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  1. Returning to the model car world after a long time out, who has the JoHan car kit molds? Does AMT or whoever owns AMT? I'd love to see some of those kits come back out, especially the hearses and the funny cars.
  2. Oh. I thought the Crown Vic was a Build and Play. I figured they did it like that back a long time ago. When you said "Ford BnPs were always brand new cars done in conjunction with the Auto Show" I thought you meant "always." You guys with those insider sources have a leg up on the rest of us!
  3. Yeah. That makes sense. Build and Play kits were out when I built kits years ago too! I thought that Build and Play Crown Victoria cop car was a new kit by Revell but it must be the old Lindberg kit I had long ago. I wouldn't think Ford would pay them to do an all-new kit of a car that old! That would make the whole premise Ford paid for them wrong, and since you know people inside the kit companies that can't be. It's great to hear from people with real "I know the inner workings" firsthand knowlege like we have here.
  4. I'm new to this forum, and retuning recently to the hobby. Reading this thread, and the others in this section, I feel like I missed something. I assumed the magazine was putting out a monthly issue (or quarterly or however it comes out) but it sounds like there is a problem? I've looked and I don't see any publisher statement type things about it. With Scale Auto Enthusiast being discontinued, I was thinking of subscribing to this one but now I'm not sure if that's a good plan. Can someone give a "quick update on why there are 3 threads about subscription updates" for those of us just tuning in? Did the magazine change owners or something? COVID problems? If that's explained somewhere, could someone post a link? Thanks.
  5. I can't find the jars or the spray on Plasti-Kot'e's website. Our Hobby Lobby stores have the Krylon Short Cuts brand now. They seem similar, but a much more generic color selection.
  6. Hey everyone, before someone says "search old threads" I have, and the newest I could find with this topic was 2012. I used to use a paint called "Odds-N-Ends" by Plasti-Kote. I've been away from modeling for years, and want to know if it's still around. I like building factory-stock old cars, and they had a lot of colors that Testors and Tamiya didn't have (I'm specifically thinking of stuff like pale yellow, etc.) and I don't like using 1:1 paint for projects I'm going to dull-coat and weather as it's expensive. All I can find are the Short Cuts paints, which are OK but don't have most of the colors I used to get...they're much more generic. Any ideas? Other paints you use? (Again, I know about the hobby Brands and Duplicolor, etc.)
  7. Hi everyone. I'm coming back to the hobby after a lot of years away. I used to get Scale Auto, but was told it went away and I see their website is down. I found this place through Google.
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