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  1. Love the scratch building and kit bashing. Good looking finished model.
  2. I have an un-built 62 Tbird engine. Message sent.
  3. Thanks All for the kind words. This was a fun one to modify. I had never heard of the Mercury Mermaid. You've got to love the ingenuity and experimentation back then.
  4. Hi All. I just finished my version of a supercharged 1957 Ford Thunderbird Land Speed Racecar. My version is inspired by Ford's Battlebird and modified for land speed trails at places like Bonneville and Muroc. The model is based on the AMT/ERTL kit. I created the front end from the back end of a '34 Ford fenders and roll-pan and scratch-built the tonneau cover. I scratch-built the McCullough supercharger from left over misc parts. I kept it simple by not detailing the molded chassis and even still used the metal axles. By the way, the vintage-style trailer is a modified race-boat trailer from a Bronco combo-kit. I hope this inspires more kit bashing and customizing. Enjoy.
  5. Top notch work integrating that roof onto the convertible body.
  6. WOW, that's got to be the most authentic looking weathering I've seen. Great job!
  7. I too grew up in SoCal in the 50's-60's, didn't make it to Lions but went often to Irwindale and OCIR. I loved the variety of cars and ingenuity of the local independent racers.
  8. Look similar to the hoodscoop on a 57 Tbird.
  9. Glad you appreciated the build. I wanted to capture the '60s altered wheelbase look and this Galaxie model is what I had to work with. I don't show my models so they only need to look cool on a shelf. This model did not have very much chassis detail to work with so I took the easy route to achieve the stance I wanted. I cut loose the "A arms" and simply added styrene strip spacers to get the front end height. After I glued in place the raised A arms, I drilled and glued in pins in the "spindles/uprights" to hold rims (I put the pins in the rims with tires and used them to scratch/mark the drill location for each spindle). This allowed me to fine tune the ride height. Here's the before chassis follwed by the spaced front end:
  10. Thanks for the kind words. Finishing the Galaxie gave me some energy to finish a couple more models. I'm to the paint stage for Bonneville racer and body work stage on an Austin-Healey replica so I'll post something new soon.
  11. Hi All. Haven't posted a new model for a while. The various race car models posted here inspired me to finish some of my stalled projects. I built 7 models during the worst of the pandemic but I slowed down when we finally could get out. I just finished my version of a '63 altered wheelbase A/FX drag racer. I created my own decals to represent an independent SoCal racer circa '64-'65. Moved the rear wheelwells forward 14 1/2 scale inches and the front about 4 scale inches. I used spacers under the kit front suspension and created new leaf spring/extended shackle rear suspension. Had to insert a different floor pan to eliminate the molded-in exhausts and extended the frame with styrene. Have a look.
  12. I love your re-imagining of this kit and your excellent execution. Very inspiring!
  13. Previous posters provided excellent advice on how to channel a car/model but, in regards to your initial post, if you are going to channel the body over the frame then, by definition, you aren't building a "highboy". A highboy hot rod sits on top of the frame like originally from the factory. What you're describing is a "lowboy" or just channeled hot rod.
  14. Looking good so far! Nice job on the asphalt. I'd suggest that you don't keep too perfect an edge on the asphalt against the landscaping, especially where dirt would wash down from the raised wall over the asphalt towards the low spot at the drain.
  15. Love the creativity! I admire anyone who thinks a model kit is just inspiration for what it can become.
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