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  1. Nice job, and cool car!... There is one of these here in my town that I see once in a blue moon. They are very cool looking to see in person
  2. Except that Burt Reynolds wasn’t mean enough for a car like that
  3. Holy carp!... That is seriously mean! ..Perfect color for it and the tires, wheels and stance perfect.... Really well done and great to look at!🤠👍
  4. Yeah, hearing how the commentators treat it so seriously and sound so professional is funny, and all the engine revving and tire squealing. It’s like the way it was in my imagination as a kid playing with Hot Wheels.
  5. I think I’m hooked! .... Anyone else here seen these? They’re a real crack up
  6. Nothing appears inaccurate about that one. Really nice!
  7. Venom

    '70 Malibu

    Steve, that turned out awesome... great work, and those wheels fit the car well. Nice choice👍
  8. Nice job Tom.. looks great in that blue
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