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  1. Thanks guys, I’m grateful to have the appreciation! ...I know it’s been moving along at a snail’s pace lately and surely there have been some yawn moments, but since Im still working full time I’ve got to juggle my priorities, and a break now and then is refreshing also🙂
  2. I think I saw that thing in one of the Pink Panther movies.
  3. Great! thanks for those Rex ... you guys really have some great pics to share!... useful and informative. They’ll come in handy👍
  4. Hi all ... here’s an update on a bit more I’ve got done. I’ve had some other stuff going on and now the weather’s getting real nice, so the progress is slowing up a bit, but we’ll get there👍 Thanks to all who have been watching for your interest thus far! I think I’ve put this on here somewhere already, but here’s a link that shows how I make the buckles... http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/156909-chrome-vinyl-details-from-scratch/ The belts are just paper that I colored black with a Sharpie
  5. Well, I got on eBay and ordered, Blood Simple, True Grit, and Les Miserables (not Coens), all for $14 ... didn’t think that was bad. I’ve decided if you want to own your own movies, eBay seems the way to go... I’ll take the recommendations and order The Lady Killers, Burn After Reading and Big Lebowski also. I have seen The Big Lebowski like 15 years ago or more with a guy that swore it was the funniest movie ever and he laughed almost constantly throughout while I just sat there thinking, “I don’t get it”. Recently my parents were talking about how great it was and told me I need to watch it again, so I’m gonna give it a fair shake. The first time I saw “O’ Brother Where Art Thou” I thought it was so,so.. but then watching it years later it became my favorite movie of all time. I’ve brobably watched it 15 times now.
  6. I forgot, I saw ‘No Country for Old Men’, but I will certainly watch those other two. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, those Coen bros are the best! I’ve only seen O’ Brother Where Art Thou, Fargo, and Raising Arizona, but think I need to see more. (I’ll take recommendations). The snow is finally almost completely gone now around here, except on the mountain right at the edge of town of course. But we really needed that moisture to help pull us out of the drought!
  8. That’s hilarious! ...I simply believed it was true ... After seeing the ho-hum nature of the cops in the movie, I can just imagine the real cops saying “we don’t know how that happened...” in their Minnesota accents.
  9. Never saw it, but the plot you’ve explained is reminiscent of the movie Fargo.. also a true and disturbing story, and very, very well made as a movie.
  10. ... or the most difficult to clean, such as tops of shoes into the laces, a wicker basket, knitted blanket, etc.
  11. Rule#7: “At any given moment you feel the need to barf, feel free to barf on ANY area or object you wish.” PS, Great pics above all!😃
  12. Venom

    1964 VW Beetle

    Ooh, that’s an awesome one! ... Love the creativity. Great work!!!
  13. Haha... yeah, like a rocket in drift mode. However, maybe it does handle that way. When driving the RUF Yellowbird I couldn’t believe how hard to control it was, and then I saw the YouTube video of it on Nurburgring being driven to its limits by a professional race car driver, and it really does handle like that.
  14. The only reason I knew it was because of the game Gran Turismo 6, which is the only game I own. I’ve played all the GT series games, and never found any interest in any other video games. Other than being an awesome realistic racing game to play, Gran Turismo has always been good at giving a detailed background of the history, production, and performance stats of almost all of the cars in their games.
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