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  1. Love seeing a great build that truly represents a Gas Class dragster. I haven’t been to a SEGA meet but have fond memories of seeing a lot of great gassers run at Cecil County Dragway in Maryland when I was in high school back in the ‘60s.
  2. I am not familiar with the problems this model has but your clean build certainly seems to have overcome them. I have to agree with all the comments on the creative good looking paint job. Looks like you nailed another one even if it did have you pulling your hair out!
  3. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this one. I seem to recall I have it in my stash. If not then I soon will.🤪
  4. Your choice of colors really gives the car a unique look. Love the interior! I've got one of these in primer at the moment and seeing your work is giving me a new perspective on how I might build mine.
  5. Thank you to everybody for their comments. The contributors to this site have helped immensely with the generosity of information and inspiration to be found here!
  6. My first effort at doing something other than a straight out of the box build. I lowered the car by raising the front spindles and shortening the rear springs. Stole the carbs out of a 29 roadster (that I have yet to build). Plug and coil wires added. I used embossing powder on the floor and for a first effort I am pleased with how that turned out. I didn't care for the heavy looking protruding front bumper so I substituted the grill from a '51 Chevy which has been giving me fits, but that's another story. The red paint is Testors cut 50% with lacquer thinner and applied with an airbrush. The black hood and side skirts are a craft acrylic paint. I had a go at BMF on the trim but decided I need to practice that process on another body as I was going to make this one messier than it already is! I had fun building this Revell kit, it goes together well. I made a ton of mistakes but overall I was satisfied with the build. I have some other custom models in mind but will build some more out of the box and try to improve fundamental skills first. I thought the glass was OK until I took the photographs and realized I knocked out a wing window somewhere and the top of the rear window has developed a gap. I thought the Tacky glue I used for the glass was doing a good job with drying nice and clear but it lacks strength....a lesson learned. Photographs really bring out the flaws in a build! I also need to be more careful when photographing the model and blow off the dust. Bottom line.....I had fun and the overall "look" was what I had imagined even if the execution is something less than ideal. Oh yeah, the wheels and tires are from a Revell 1950 Ford truck if I recall correctly.
  7. Mission accomplished! Well done.
  8. Great collection of cars! I have to agree with Ray, the T-Bird really caught my eye. Ah yes, it's spring time and this old man's thoughts turn to.....car shows and attending races.
  9. What a stunning collection of cars! Wow. Beautifully photographed with my favorite photo of the group being the Allard.
  10. I expect there would be adhesion problems with the paint. I don't think clear silicone takes paint very well.
  11. It seems that we are all pretty much in agreement. I think that much of the joy of this hobby is the actual building of the project. For me the problem solving and satisfaction of striving for and every once in a while achieving a satisfactory level of craftsmanship is what keeps me at it. While some projects are, as Snake45 put it, "Not my cup of tea at all, but there's no denying your superb craftsmanship and skill." I can always learn from the techniques the builder uses and even begin to appreciate styles that don't appeal to me at first glance. Wouldn't it be dull if we all had the same sense of style regardless of how well built the projects are?
  12. Love the color! The interior bits are looking sweet too. I have been experimenting with Createx paint and like it but need to improve my general painting skills but clearly you have got a good system of working with it.
  13. Excellent execution of a very cool subject. Any problems you may have had seem to have been solved as everything looks perfect! Details such as the floor treatment, wheelie bars, ignition wiring, and tire markings really make this scale model car outstanding.
  14. I should be more structured......but I'm not. LOL Stuff just happens, multiple models get started and eventually a finished product emerges once in awhile. Actually currently I'm working on a build that I chose just to work on building skills, not because I'm especially interested in the particular subject. This is allowing me to stick to building it out of the box stock and focus on technique. It's a way of learning from doing, and making mistakes, without making a mess of the kits that I am more interested in.
  15. What an inspirational thread. I’ll continue out-of-the-box builds as I try to develop some craftsmanship and maybe someday I’ll have the confidence to attempt some of the detail that you have demonstrated so well. Do you use any particular type of pin for pinning parts?
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