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  1. I've been thinking about building a vintage looking COE Motorhome and haven't come up with the motorhome portion yet myself. I considered the vintage motorhome model kit but they're pretty pricey. I also considered making the 'box' from scratch from textured styrene siding but didn't think I could get the details, windows, vents, etc, just right. I'm keeping my eye open for something unconventional to start with such as a toy trailer or a trailer christmas ornament or something. I'm looking forward to what you come up with. By the way, checkout an old post here, "Ford 1941 COE camper hauler" to see a scratchbuilt motorhome/hauler.
  2. Good start, looks just like a bare motorhome chassis as delivered. What are you going to use to make the motorhome?
  3. I agree, great forum! Only been here a short time but this is the only forum that I look at on a daily basis.
  4. Thanks, The Walking Dead universe could definitely use some more creative rides.
  5. Just my two cents, I'd go with the Valiant; not because the Pontiac is mint (what's the point of a model that doesn't get built?) but because those Valiants are so ugly they're cool. It would look really good and more current as a pro-touring rather than a pro-street, though.
  6. The Moebius 53 Hudson is a pretty good looking flathead straight six.
  7. My opinion is that the Lakes Pipes don't improve the look that you have so far. The stance and wheels/tires looks more hot rod and the Lakes Pipes are more traditionally Kustom features.
  8. Wow! Superb "How-To", that takes the mystery out of the casting process.
  9. Beautiful! I love custom heavily modified models and yours is top notch.
  10. Very nice so far! I love where you're heading with this as well as the great kit-bashing.
  11. I saw these Fireball Modelworks resin Chevy and Mopar door handles that might work for you
  12. Nice model. Paint turned out fantastic! I hadn't paid attention before because I didn't really like the movie but I never noticed how that car looks amazingly like my first car, black '70 Charger with polished Daisey rims only with a turbocharger under the hood instead of a blower, I may need to get one now.
  13. Great looking model. You captured the '60s street machine vibe perfectly.
  14. Nice clean build of a classic. I may have to get the kit just for those wheels and tires.
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