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  1. Servus Dominik, ich bin dort der "Cycler", habe aber schon einige Zeit nichts mehr gezeigt weil ich mit dem Bild-Upload nicht klar komme...
  2. Hello Dominik, Yes, you are right, that red comes through a bit. And that despite the clear coat before I set the decals. It annoys me a lot too, believe me. The whole thing seems to be a Monday model? Absolutely nothing worked. I even had to order a new hood from Revell because the one from the kit could not be used. A question: Do we know each other from the big blue forum in Germany? I have already shown some models there. Greetings from Germany, Uwe.
  3. Many thanks, mates! Makes me fell good! It makes me keep on modeling!
  4. Hello friends! Now a model of a different kind. A '33 Caddy. The kit is from Italeri and was very, very old. 1:24 scale. I didn't want to build a mobster mobile, so I decided on this hopefully more appealing variant. Comments are welcome. And, as always, greetings from Germany, Uwe.
  5. Hello everybody, Today Starsky & Hutch say hello. I want to show you a '76 Ford Torino. Built OOB because I didn't want it any other way. It's not perfect for a long time, but I like it. You are very welcome to write something about it, I would be very happy about it. As always, Greetings from Germany, Uwe.
  6. Well done job! Looks great! Really! Like the color, real good paint job!
  7. Dankeschön, Dominik! Naja, Mist passiert... Ähnliches hatte ich auch schon...😉 Thank you all very much! @ Dominik: Bad things are happen sometimes. Something similar happens to me...
  8. Here as well, many thanks for this nice answers! Dankeschön! 😉 I wish everybody here a nice Sunday!
  9. Many thanks for all this answers! May you all have a real nice Sunday!
  10. Many thanks for your replies... Dankeschön!!! 😉
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