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  1. Thank you. The resin wheels and tires were given to me as present by a modeling friend. The rims are painted with Alclad.
  2. Thank you very much. I just take photos with my (basic) phone. A large piece of white paper under/behind the model, propped up with a water bottle, strong mixed light or sunlight, and I set the 'contrast' higher afterwards in the phone's photo editor.
  3. Thank you gents. Good to hear from you Slusher.
  4. Thank you. On the next one (which is the Miller Buick) I'll remember that...
  5. I knew next to nothing about (gen 2) NASCAR, but building a model is always a good way to learn about the subject. 😆 With the really brief instructions, lack of reference pictures and knowledge, it soon turned out this will not be an accurate replica. The rollcage is made of sprue size styrene... the fender flares are a little off, the radiator support doesn't let the hood close... or I just got it wrong. Anyway, it is coming together eventually.
  6. Thanks to all of you for the kind comments!
  7. Thank you all. My friend lives half way accross the globe... never seen his car in real life😉
  8. Tried to kind of replicate a friend's 1:1 car. Rebuilt out of a dealer promo model, which I bought off ebay. Wheels are resin, made by my friend mentioned above. Paint is Zero Paint Chevy Le Mans blue.
  9. Thank you for the very warm welcome everyone! Here are a few of my previous builds that I made a music-slideshow of: '69 Charger: https://youtu.be/dQo3yjpu2is '66 Bonneville: https://youtu.be/uExa8Ayr54Y '70 Challenger T/A: https://youtu.be/iwEOm8S9Hvc
  10. Sorry about the delay, covid struck... so I searched the net for shop front pictures, then made a collage of several shops photographed from straight accross the street. I printed the collage/mosaic and put it in the back of a shelf, painted the 'floor' of the shelf looking loke concrete or tarmac, even added some printed photos of sewer covers.
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