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  1. Thanks so much!! Yeah, I had some fun, tried some things. Always experimenting. Usually failing but it's all good. 😎
  2. Sweeeet. Just watched that Grand Tour episode on astronauts' Corvettes. Love it. Nice work.
  3. Lovely little car - beautiful work on the model!! 👍
  4. Thanks guys - kinda fun spending all this time on something you might see in a high school parking lot. You know, like how the blankets are only there because the seats are all worn out underneath. 👍
  5. Specifically a Tamiya Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Z AE92. My second model in 20 years after the brown Crown I posted awhile back. Here's another megapost with some inspo and more fun photo experiments! Here's the two of 'em together, chillin'. The kit: The inspiration - went for kind of an Okinawa surf vibe with this one...wanted to see if I could make blanket seat covers like that. Weird little 1/2 mudflaps... Fixed. Added the pop-ups from the Initial D AE86, I guess Takumi will have to deliver during the day. Built boxes behind the lenses since this snap-kit only had decals. It's little details like this I never thought of before and now they're all I see, haha. Choppin' it up Adding powerrrr Filling sinks Makin' masks and wow do I suck at this. Noticing that Tamiya white tape (plastic) leaves cleaner lines than Tamiya yellow (paper). My hands are not steady enough for this. Tough to see the depth and color of the Tamiya dark metallic blue in the sun but it looks nice here. Some of that surf vibe coming in. Realized nothing has enough weight to hang so even invisible thin line has to be shaped and glued. Making space for the deep Focus Racing Fins 1 piece, lotsa making Her undercarriage, as interpreted by whatever paints I had lying closest to hand. Had some Amuse decals so I tried to do one of their wild R1 Titan exhausts, just about the limit of my airbrush ability so far. Pretty close... Mmm...smell the exhaust... Mexican blanket method from YouTube, nice n' easy! Going for the pattern in that Honda Civic...definitely relaxing to make these. No risk of the thread reacting to the tape and going all orange peel or anything. Add fringe... ...then chop it up... ...and in it goes. Having some fun in the interiors...real titanium shift knob (a nose ring), little data logger made from clear blue plastic, and interior door handles though I think I got the driver's side one wrong for an AE92. Gotta have the Sparc-o and the Bride-o Ok, to the outside! Gotta use a stencil from now on for intercoolers...I'm not sure a decal can ever look quite right. Tried out some auto film for the tint...not really to scale and it's on the outside of the glass (!) but hey, everything's an experiment for me at this point. I do like the 3 colors of flop I get out of it. To the indoors where I had some more fun with lighting - here with one of those LED tracing boards/light panels above the car, going for a full marketing photoshoot setup, hehe. Which is really great if you want to highlight every. single. imperfection in a surface. I see why CAD designers and clay modelers use zebra stripes now. Still, looks kinds cool... Full-on 90's now with a little light writing (bike light on a stick, 3-5 second exposure) Dragging my hand along the back added some nice floor lighting. Yeah I'm getting weird at this point. Halo! Ok enough of that, just smooth... "Bad Human Being: Women, Liquor, Drift...etc"
  6. So nice to see them all back to life! Well...completely rebuilt I guess. At least it's a chance to fix whatever you wanted to change on the originals. If only owners of the real things, sitting abandoned in fields behind tofu shops, had your determination. I watch too much WasabiCars, haha.
  7. Nice work for the year! Love the detail on the IZh and that Lada cabrio - for those long, warm winters. ?
  8. Dat's one dope rat! Love your style. I think one could still pack a couple duffels in the front there.
  9. Those are awesome, Grzegorz! Cool subject, straight out of Casino. My grandmother used to drive me around in hers. What a great site. We got guys making brass hotrods and other guys molding resin 80's Eldorados. Love it.
  10. Very nice! Very Germanic. Or Teutonic. Whichever - lovely model! That's my 2nd favorite Turbo badge after the one on the front of the Saab 99.
  11. Awesome work and welcome! Love the paintjob - I hope Han's pants are clean.
  12. Dayum, that's sweet. I can see that rolling into a Mooneyes show in Odaiba or Yokohama.
  13. Ahh, love those brown cars, nice job! The 911 2.7 came in a similar shade, lovely.
  14. Very clean. No Flying Chicken, no hood nostrils - wow, they used to be so sharp and simple! Nice work. How they managed to get 145 and 165 horsepower out of the available V8 engines...wow.
  15. Sometimes the "special faces" work great in real life! Sometimes they don't. Aston-Miata? Rolls-Beetle? RX3-RX7?
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