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  1. Thanks Tony........there are some available on e-bay at crazy prices.☹️
  2. I'm traveling across the country and have the good fortune of visiting the Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum in Knoxville, Iowa tomorrow. This got me to wondering what the best sprint car models out there might be. With or without wings, it's all good with me.
  3. Your end result is a totally believable rendition. When you look at the model you know all the warts and details that didn't quite work the way you might have liked. When I see the photos I see the bigger picture, the complete unit without knowledge of the details that you might not be happy with. We are all our own worst critics! Nice job on a tough kit.
  4. I just picked up the Revell Special Edition '49 Mercury Custom Coupe today. Does anybody know what the engine is? I don't recognize it apart from being an OHV V8. Thanks, Andrew
  5. Thanks Bob. The paint is looking good, laid down nice and smooth!
  6. Bob, I really like the natural look of your plug wires. What is your source of wire? I recently used "wire-wrap" wire and feel it has an entirely too rigid look to it. Those "big ole meats" look great; what's the source for them? I particularly like the tread pattern they have. I really enjoy your sense of hot rod style. Keep up the great work. Andrew
  7. Early on in this thread you spoke on more than one occasion of ”grinding” as part of the modification process. I assume grinding is referring to removing plastic and I am curious as to what sort of tool you use? As so many others have said, I too find your model building skills astonishing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your process with neophytes such as myself.
  8. Channeled rocks! Love the mocked up stance.
  9. Beautiful build and very enjoyable presentation of your work! You've inspired me to purchase and build the roadster!
  10. The interior of these machines is positively frightening but I have no doubt you will do something fascinating with it.😎. I will enjoy following your progress!
  11. Very nice build. Chrome and paint look great but the under the hood detail work really sets this one apart!
  12. Another excellent build from your bench Bob! I do enjoy your vision of classic American hot rods!
  13. One sweet looking hot rod! I’m just stating the obvious and repeating what so many others have said when I say the paint color and finish look terrific!
  14. Fascinating! Very creative. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.
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