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  1. Hey Carl, I was unaware you had a particular health condition ... being on these forums for a little while I’ve gotten used to seeing certain faces, well avatars, and reading different posts etc, Im appreciating my surroundings more and more. There’s a lot of really cool and openly helpful people on here ... cheers to all of you ... and Carl, I just want you to know that I wish you the best and when I see your avitar I’ll think of the person behind it and remember you’re dealing with challenging circumstances. Try to stay positive friend.
  2. Awesome! ... I will definitely be following this since I have the same model only it’s a cabriolet and it’s the enthusiast series. Looking to build it in the not too distant future.
  3. I understand... The thing that would be nice about a gallery is that people could view each of your builds without having to do a search, which would be all the better the more builds you had.
  4. Very nicely done Lin! ... The A110 has been one of my favorites for some time now.
  5. That truck looks super in orange with the white accents! ...engine bay is beautiful ... Very good, clean model building!
  6. Very cool Gramps! That’s one of the cars I wanted for my collection, but are not easy to find... nice job on that👍
  7. Venom

    2020 lineup....

    My gosh ... Your builds are such stunners! When I saw the trucks I LOL’d in amazement because I couldn’t believe how real they looked. You are a superb modeler sir!
  8. Hey Marcos ... Can’t believe I missed this until now. I really would’ve been missing out too because this is very, very fine looking! Excellent work ... and as a fan of green I couldn’t approve more of your color choice. 🤠👍
  9. A couple of ‘57’s worthy of being proud of ... and seeing the happiness on the faces of two kids who built them really warms my heart. I’m sure these are the best pics I’ll see all day😁😁😁
  10. Mike ... it can be sooo upsetting to have something go wrong at paint stage, heck I’m still afraid to do decals like that!.. so I commend you for persisting, and what you wound up with was a sharp looking 350H. The paint is really nice and you did some great detailing under the hood also.👍
  11. Hey Scott, that is a true stand out model!! ... One thing about a lot of modern car models that I’ve noticed is that they don’t very often look convincingly realistic. Yours however, looks very real...The paint and graphics are absolutely PERFECT! Beautiful ... great work👍👍👍👍👍
  12. They are awesome ... and pretty sure they’re expensive.
  13. LOL! ... it’s funny how they can find the most inopportune times to help out. 🐾😇🐾
  14. That’s got to be one of the cutest pictures I’ve ever seen!
  15. Oh that’s right ... I forgot that you had mentioned that you were going to be trying new methods with brushes only..👍👍
  16. The engine looks good Mark👍 One time, with silvery parts like those, I got cool results by spraying very light misting of black paint through the airbrush ... just super light passes and not getting too close with it ... mostly it just dirties the surface appearance to whatever extent you want to go, and I suppose that using matte black would also dull out the sheen a bit, but if you were to do it you might want to remove the headers so they could be done separately, or not at all.
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