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  1. @swede70 I am curious for your thoughts. Given the immense similarities between the 1970 and the 1971 AMC Javelins, do you think it would be possible to simply modify the diecast hood, remove the interior CAIs, make an addition to the grill, and then do a repaint or do you believe it would be too labor intensive and/or not result in a realistic model. Model Real 1970 Real 1971 Best, Charles
  2. I agree. @swede70 has done some amazing projects related to the AMC Javelin and other Trans-Am vehicles. He will certainly be an invaluable resource if the project is able to occur. For those unaware, below are some of Mike/Swede's projects related to AMC 1) 2) All said, unfortunately, his 1970 find and refrubishment is a resin antique that would not fit my needs and the other is a true-to-life modification of a diecast 1971 model. I certainly hope a 1:18 1970 AMC Javelin exists, but given that AMC no longer exists and the Javelin model never really was popular in the consumer market, it seems like a long shot that one was ever created to any reasonable quality standard... ...but hope remains
  3. In a search, I am only able to find references to the 1971 AMC Javelin driven by Mark Donohue. That certainly makes sense as it was the winning vehicle of the 1971 year in Trans-Am. However, I am looking to see if a 1:18 1970 AMC Javelin, ideally modeled after the Penske-Donohue effort, even exists. I have looked for street versions all the way through race versions and nothing seems to exist for 1970. Here are some images: https://canepa.com/museum/1970-amc-javelin-trans-am/ Ultimately, the exterior differences between 1970 and 1971 are that the hood has a 'power bulge' and intakes and the paint scheme and livery are completely different with the entire front half of the roof being painted blue as opposed to 1971 which had the center striping and A-pillar accents. I am trying to collect as many of the 1970 Trans-Am cars as is practicable for a faux starting grid. I am not adverse to custom work but even in that style I am unable to locate anything. Guidance or advice from members would be greatly appreciated Charles
  4. The shape of the 1970 car is really coming together well Swede. Your attention to detail at this point is extremely impressive. One note on your 1969 Titus build, do you plan to install the door/cabin louver vents below the A-pillar? Also, is this the car you started with for your 1970 Trans-Am build? American Muscle Mint - 1970-1972 Pontiac Trans-Am
  5. Excellent work so far. The harness came out especially nice and look great from afar and up close
  6. Thank you for the link to your earlier posting. The comments from Quakenboss were excellent to read and your work on both the Adams and Titus cars is outstanding. Keep up the amazing work and remain in good health
  7. Curious if you have an update to this project? So far the layout looks excellent. I am also curious what you used as the starting point for this project, I was unable to find an earlier thread where this was highlighted. Thanks, Charles
  8. Hello, My name is Charles and I certainly have started this hobby late in life (40yrs) but am excited to see the amazing work that everyone is doing. My primary focus is on the 1970 Trans-Am series. Owning a Boss 302 myself and racing when I was younger, I have become fascinated by the early years of the series and the amazing models that have been created. I currently have the ACME 1:18 1970 Boss 302 w Parnelli Jone's signature. I also have the GMP 1:18 1970 Plymouth Cuda for Dan Gurney. A car I have NIB that does not quite fit is the GMP 1: 18 1969 Penske - Donohue Camaro when I had considered also collecting 1969 vehicles. That idea passed so I am not certain what I will do with this one, I currently have it for sale until I come up with an idea. I am looking to find a Jerry Titus 1970 #8 Firebird but do not believe one was ever created based on early research. I saw the amazing custom work by Swede70 and will be following the thread closely. I am also tracking a RealArt Donohue AMC Javelin, ACME/GMP Posey's #77 Challenger, and likely ACME Follmer's 1970 Boss 302. Once fully collected/combined I plan to requisition a pit lane similar to Laguna Seca or Lime Rock to display them on my desk. Always curious for thoughts and ideas. I look forward to being a part of the community. Best, Charles
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