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  1. parktonplastic added a post in a topic Mini's Johan cutlass vs newage donk trend !   

    Just havin' some fun - my point was not the build but the tire size of the original cars- I was thinknig about all the musclecars that had such small tires and today 18"/20" and 22" wheels are on cars straight from the factory. Even IIRC, the early versions ofthe Lamborghini Countach LP400 had 14" Michelin XWX's.(my fault for not being more clear.)
    Folks, I love seeing all the builds here and to me, the more (oh no! a Steve Martin bit) the more Wild and Crazy the builds get, the more I like them. No criticism was intended - I havent posted or shown my cars, so I'll just SMM.
  2. parktonplastic added a post in a topic Mini's Johan cutlass vs newage donk trend !   

    >>>O-kay, here goes: Cruz, your Olds Hurst looks great, but the tiny 14" stock wheels are WAY too small.

    My first thought on Dave's Cutlas was - Wow! where'd he get those wheels, I think they are perfect on that car - the lines of the car flow real nice and the colors are great. Ok, maybe run 22" rims instead of 24"....

    jeff/ CPMCC
  3. parktonplastic added a post in a topic Post an awesome music video   

    Hey, little bit o' Spiderbait, off Aussie TV show Rage, (is from Triple J radio?) music and awesome car content:

  4. parktonplastic added a post in a topic Name That Car!   

    G'day Nick, from down Undah - The Mason-Dixon line, that is..... OK, I'll jump in - is this car an Elfin? Elvin? saw something that looked like it may have been a more current version last December on SpeedTV's coverage of Calssic Adelaide Road rally.
  5. parktonplastic added a post in a topic GM on the critical list   

    Hi again,
    I don't want to step on toes here, but one thing I've heard about the oil exploration: Big Oil already has millions of acres in which to explore for oil/ gas; but the reason they are not going in right now: the drilling rigs are at a 10 year back-log for work - there just isnt enough rigs to go look. if there is that much money in oil/gas why isn't anyone funding hte building of new drilling rigs? with that said, I think our country should be investing in alternative sources of energy big time. America has as possibly our best value - innovation and invention. why should'nt we be the ones the figure out cheaper, safer, more environmnetall friendly souces of energy? If we have cheaper sources of energy - that would possibly be the best thing for our economy. whell except for ExMo...
    Thanks for hearing me rant,
  6. parktonplastic added a post in a topic GM on the critical list   

    another 2cents from me:
    if the US doesn't 'bail' the auto industry, then who will line the pockets of BIG OIL? It won't be the fuel-efficient imports, and without big trucks and SUV's, etc, how long until Big Oil wants even more money? How much money is given in the form of subsidies to the energy companies to develop new sources? is it necessary? possibly, but if they were not offered, maybe other energy sources would start up, etc but I do agree on the solar, wind, etc. forms of energy - energy we don't have to protect shipments to get it to our markets. TESLA Motors? the next Big One?

  7. parktonplastic added a post in a topic GM on the critical list   

    Well it looks like the Big Three might become the Big Two or the Big One or the Big None.

    But… I have a plan to save the American Auto Industry!

    As I understand it, right now the US Governments plan is to give a whole bunch of money to the car companies, but what are they going to do with it? Pay the big salaries of the executives??

    My approach:

    Give the money that was proposed to go to the Auto Companies and give it to the American Public.

    Here is my idea:

    The US Government would pay half the cost of a new vehicle made by one of the Big Three, if you, the American Public would buy a new American car.

    This would be a one-time deal, and only for a vehicle made by GM, Ford or Chrysler.

    It would move inventories from dealer lots, would keep car dealers in business, at least for a while, and keep the auto industry suppliers in business. Also: if the new cars needed parts, that would be future sales for the parts stores.

    Just my idea, but unless the rate was something wild like 50%, I’m not sure I’d jump at buying a new car, but 50% off the cost? That gets my attention right now.
  8. parktonplastic added a post in a topic Whats A Sacred Car That Makes People Cringe When Its Modified   

    On my table right now is a Ferrari Rat Rod, '85 Testarossa convertible that's getting flat black paint, and a tunnel rammed V-12. Gonna need some Holley Dominators this saturday at NNL East.