say about this. A model that was fun to build. The convertible top was covered with genuine leather. Wafer-thin. Only 0.1mm to 0.3mm thick. This model is one of my all time favorites. So, let's be looking at it. Your opinion on this would be interesting. And, as always, greetings from Germany, Uwe.
  8. Hello, friends of glue steam, now a DeSoto from my workbench. Not nearly as good as the model of our colleague here that was shown a few days ago. My model was just junk! Lots of parts were missing. The body looked just gruesome! So I stripped and repainted. I had to improvise with the dashboard and took one from another kit that serves as a spare parts store. Parts of the engine were also missing, the radiator was missing completely. In short, nothing was complete! Well, let's take a look at the DeSoto. I hope he knows to please at least a little? I would be really interested in your opinion. And, as always: Greetings from Germany!
  9. Thanks for your comments... Jim, Your right... It was a mistake! My fingers were faster than my brain.... 😉
  10. Hi! I got the same kit but I'm going blind when I see this really great job! Hat's off!!!! The kit I have is just junk. I have already stripped the paintwork and partly repainted it. Let's see if I can do it as well as you can? Again: respect!
  11. Hello friends of glue haze, ... here is another favorite of my models. I've wanted to build a Cuda for years, but never got a kit. But then I got one very, very cheap and I took advantage of the hour. For once I painted with Tamiya paint. Lime green as top coat and pearl clear as finish. I hope you like it a little? Not enough pictures but I hope they say enough?
  12. Thank you! But there's a mistake at this build... The headlights are blind! I wasn't waiting enough with the glue. Actually I use GS-Cement for clear parts and it has to gas out before putting the parts together... Blame it on my impatience...
  13. Thank you all! Nice comments...
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