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  1. Thanks all! Had equal amounts of free time and motivation today to tackle the back half. I didn’t intend to do this but found it to be the best way. More room for a proper 4-link. Will add a fuel cell between the rails. Also roughed in the dripped spindles so the front is at least “rolling” now.
  2. Fitting the engine from a Foose Eldorado - EFI big block Chevy with some good looking pieces on it. With some minor trans tunnel work and reversing the trans crossmember it actually lines up perfectly with the Camaro’s engine mount tabs. It does set a little high but should still fit under the hood. Did have to cut the oil pan into more of a stock shape for front crossmember clearance. Headers from the Eldorado kit will also fit perfectly. Will use pulleys from the same but change up the belts.
  3. Yesterday was a great day for a drive, took the ‘57 out to my parents place for a visit. Saw a bunch of other guys with the same idea. Only got shots of this ‘32 3w and 4wd ‘58 or ‘59 Chevy fleetside. Checking out some Christmas lights last night I spotted this ‘67 Camaro, a friend of mine says it hasn’t moved from that spot in over 10 years.
  4. I think it might be more cool because it is a functional slot car, excellent work!
  5. Great look on this one, nailed it. Wheels and tires are from?
  6. Nice! A friend of mine just picked this up
  7. Whether model related of otherwise, I have had very few issues with ebay. I have a few other collection that would be nothing without it. I wont complain about shipping...the seller determines the size/weight of the package to be sent, or flat rate. If it is stated in the auction, then I and any other buyer would be aware of it before the purchase. If you don't agree with the cost there, then you don't buy. All depends on how much you want what you're looking at. There have been times in the past where I got screwed over but for the most part any issues have been resolved via ebay, paypal, or the seller coming through. I did have to delete the app from my phone this past year as my spending was getting a little out of hand ?
  8. Thanks all! Glad you like it. A lot of folks have mentioned it looks about as good as the factory paint was on these cars, so I'll just pretend it was all on purpose! It was some Krylon satin burgundy that I have had for a few years and think I bought by mistake once.
  9. Done for a birth-year community build on another site. There aren't a lot of kits out there for '84. Almost went with the Deserter GMC but I'm not much on trucks and being pretty partial to BOP stuff, figured I could fudge the Revell '83 H/O into an '84. If you followed the build thread then you'll know everything went south with the clearcoat but there wasn't any turning back. It's obviously lowered quite a bit from stock and the wheels are from a Revell '62 Impala kit. I was able to trim the kit decals enough to work with the color swap. All chrome done with Molotov.
  10. Thanks guys! A lot of folks liked the before look and I like a good steel wheel and dog dish cap too....I might have stayed that route except those wheels were Chevy rally wheels with the 5 holes and I'm not a fan of them. If they were regular steel wheels with the 4 small slots around the center then it would be a different story. I really like "mag" wheels better to be honest though. Here you go Mike
  11. Jeff, man, amazing work on both of these. As you know, the "other" clone of the Mysterion while a huge feat, just kinda missed the mark in a number of places. You absolutely nailed every detail on your 1:1. Hats off to you!
  12. Thanks guys! To make a long story short, this was my dad's car. He has had it since '75 or so and was building it in his spare time when I was a kid. He made that grill bar from scratch and it is all stainless steel. The bumper is aftermarket. He finished it around 2000-2001 having done every single thing himself including paint. After that he didn't drive it very much and more recently it sat in the garage and got dusty. Early last year he had mentioned he might sell it which I wasn't thrilled with as I thought one day I'd end up with it. My wife and I were moving right around that same time and had a good bit of extra funds from the sale of the one house. I offered to buy the car from him but a couple days later he said hey, come get it, its yours! Since getting it from him I have changed a lot. It was always kinda low, but I lowered it more with dropped spindles (with a narrow track disc brake setup) and a rear spring pocket kit. The car was also already mini tubbed with 10" rear wheels but they were a custom offset with some factory width 9" rear end he had used. I narrowed the rear end to fit the deep dish Halibrand knock-offs from Real Rodders and upgraded to bigger bearing ends and a new set of drum brakes. I bet you'll be surprised to know the car has a 455 Pontiac engine and M22 4-speed. Dad has always been a Pontiac guy and sold a '67 GTO to fund building the car and that is when the decision was made to go with a Pontiac drivetrain instead of the small block chevy it once had. I added a Holley Sniper EFI and ignition system to the car, built a new full exhaust for it, changed some other stuff like replacing the bucket seats with a bench, putting a '57 150 steering wheel on it, completely rewiring the car, and a few other small details. It's one of my favorite cars I've ever had and one of only two that I will never sell. Here's a shot after I first got it back on the road, before the new wheels and lowered stance.
  13. Thanks for those Erik! That first set of wheels might be just the ticket. Tires are going to be the issue I think. I had reached out to the 3dscale guy seeing if he might offer an option for me as he makes the wheels and the tires I need, just not together. Haven't heard back yet though and yeah, kinds pricey! The Raptor tires might be something I can work with, thanks Casey! I think I also might have some luck buying resin tires that are close enough and opening up the center to fit the larger wheels, then contouring the sidewalls to the right shape.
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