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  1. There was a time (2000ish) where Revellogram changed from a bright chrome plating to a more flat looking chrome that looked more like it was spray paint than chrome plating. My question is can that stuff still be stripped off with bleach??? Just wondering.
  2. I was wondering what you guys think… I am working on a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T and would like to use Mr Hobby Aqueous thru my airbrush. I have their Turquoise for the engine and Dark Green to represent Racing Green. Are these colors close enough to the real shades???
  3. I am looking for 1:1 reference photos of Darrell Waltrip's #11 Pepsi Challenger Monte Carlo. I am looking for engine bay, interior and underside. Thanks, Vince
  4. I am building Revell's 1/25 Hemi Cuda. I was planning on using the Hobby Design PE set. I just opened it and for a builder of my skill level it is a little intimidating. My plan has changed to building two cars: one to build my skills up and add some basic PE items and upgrades and then go all out for the second kit. The Shaker Air Cleaner will be on car #2 so the other hood will be on car #1. I hate the optional air cleaner the kit provides. Are there any kits or aftermarket sources that have the OEM Mopar Air Cleaner for the 1970 Hemi Engine in 1/25 scale? Thanks!!!
  5. I got a sad email from Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland. The Mr. Norm's 1968 Dodge Dart GSS resin bumper that is pre-hollowed out to accept the MCG photoetched grill is sold out and the mold is shot so there will be no more. Does anyone have one they would like to sell me? If you do please PM me. Thanks, Vince
  6. Does anyone make a photoetched detail set for the 1971 Plymouth Duster kit???
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