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  1. I know, I’m simply saying that I have no interest... I feel fortunate that I found this one right of the bat and it turns out IMHO that it’s the best one, so I have no need for anything more.👍
  2. Well thanks for advertising those other sites .... but I’ll just be stayin’ Right here😊
  3. Zis is for “Z” day zat Cookie Monster had a heart attack and died on Sesame Street...
  4. What a beautiful build collection!! ... Good stuff!
  5. Howdy Brian ... welcome to the best of all model forums!🤠👍
  6. J.... just nod if you can hear me
  7. Thanks for highlighting that J6/David... And yes, the Daytona Coupes were the first cars ever to use those air jacks. Here’s where I saw it.... great little video!
  8. Yeah, nuts ain’t it?!..... Glad to see you back on the forum Bill.... And thank you👍
  9. ......And thank you for this super awesome little story!🤠👍.... But please tell me that you two both still own those cars. Even though you never got to have a Cobra, you still got to own one of the greatest legends of all automotive history! ...........For those who love racing..... this is racing! ... A battle of two GT-350’s on Daytona
  10. Aha!... Now we know what that thing on top of its roof is for😀
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