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  1. One of the things I loved about that period in racing was that it wasn't uncommon for drivers to be in F1 one weekend ,driving a sports car in the Targa Florio the next weekend or racing a saloon car in an endurance race. A time when drivers were still allowed to be human beings rather than marketing devices.
  2. The Lotus Cortina has arrived from the UK. I will attempt to turn this into a reasonable representation of the #59 that Jimmy Clark and Ray Parsons drove to second place in class in the '64 Sebring race. I've never worked with a resin kit so this should be interesting. For that matter, most of my builds have been pretty much straight out of the box so trying to do a reasonable representation of an historic race car is going to be something new and different. I will appreciate any and all advice as the build proceeds. I've also never done a build in progress online....oh yeah, jumped right in the deep end.😳 We'll start with some pictures of what came in the box. It's a curbside so we've got a body, chassis, and some bags of parts to flesh it out and make it real.
  3. "this was more of a test run to have a feel for the kit." Clearly you got a good feel for it! Beautiful work.
  4. Nice detailing of the engine and the paint looks terrific.
  5. This is jumping in the deep end for me! I ordered the Motor Museum In Miniature resin Lotus Cortina and propose building the #59 car.
  6. I quite like the dark engine color. How did you heat the chassis to straighten it? I attempted to straighten a Foose Cadillac warped chassis with a heat gun and the results were somewhat less than satisfying. Your Lambo is looking great.
  7. Looks great sitting on the trailer. Well done!
  8. Your lego crew did a terrific job as did the video producer!
  9. I've had this one sitting on the shelf since last Christmas when my daughter gave it to me. I've recently moved it up in the queue of models to start and will be anxious to see your progress.
  10. Very convincing and beautifully executed.
  11. What they said……..STUNNING
  12. A very effective technique, I'll have to give it a try.
  13. Very nice clean build! I look forward to seeing more of your work.
  14. Here is my effort with the Revell '29 Ford roadster. The paint is Createx Pearl Orange. I had the original release and the Special Edition release (complete with warped windshield frame) and ended up mixing and matching parts from both kits to come up with this fuel injected channeled roadster. The stance is much higher than I like for a channeled roadster but didn't have the confidence in my building skills to attempt to lower it. In the end I had fun building this one and isn't that what this hobby is all about? Thanks for looking.
  15. Following this one! The engine detail work is inspirational. What material did you use for the various hoses?
  16. Superb! Whether you've built 3 or 300 clearly you have a talent for this!
  17. Nice job! It's curious how different light and different computer monitors effect the color we see. On my screen the VW looks more orange than pink.
  18. I hate when I discover the parts that I forgot to paint! 🥶 Your clear coat shine is freaking awesome! I like the way the paint is looking, distinctive. Glad you didn't pond it!
  19. I have this kit in the stash. Your build has set the standard way up high but it sounds like a fun build.
  20. Aren't kits meant to be built? 😁 Go for it!
  21. From the gorgeous paint to the beautiful detail work this is one impressive build!
  22. A hemi and baby moons, a nice little slice of paradise no matter what color. This one looks like fun!
  23. This is exactly the information I've been looking for. Clear, concise and makes complete sense even to somebody with my limited experience. This tutorial provides a procedure that gives me the confidence to attempt to Z a frame. With some careful layout and cutting , (ah yes that's the rub 🙃) this appears to be a fairly simple way of doing something that some of us can be prone to over complicating. Thanks for taking the time to create this tutorial!
  24. Love this period of drag racing when the SS and FX "wars" were going full tilt. You've done a marvelous job of recreating the cars from this period. The engine work is extraordinary!
  25. I recently finished a completely box stock version of this model; what you have done simply blows me away!
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