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  1. Nice work for the year! Love the detail on the IZh and that Lada cabrio - for those long, warm winters. ?
  2. Mr. Turbo

    Brat Rat

    Dat's one dope rat! Love your style. I think one could still pack a couple duffels in the front there.
  3. Those are awesome, Grzegorz! Cool subject, straight out of Casino. My grandmother used to drive me around in hers. What a great site. We got guys making brass hotrods and other guys molding resin 80's Eldorados. Love it.
  4. Very nice! Very Germanic. Or Teutonic. Whichever - lovely model! That's my 2nd favorite Turbo badge after the one on the front of the Saab 99.
  5. Awesome work and welcome! Love the paintjob - I hope Han's pants are clean.
  6. Dayum, that's sweet. I can see that rolling into a Mooneyes show in Odaiba or Yokohama.
  7. Mr. Turbo

    Mazda RX-7

    Ahh, love those brown cars, nice job! The 911 2.7 came in a similar shade, lovely.
  8. Very clean. No Flying Chicken, no hood nostrils - wow, they used to be so sharp and simple! Nice work. How they managed to get 145 and 165 horsepower out of the available V8 engines...wow.
  9. Sometimes the "special faces" work great in real life! Sometimes they don't. Aston-Miata? Rolls-Beetle? RX3-RX7?
  10. Thanks, Mattias! 80's and 90's JDM holds a special place in my heart. Maybe it was Gran Turismo on PS1.
  11. Wow, amazing what you can get from a promo model. Really nice work.
  12. Sweeeet. Details, finish, styling...top notch. ?
  13. Thanks, Tom - half-scale would be helpful, yeah, since most of the dollhouse stuff is 1/12. As the build progressed, I got more sensitive to scale, for sure.
  14. Welcome, Matthias! Can't wait to see your builds. Seems like a great time to get back into the hobby!
  15. Welcome, Steve! Look forward to seeing your creations!
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