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  1. That sounds interesting Mark and I really hope it works for you! I certainly will be looking forward to seeing the results you get. I’m sure there’s going to be some trial and error learning involved. If you use the same clear as me and brush it on, you won’t need the reducer, however having it thinned down works nicely for some other things like going over small decals with a detail brush to seal them. Also as a note, I never do any sanding on the paint ... only the clearcoat. Not saying it can’t be done, but in my experiences it tends to alter the color slightly where the paint is sanded.
  2. Craig...I was just checking in to see where you were on these, and they’re both DONE! ...kinda blown away by that. They really look super nice. All your detail work is well done ... paint, decals and all. The blue and white were great choices and they look good together. Did you do the paint over BMF trick on the rear Pontiac letters? Ps, really like your shop diorama as well! The hoop leaning up and the engine block etc.👍
  3. 🤠Yeah, that’s exactly how you do it!
  4. Thanks for looking Trevor ... I think I may have just scored on the decals ... we shall see. Haha, thanks Kurt. Yeah, the water base is really only so I can be non toxic ... something me and the cats both appreciate.. and yes, well..more like grey swirl.🐾
  5. Thanks a bunch Trevor! It’s starting to look like I’ll probably be going with #CSX2300, or #CSX2601 (Nürburgring #54 car). It will depend on whether or not I can get the correct decals that I’m lacking for #CSX2300... There’s also a possibility I will do a #98 tribute version in my own tastes. Who knows ????
  6. Wow... way to resurrect an old thread! Impressive bunch of photographs that are interesting to look at, and thought provoking too.
  7. The yellow arrow below points at the exact decal I need, (2) needed. The car it is on is a ‘65 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, so the placement and scale to car will be roughly the same. The decals need to be accurate 1/24 or 25th scale. I need (2) decals.
  8. I’m trying to find (2) of these water slide decals in true scale 1/24 or 25th. The logo must look just like the one pictured below. Thanks
  9. Just testing to see if I know how to link this: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/156909-chrome-vinyl-details-from-scratch/ Ok, looks like it worked...I think
  10. Great info above Rex, thanks for sharing your background knowledge on this thread👍 ...Thanks for sharing the link Andrew.👍 Thats too bad about Harold. I hope he will be okay and I am wishing him my best.
  11. What a great and wonderful fur ball! ...Just hangin’ out and chillaxin’
  12. Thanks Ray. The paint is always such a major step that I’m glad to get out of the way... so many things can go wrong that aren’t easy to fix. Yep, it’s good stuff... Or what?😀👍
  13. Dude...you are the movie guru! I was sure I was going to have to give another quote.... it’s a great movie! That first quote was one of the teachers speaking during their first board meeting
  14. Well, I finally got the clearcoat done, or should I say polishing? These next pics show how poorly the clearcoat laid down when spraying... When I noticed it laying down rough, rather than freaking out, I just started laying on more and more coats. Past experience with this clear gave me the assurance that it would be saveable as long as I was patient with my sanding/polishing, and whattaya’ know...it paid off. After some tedious wet sanding, I hand polished with Meguiar’s Scratch-X, and then a final hand buffing with Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell. This is a perfect example of how workable this clear is... but believe me, I’m glad it’s done! There is a small blemish on the hood cowling which I’ll be able to easily fix with some brush-on clear ....Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Here is the clear and reducer I used.
  15. Good work and nice attention to detail Mark..keep it up ....Yeah I guess Hobby Lobby just wants us to order our stuff from online stores instead of going to them.👎 It will be their loss.
  16. Let me know when you need a third quote
  17. It does sound kinda familiar, but I’m really not much of a movie buff ... so I give up😕 Here’s another quote from the same movie of the previous quote.... “You’re not even breathing hard you’re hurrying home so fast.”
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