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  1. Thanks so much, Ron. I believe you have given me the inspiration to "tough this out." On my second wheel, I will give special attention to preparing the inner hub. I didn't send pictures, but the car body is finished and also looks great. I'm anxious to finally put everything together. I always wanted to visit New Zealand and finally did so about a year and half ago. I found the country, and its inhabitants, absolutely wonderful. Stay well.
  2. Thanks so much for your responses! I say, with no sarcasm, that I am sure most on this forum are far more expert than I and the advice is very much appreciated. I'm certainly trying to follow the instructions and have the wheel rim and hub properly mounted on the jig. Did you in fact cut each spoke individually before putting it in place? I have initially tacked them in place with CA, with the intention of reinforcing around the rim with epoxy once all spokes are in place. Does that sound sensible? Is there some other fastening technique that I should be using? Did you modify the inner hubs or simply assemble them as supplied? I can't help but think, due to my inexperience, there is some "expert" technique that is eluding me. Perhaps I simply need more time and patience, but I am also in the process of personally restoring a full-scale Ferrari (not a 250 GTO, alas) and, at 72 years of age, try to prioritize my projects. Attached are some photos of portions of the model I have already assembled.
  3. I am building a Model Factory Hiro 1/12 1962 Ferrari GTO. It is 95% complete and looks absolutely beautiful. Although it was challenging, I think I successfully met the challenges and enjoyed doing it. Now I am trying to build the wire wheels and am finding it absolutely excruciating. I'm a reasonably experienced amateur modeler with a good set of tools and a good set of eyes (and magnifying lenses). But I build models for pleasure, not to torture myself. I haven't finished one wheel and believe, to do so, it will take me about 10 hours of extremely tedious work. Then there are three more to go. Are there any tips, techniques or tricks I am missing? I know someone on this forum wrote some time ago that he was able to finish a 1/12 MFH wire wheel , although it was slightly different than the ones I have, in 2 1/2 hours. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.
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