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  1. That’s a phenomenal shot!❤️
  2. Always love seeing a Cobra.... Very well done🤠👍
  3. How cute!.. She has such big eyes!
  4. Overall, pretty dang nice work... Very clean look.
  5. Didn’t feel like going through 21 pages to see if this one already got posted, but even if it did it’s such a good one that it shouldn’t matter anyway.
  6. Maynard James Keenan is the singer for the band called TOOL... He has other side project bands as well
  7. Really loving your creativity on this one Mark.... Your shifter boot did it for me this morning🤔😀👍
  8. Absolutely no one could do Led Zeppelin better than these guys except Led Zeppelin themselves! Truely one of my favorite bands from the 80’s/90’s
  9. “You’re going to sit there until you eat everything you put on your plate” “Mom, my stomach hurts, I’m going to puke if I take one more bite!” “We’ll, you need to stretch you’re stomach out, that’s the problem.”
  10. Very sweet looking custom... I’d have to agree with you about that metallic copper, it’s beautiful to look at... and you did very well on the painting.... I was curious what you used for the chrome metal trim that wraps around the body?
  11. Very striking with a great paint job, color and stance.... It’s a beauty, as apparently are the ones in the background also.
  12. Steve, this is an exceptional looking model... The interior, paint, engine, overall concept are all really well done!
  13. Tony, your mustang looks fabulous. Nice work!..... I too am like you and really enjoy the photo sessions with my models, though I’ve never gotten quite as creative with backgrounds as you... The Mirage mountains with the black glass is a spectacular effect👍 ....I remember building that Boss about 30 years ago, but no longer have it. As I recall, it was a fun kit that built up nicely... Yours has got me thinking I might have to do another sometime... Thanks for the show.
  14. Ryan... THAT is one sweet Challenger!... And then DANG! that engine detail!... Very nice work throughout👍👍👍
  15. So sorry to hear that Steve!... She was a beautiful cat ... 💗
  16. Abs, I think you must be a true model building madman, as it’s hard to keep up with all the stuff you do, and I’m amazed with how much you know about obscure kits and such. This is a really cool car and it surprises me how thick the resin is on many of these resin kits. I guess I lucked out by having my first one being an HRM.... Also, in looking at this body style I have to wonder if it was the inspiration for the AC Ace which morphed into the Cobra.
  17. Pony express never had these problems... maybe we just need to go back to simpler times... Yep, I’m all for it!
  18. Thanks Mark... Hopefully the hood alignment won’t fight me too awful hard. Thanks Jason... This has been the most challenging, patience requiring modeling project I’ve ever gotten into so far. Very different from what I’m used to. Doing a WIP online has been an experience in itself. ...I just went onto modelbuilderswh.com and checked out the Ferrari P4 engine kit you mentioned and it is very impressive. I think I counted 49 parts, wow! Take your time savoring every morsel of that one👍
  19. Hello Mario!..... While reading your post, I felt that I too have been through those dark times you mentioned. Although I never had the numbers of models you had, I also built everything from tanks, infantry, planes to cars, but nothing sci-fi. All of what I used to have, like yours, got trashed or given away. I went on a dry spell for 10 years and began building again just before Covid came along. I decided that all my builds from here on out are going to represent the best of my abilities, so I don’t care about how many I can build, but rather, how satisfied I will be with each one years down the road. Its good that you have made it back and from the sounds of it are staying busy in the hobby. I’m sure you’ve learned much being a lurker here for the past 6 years.... I know I have, and I’m just now hitting my first year here. There really is some exceptional talent and skill here as well as an abundance of knowledge. Welcome aboard!🤠👍
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