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  1. I started a google search for Cobra Daytona Coupe and some pics popped up of people’s virtual renderings in the video game (GT Sport), and some came from other sources ... I thought there were some unique and inspirational ideas that would be entertaining to share if nothing else.... Obviousely I found a lot more than Daytona Coupes, but if you want to see those, scroll to bottom... Please feel free to add any others that you like also....
  2. Mark, scratch built wheels and all! ... I hope no one underestimates the work that went into this, and if they do they should see the WIP for it!.... You do really cool stuff Mark and it looks very accurate to the real car as well.. and cudos to your first all brush painted job as well, that is a whole new game in its own and it turned out well👍... Also, thanks for the historical background fill in.. quite informative.... It’s really cool to see this one all done and well photographed!
  3. Very nice! ... I can’t imagine the decal work being easy on these cars.
  4. Hey Nacho, you always do really nice work ... This is yet another ... Beautiful & nicely depicted🤠👍
  5. I usually agree with Steve on this one 100%, but this is one of the very few that I think the wheels look perfect on.... Excellent choice!... and the color combo is really stunning.... Very cool, nice work!🤠👍
  6. Turned out looking very nice!
  7. Nicely done, good looking color and clean lines.
  8. I had wondered the same because of how clean the missing muffin part of the pan was.. no bolt holes or anything, but nevertheless it’s still a humorous display😁
  9. Which one did you find attractive? Ummm, nun...
  10. Wow!.... The chrome vinyl couldn’t have been easy to work with either.... It must’ve been very thin vinyl to hold to the contours... I’ve worked with a lot of vinyl and I’m very impressed with you results... it turned out looking absolutely spot on... Great effort, and your persistence really paid off🤠👍
  11. Looks good👍... I probably ought to get me one of those kits
  12. Very nice.... You have some of the coolest models ever Gary!... Your collection would be amazing to see🤠
  13. Venom

    '67 Cougar

    Great looking model.. color looks authentic👍
  14. Very cool... Love the paint and engine details and wing windows
  15. Very cool! ... The photo effects are fitting too👍
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