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  1. Just started looking at my 57 chevy and noticed some of the chrome parts need to be painted silver, primer, yes or no, another quick question, if your going to use tamiya paint on the body, can you use krylon primer, once again thanks
  2. Thought i had heard to use acrylic paint looked at Tamiya it says lexan, testor is lacquer , seems like i read krylon is acrylic, confusing
  3. It seems i have read about paint booths being set up inside the house, am i crazy or can it be done, thanks
  4. just put a post in tips about inside paint boots, i will put it where it belongs
  5. It seems i have read about paint booths being set up inside the house, am i crazy or can it be done, thanks
  6. Bought some Krylon Fusion today at Wal Mart, at a good price, on the can it says all in one paint+primer, do i still need to spray it with primer, thanks
  7. Where do you paint Can’t paint in house, garage is pretty full, where do you guys paint when weather turns cold, oh, and quick question, how many coats do you put on the body, thanks.
  8. Just curious, as i’m just starting off, with a car my wife bought for me 10+ years ago, my interest runs in old drag cars, 60’s hot rods, as i’m 76 my thoughts are they quit making great cars in the 60’s, was wondering do you guys build a variety of models, cars, boats, planes, war ships or stick pretty much to one genre, and did you start with one area then move to one or more, thanks
  9. ok, next question, which paint to buy, home depot paint? i looked at hobby town they had smaller cans, but over $7 a can what gives the best quality with best results, just getting started don’t think i need the best paint, or do i, what do you guys recommend?
  10. Looking around, i found a testors spray kit # 9215 is this a kit i should consider for a beginner, in the picture it shows a little glass bottle that connects to the spray can, looks like a low end air brush , any body with experience with this kit. If this is not a good start suggestions for start up spray painting, thanks
  11. Thank you gentlemen, i’ll be going to hobby shops tomorrow, i’m sure when i start i’ll have more questions.
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