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  1. Here’s another pop up I saw on this forum... what a joke!
  2. Lovely little Porsche!... Nice job on keeping it clean and authentic looking.
  3. Thanks Kurt... Words of encouragement! BTW, Can’t say how much I’ve taken a liking to your quote, “Fake It Until I Make It”.... Yep, that be me now🤠
  4. Thanks JC! ... Ive seen that FIA Cobra of yours before- Beautiful, clean build! Thanks for posting the pic... It’s such a clean pic, I’ll use it for reference👍
  5. Interesting Mark!... I know hardly anything about Corvettes😕 Just in case your cutting Venturi tubes out of hollow brass tubing as I did, make sure you use metal wire to push through the tubing rather than just string. I found this helps immensely with providing a cleaner cut!... I will note this correction later in my WIP.
  6. The beauty of the softer, more elegent body lines combined with the straightforward mechanics of the machinery on the old school cars is so much more satisfying to lay eyes on IMHO, and I wish there were more kits of those fascinating machines. There were so many Le Mans racers of the past I’d love to build and see built.... Very few super modern “techy” cars appeal to me as scale models... the McClaren Senna, which there is currently a WIP for, is one of those few.
  7. Thanks Mark... After doing a couple initial attempts that were less than successful, it sure feels good to finally accomplish what I had in mind. Looking forward to seeing how your ‘63 Corvette comes along... Have fun with it!
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