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  1. Very nice clean build with wonderful attention to detail. I've experimented a bit with using craft acrylics but with only mediocre results. Can you share details of how you thin and the apply the paint? I assume the clear coat is what gives it the nice gloss finish? Thanks, Andrew
  2. Thanks for the tip. Looks like a good product and I've just placed an order.
  3. I have both the original and the re-release versions of this kit in my stash. Having read of the windshield frame issue I just checked and the "Special Edition" release which has the blown engine option has a warped windshield frame. I think it's warped beyond use and I will have to get creative and/or contact Revell for a replacement. Zippi - I really like what you've done with the wheels. Despite the challenges I'm betting you'll end up with a good looking model.
  4. Good advice on dabbing the brush on a paper towel. I've started doing so and paying more attention to the "load" of paint that the brush is carrying. Getting a balance between having just enough paint on the brush so I can cover the detail area in one application and avoid having to apply more paint which leads to the clumping and streaking is going to take some more practice.
  5. Thanks for responding .......I've not made enough of the youtube resources.
  6. I hear you on the practice, practice, practice......now if I just get better at learning from my frequent errors! LOL
  7. I will try thinning the Tamiya acrylic and see if that gives me a bit more control of the flow and avoid the clumping and streaking problems.
  8. Thanks, I will look into these. I have some silver and gold pens that have been useful I wasn't aware of the various colors available.
  9. I typically use Tamiya acrylics when doing detail work with a brush; such as picking out details on a dashboard, interior console or door panels. I try to flow the paint on but all too often get an excess of paint and it flows to places I don't want it. Of course then in trying to clear it up if I brush over the acrylic paint repeatedly it tends to clump and streak. Any tips on brush size and type, paint (is there something better I might use for the detail work), and general technique would be appreciated. Thanks, Andrew
  10. What a disappointment to have such a set back after all the nice work you've done! Body fit and wheels fitting on axles seem to be the bane of my modeling existence. I'm not quite sure what to do about struggling with body fitment except I need a ton of patience. I have concluded that I need to drill out wheels and glue them in place rather than the press fit that so often frustrates. I enjoy your WIP's, always informative. Andrew
  11. American muscle married to a sexy Italian body; more fun than a Hollywood movie. Great idea and truly indicative of the creative aspect of drag racing that was so appealing, as they say, “back in the day”.
  12. You are simply fearless with that SawzAll! Your ability to manipulate styrene is inspirational. As others have noted, and I agree, the body proportions and stance are spot on. I look forward to following this project to its conclusion.
  13. I'll be watching this one as I try to restrain myself from adding yet another kit to the stash!
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