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  1. Well, I just got done watching Blood Simple... Wow! Kind of at a loss for words. The movie really has an atmosphere that feels inescapable. It’s chilling for sure. As usual with Coen movies... superb acting. Very good movie!

    A couple days ago I watched True Grit. Its a pretty good movie, think I need to watch it again. Jeff Bridges was great in it!

  2. 8 hours ago, MarkJ said:

    ....By the way Josh, you are doing an awesome job  on everything. Really like your seat belts.


    2 hours ago, Bill J said:

    ....I agree with Mark J, Josh you are doing an outstanging job on your Daytona Coupe and I am sure you'll come up with a novel and beautiful solution to more accurately replicate the side glass. I look forward to each update on your build. Really fantastic work!

    Thanks guys, I’m grateful to have the appreciation! ...I know it’s been moving along at a snail’s pace lately and surely there have been some yawn moments, but since Im still working full time I’ve got to juggle my priorities, and a break now and then is refreshing also🙂

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