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  1. Many thanks to you guys... I like it when you like it!!! 😉
  2. Hello mates, after a longer break here is a new model from me. It is the Porsche 918 Spyder. Building was fun as always. The only bad thing was that the decals were torn when sealed. So I had to strip and repaint. At Revell I organized a new decal set. Like the first time, I got the new decals on well. It was a real challenge! This time I made the sealing with matt varnish a little more careful. And it worked as you can see. If you like the Porsche, pass it on. If not, tell me.
  3. Really a great Modell!!! Like it very much!!! ...and superbly presented. Really great diorama! Wunderbar!😉
  4. There's only one word for it!... WOW!!!!!!! Really a great Job!!!
  5. Great work! Very good paintjob!!! Like it!!!
  6. Wonderful model! Great implemented! Reminds me of my '33 Cadillac Phaeton from Italeri, also shown here. These kits are not always the easiest. Respect!
  7. Oh man! When I see your models here, like this Corvette, I seriously doubt my skills! A really well built model! Excellent paint job. Just great!
  8. The German


    Well, I always admire the colleagues who can build such great old and scruffy models! I guess these skills passed me by? Maybe that's why I only build new and top restored cars? I take my hat off to those skills!
  9. A nice car, a beautiful build and a fantastic presentation! Hats off!!!
  10. Wonderfull work! I always admire the variety of models you guys have in the States! The selection of model kits here is not exactly lavish. If you want something special, you have to import it! Keep on modelling!
  11. Well, that's a start!!! Great Job!
  12. I'll say thank you very nicely!! 😉
  13. I would also like to thank you very much.
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